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					MGT503 (Principles of Management
Constituencies in an organization’s external environment that are affected by the
organization’s decisions and actions are called:
    (a) Advisories
    (b) Stakeholders
    (c) Environmentalists
    (d) Beneficiaries
There are ______categories of e-business involvement .
    (a) 4
    (b) 3
    (c) 6
    (d) 7
The degree to which decision makers and others, who will be affected by the
implementation of the alternative, are willing to support is called:
    (a) Acceptability
    (b) Acceptability
    (c) Morality
    (d) All of the above
When decisions must be made with limited information because full knowledge of
the problem is unavailable and the probability of outcomes is unknown, the
condition of __________ exists.
    (a) Uncertainty
    (b) Certainty
    (c) Risk
    (d) Bounded Rationality
A term used by managers, both individually and collectively, to improve the
performance of the overall functions of the organization is called :
    (a) Administrative Management
    (b) Scientific Management
    (c) Bureaucratic Management
    (d) Quantitative Management
Q6________ refers to the concentration of decision authority at the top levels of the
organizational hierarchy.
     (a) Departmentalization
     (b) Centralization
     (c) Formalization
     (d) Decentralization
Abraham Maslow and Douglas are called:
     (a) Administrative theorists
     (b) Pre-classical theorists
    (c) Classical theorists
    (d) Behavioral theorists
In Maslow's need hierarchy, a healthy work environment is an example of what type
of need?
     (a) Physiological
     (b) Esteem
     (c) Safety
     (d) Social
Maria is highly motivated because she supervises four employees, gets consistent
positive feedback and recognition about her own work, and she continually learns
new things on her job. This example most closely relates to motivation as described
by :
      (a) Expectancy theory
      (b) McClelland's need theory
      (c) Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene theory
      (d) Equity theory
The traditional shape of an organization was:
      (a) Diamond
      (b) Pyramid
      (c) Square
      (d) Circle
The Concept of Quality was given by:
      (a) Henri Fayol
      (b) Prof. Henry Mintzberg
      (c) Frank & Lillian Gilbreth
      (d) Prof. Edward Deming
The success of the business can be judged through:
      (a) Customer satisfaction
      (b) Achieving of Organizational Goals
      (c) Cost price reduction
      (d) All of the given options
A manager who has a reputation for being open and honest and understands how to
motivate employees and customers, is said to have good:
      (a) Conceptual skills
      (b) Political skills
      (c) Human skills
      (d) Technical skills
According to Mintzberg, which management role includes entrepreneur,
disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator?
     (a) Interpersonal
     (b) Informational
     (c) Decisional
     (d) Planning
Aalia has spent the day in a session where people involved were trying to determine
what the role of their company was as the 21st century approaches. Goals were then
developed based upon their vision of the company's mission. Aalia spent her day in
the process?
       (a) Planning
       (b) Organizing
       (c) Leading
       (d) Controlling
An organized set of behavior that is associated with particular office or position is
       (a) Role
       (b) Obligation
       (c) Responsibility
       (d) Function
Reading periodicals and maintaining personal contacts come under the role of:
        (a) Monitor
        (b) Spokesperson
        (c) Leader
        (d) Negotiator
Controlling contingent situation comes under which of the following the role:
         (a) Spokesperson
         (b) Monitor
         (c) Leader
         (d) Disturbance handler
All of the following are the characteristics of Max Weber’s ideal bureaucracy
          (a) Formalization of rules and procedures
          (b) Impersonality in application of rules and sanctions
          (c) An employee should receive orders from one superior only
          (d) Specialization of labor
The success of the business can be judged through:
          (a) Customer satisfaction
          (b) Achieving of Organizational Goals
          (c) Cost price reduction
          (d) All of the given options
A universally accepted model of a successful manager could be described as:
           (a) One who practices the four universal processes or functions
           (b) One who executes all of the roles in a professional manner
           (c) One who possesses all management skills at high levels
           (d) There is no universally accepted model of a successful manager
A firm is producing black & white televisions very efficiently but yet not succeeded
because black & white television is not so popular. This firm is:
    (a) Efficient but not effective
    (b) Efficient as well as effective
    (c) Neither efficient nor effective
    (d) Effective but not efficient
An organized set of behavior that is associated with particular office or position is
     (a) Role
     (b) Obligation
     (c) Obligation
     (d) Responsibility
LG and Sony electronics agreed to cooperate on developing new technologies.
Representatives from each firm meet regularly to coordinate this new venture.
Which of the following roles these mangers are playing?
      (a) Liaison
      (b) Leader
      (c) Disseminator
      (d) Spokesperson
Ali is a Branch Manager at Mutual Saving Bank. If he is an average middle
manager, which of the following management activities is he likely to spend the
greatest amount of time?
      (a) Planning
      (b) Organizing
      (c) Leading
      (d) Controlling
The people who work directly on a job or task and have no responsibility for
overseeing the work of others are called:
       (a) First-line managers.
       (b) Middle managers
       (c) Non managerial staff
       (d) Supervisors
When management provides orderly personnel planning and ensures that
replacements are available to fill vacancies, it is called :
      (a)   Division of work
      (b)   Discipline
      (c)   Unity of command
      (d)   Unity of command
Which of the following is called output of a system?
        (a) Human
        (b) Information resource
        (c) Employee behavior
        (d) Material
Which of the following concept suggests that organizational units may often be more
successful working together than working alone?
         (a) Entropy
         (b) Transformation
         (c) Synergy
         (d) Negative Entropy
All of the following are major elements of the mega environment EXCEPT:
          (a) Technological
          (b) Economic
          (c) Socio-cultural
          (d) Competitors
In a capitalistic economy, economic activity is governed by:
           (a) Market forces
           (b) Political forces
           (c) Economic forces
           (d) Cultural forces
All of the following are Dimensions of organizational culture EXCEPT:
            (a) Innovation
            (b) Aggressiveness
            (c) Stability
            (d) Customer orientation
The principle reason for formation of the regional trading alliance in Europe was to
reduce the power of the United States and:
             (a) Canada
             (b) Mexico
             (c) Japan
             (d) Russia
In decision making process, ideas should be evaluated on the basis of:
              (a) Acceptability
              (b) Durability
          (c) Accountability
          (d) Liability
Jay tends to always look at the broad picture and likes to look at many alternatives.
He focuses on the long run and looks for creative solutions. He prefers which of the
following styles of decision making?
            (a) Analytic
            (b) Conceptual
            (c) Directive
            (d) Behavioral

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