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									Mexico 2008
            Mexico Mission Trip 2008
                                The Basics

Dates: Monday, April 7th – Saturday, April 12th

Cost: Students: $325 (Application & $25 deposit due Sunday, March 2           nd
         College-Age Leaders: $25 deposit + 10 shares sold
         Adult Leaders: $25 deposit (Remaining cost is built into student price)
                ..:: Any shares you sell will lower your cost ::..

Who: About 50 high school students, college-age leaders, &
adult leaders

Important Dates
(all times/dates are mandatory unless otherwise noted)
February 10 – Optional Info Meeting (1pm, B203)
March 2 – Applications and Deposits due
March 2 – Shareholders Tickets Available
March 29 – Training (9am-Noon, The Loft – new high school room)
March 29 – All ticket money, leftover tickets, & final payments due
March 29-April 6 – Prep Week (see prep week section for details)
April 7 – Leave for Mexico
April 12 – Return from Mexico
April 18 – Shareholders Dinner (6:30pm-8:00pm)

Medical Forms and Identification
Each student is required to have:
    A 2008 MABC medical release
    A signed Amor Participation Form (included in this packet)
    Required ID
        Under 19 - Photo ID AND Certified Copy of Birth Certificate; Passport alone is OK
        19+ - Government-issued Photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License) AND Certified Copy of Birth
        Certificate; Passport alone is OK
      Mexico Mission Trip 2007
                                The Details
What will we be doing?
We will be participating in this trip with Amor Ministries. The Amor mission trip is a
short-term mission trip based on serving the local church in Mexico, while creating
cross-cultural understanding through direct exposure to the Mexican culture. Amor
Ministries doesn’t want a group to just build a house in a developing nation. They want
a group to understand the conditions of poverty through immersion. A group will bring
their camping gear, hand tools, and prepare their own meals. Amor provides a secured
campground, trained staff, and administrative assistance to make a group’s trip a total
success. Over 18,000 people (about 600 groups a year) come to Mexico with Amor

Who should go?
Students and adult leaders who are flexible, have a servant’s heart, are willing to let
God stretch them, and want to use their Spring Break to serve God.

How will we get there?
We will be driving down in vans that are covered by Mexican insurance through an
organization called Baja Bound.

Where do we stay?
We will be camping at one of Amor’s campgrounds. It is rustic. Don’t expect the Ritz-
Carlton. Or the Hilton. Or Motel 6 for that matter.

How much does it cost?
The actual per-person cost is close to $400. However, we are part of a church that is
very supportive of this missions effort and is lowering our cost by $100 per participant
due to funding by the Missions Development Committee. If you sell enough shares it is
possible that your only out-of-pocket cost will be the $25 deposit and a couple fast food
meals. The only cost for adult leaders is the $25 deposit. Every participant (students
and adults) is expected to participate at the Shareholders Dinner (whether they sell
shares or not) on Friday, April 18th after we return from Mexico. See the fund-raising
page for more details.

What do I bring/when do we leave/fill in the blank?
You will receive a detailed packing list and travel schedule at the training on March 29th.

What is Prep Week?
Each student will be required to help prepare for the trip the week before by serving in
AT LEAST one time slot. We will have a Saturday afternoon slot for tool inventory,
after-school slots for food prep, and Sunday afternoon/evening slots for packing. Sign-
up sheets will be available starting Sunday, March 2nd.
      Mexico Mission Trip 2008
Our method of fund-raising allows the people we know to participate in our trip by
purchasing a “share” in the homes we will be building in Mexico. Each share costs $25.
The entire $25 will be directly credited to lower your trip cost. The shareholders then
will be invited to join us for the Shareholders Dinner on Friday, April 18th. Trip
participants will be spread out at the different tables so they can share what God has
done on our mission trip to Mexico.

People are more than welcome to pay more than $25 for a share. However, we ask
that you give them only one ticket per person that will be attending the dinner so that we
can have an accurate count and be good stewards of our food budget for the dinner.

Step 1 – Pick up tickets (tickets are available beginning Sunday, March 2nd)
             Make sure we write down how many tickets you’ve taken on our master

Step 2 – Fill in your name on BOTH sides of the perforated ticket

Step 3 – Sell tickets
             Make sure to write down the Shareholder’s info on the right-hand stub.
             They keep the larger left side. You keep the smaller right side.

Step 4 – Turn in all ticket money, ticket stubs, and leftover tickets by
March 29th
             IMPORTANT: Treat these tickets like cash. You will be charged $25 for
             each ticket or stub not turned in.

Step 5 – Participate in the Shareholders Dinner on April 18th
      Mexico Mission Trip 2008
Name _________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________ State _______ Zip _______________

Phone __________________________________ Grade ______ Gender ___________

E-mail _________________________________________________________________

Any special dietary needs/allergies? _________________________________________

Will you drink milk on the trip (not counting with breakfast cereal)?        Y       N

Do you speak fluent Spanish?          Y       N

How did you become a Christian?

Why do you want to go on this trip?

What other mission trips have you been on before?

Please initial the following to indicate your agreement:

____ I will prepare myself spiritually for this trip by spending regular alone time with God
____ I will participate in the Shareholders Dinner on April 18th
____ I will participate in training on March 29th and sign up to serve during Prep Week
____ I will listen to and honor all adult leaders on this trip
____ I will have a good attitude on this trip, even when I don’t feel like it
____ I will encourage other team members when they’re having a hard time

Student Signature ________________________________ Date _____________

Parent Signature _________________________________ Date _____________

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