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					                                                                              COVERING LETTER
 JAHIR HUSSAIN .A                                                                                                                                            Date : 19/04/2008
                                                                                                                                                             Place: Dammam.

Email    :
Mobile : +966 -50 877 1783.
Address : C/O.A. Shajahan (RIYANA), Post Box No – 1179, Dammam - 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 To            :            The General Manager.
 Cc            :            The HR\Admin\Personnel Manager.

 Subject:                   Position applied for IT Manager or IT Director.

 Dear Sir,

               For this position, you are seeking a qualified professional as above-mentioned subject with 8 or 9 key
 ingredients: management, servers, networking, programming, ERP packages, database, and web hosting,
 hardware and systems development experience. Am I right? I’ll outline how my background “hits the bull's eye,” so
 you can easily see I’m the perfect candidate for this job.

               You are seeking a candidate with intricate knowledge of technical operations, I have more then 11+ years
 experience, particularly 4+ years in India and 7+ years in Saudi Arabia, I possess in-depth experience as an IT
 Manager (Acted as IT Administrator, IT Supervisor, Computer Programmer, System Analyst, Computer Engineer,
 Network Engineer, System Engineer, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Database Administrator, Hardware

 Technician). Whether managing the team, or handling internal administrative processes, I possess extensive

 knowledge and I’ve done a great job overseeing a technical operation.

               Matching every facet of your job description, I’m a perfect match for this position. For reference, please
 see my curriculum vitae for additional information on my experience.

              To discuss my qualifications further, or to answer questions, call me at (00966) 50-877-1783 or contact by
 email: I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.

 Thanks for giving my request your consideration.


 Jahir Hussain
 Enclosed: Curriculum Vitae

             - - Curriculum Vitae of Jahir Hussain - -                                                                                                          >> Page 1 of 5 <<
              CURRICULUM VITAE                                          OBJECTIVE:

                                OF                                      Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Information &
                                                                        Communication Technology Industry that offers Professional growth
                       JAHIR HUSSAIN.A
                                                                        while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.
                                                                        ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION:
                                                                               M.C.A., (Master of Computer Applications) Pursuing from Madurai
                                                                               Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
                                                                               P.G.D.C.A., (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science &
 Mobile         : +966-50 877 1783                                             Applications), April 1996: With First Class (71.8%) from Jamal Mohamed
 Email          :                              College (Affiliated to Bharathidhasan University), Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.

 P ersonal Information:                                                        BSc., (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Computer Science),
                                                                               April 1994: With Second Class (52.5%) from M.S.S.Wakf Board College
         Father’s Name       : Abdul Aziz                                      (Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University), Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
         Date of Birth & Age : 15/04/1972 & 35 Years
         Gender               : Male                                    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:
         Marital Status       : Married
                                                                               Working as an IT Manager in GULFPACK (Gulf Packaging Industries Ltd., ISO
         No. of Dependants : 2                                                 9001: 2000 Concern), 1st Industrial City, Dammam & Jubail, K.S.A., from May 2006
         Religion             : Islam                                          to Present. (
         Nationality           : Indian                                        Worked as a Computer Engineer in FIPCO, Saudi Joint Stock Company. (FILLING
         Languages             : English & Tamil.                              AND PACKING MATERIALS MFG. CO., ISO 9001: 2000 Concern), 2nd Industrial
         Relocations          : Willing to relocate                            City, Riyadh, K.S.A., from October 2000 to April 2006. (
                                  only with the right                          Worked as a Computer Programmer in SIA Multicomm, Chennai - 600 005,
                                  Opportunity.                                 India, from January 1999 To September 2000.

         Notice Period       : One Month                                       Worked as a Computer Programmer in Computer Power (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
         Career Level        : Management.                                     Chennai - 600 008, India, from June 1996 to December 1998.

         Industry          : Manufacturing.
                                                                        TECHNOLOGY SKILLS:
         Work Desired      : Full Time - Permanent.
                                                                               Client Operating Systems: * MS Window 98\Me\2000\XP\Vista, MS-DOS, and
 P ermanent Address:                                                           UNIX.
         (2/5-56) Dharga Street.                                               Server Operating Systems: * MS Windows 2000\2003\2003 R2 Server.
         R.S.Mangalam – 623 504.
                                                                               Networking: * LAN, * WAN, * TCP/IP, * DNS, * DHCP, * WINS and Active
         Ramnad (Dist), Tamil Nadu, India.
         Home : +91-4561-25 1982
                                                                               Network Application Software: * MS Exchange 2000\2003\2007 Server, * MS ISA
 Address for Communication:                                                    2000\2004\2006 Server, * Kerio Win Route Firewall 6 & * Mail Server 6, and Mail
         C/O. Shajahan.A [RIYANA]
         Post Box No – 1179, Dammam – 31952.                                   Desktop Application Software: * MS Office 97\2000\XP\2003\2007, * MS Project,
                                                                               * MS Visio, * Adobe Photoshop, * Lotus 1-2-3, * Corel Draw V 6/10…etc.
         Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
         Mobile : +966-50 877 1783.                                            GUI Based Technology: * MS Visual Basic V 5.0\6.0, *Seagate Crystal Report V
                                                                               7\8\9, PowerBuilder 5.0\6.0 and Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5\6 and Reports 2.5\6).
 Iqama Details:                                                                Web Based Technology: ASP, IIS, VB Script, Java Script, J Script, HTML/DHTML,
         Iqama Profession : Computer Programmer                                MTS, COM/DCOM, ADO/RDO, ActiveX, MS Visual Interdev 6.0, MS FrontPage 2003.
         Iqama Status : Transferable                                           Virus Security Software: * McAfee Total Virus Defense, Symantec Antivirus,
         Iqama No.        : 2165094711                                         Norton Antivirus, E Scan, and Panda.
         Date of Renewal : 15/10/2008                                          RDBMS: *MY SQL, *Oracle 8i/9i/10G (SQL Plus & PL/SQL), *MS SQL Server
         Place of Issue : Riyadh, K.S.A.                                       7.0\2000\2005, * MS Access 97\2000\XP\2003\2007.

                                                                               DBMS: FoxPro 2.5, Dbase III Plus.
 P assport Details:
         Passport No. : E 6611296                                              Languages: C, Pascal, and Cobal.
         Date of Issue : 29/02/2004                                            ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): my SAP, ORACLE, MS Dynamics + CRM, Sage
         Date of Renewal : 28/02/2014                                          and iScala
         Place of Issue : Riyadh, K.S.A.                                NOTE: * My current active working & exposure.
         Status          : International “ECNR”
             - - Curriculum Vitae of Jahir Hussain - -                                                                                                          >> Page 2 of 5 <<
        Managing various application development activities such as participation in business requirement identification and design, analysis of user
        requirements, assessment and evaluation of ready made or in-house development solutions to user's automation needs and
        implementation of such solutions.
        Managing major implementation projects leading to new IT systems implementation and support for all world-wide locations. Design the IT
        strategy and systems for locations within and outside Saudi Arabia and prepare the design, scope of work, road-maps, implementation
        strategy, implementation plans, timelines, resource allocation and sourcing etc.

        Planning, preparing, implementing, managing the IT budget (IT Project) and expenditure. Obtaining competitive prices from suppliers,
        where appropriate, to ensure cost effectiveness. Preparing budgetary recommendations and monitors, verifies and reconciles expenditure
        of budgeted funds.
        Planning, preparing website designs, and developments as a static's or dynamics. Managing, maintaining web-based applications including
        websites, intranets, hosting, and administrating user's mailbox. And also continuously improves the organization's web site and intranet;
        adds new functionality and improves user ability to maintain with\without technical support.

        Planning, preparing, processing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application requirements with future upgrades from ERP to ERP II,
        selection, implementation, customization, and administration such as mySAP, ORACLE, MS Dynamics + CRM, Sage and iScala. And ERP
        application files to share, secure, group by user, record level access with read, writes protection, and user restriction.
        Implementing, administrating, managing, and maintaining databases & log security. Ensuring proper security and data integrity. Backup
        /Recovery of data is carried out and verified.

        Planning, processing, implementing, managing, and maintaining MMS (Manufacturing Management Systems) interface with ERP Systems
        for Plant Operation (Production & Maintenance).

        Planning, preparing, developing ISO 9001:2000, AIB (American Institute of Baking) with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control
        Point Standard) forms, documents for ISO, and AIB audit. Using internal/external IT related activities, process, policies and procedures.

        Expanding business into new territories, decreasing time for response, decreasing time of manufacturing process, reducing the use of
        paper documents, met expense and profits of goals each year.
        Managing, supervising all IT related process and activities (Including design, acquisition, installation, operations, maintenance of corporate
        hardware, applications and IT solutions). And IT related accessories (Including Hardware, Network, Software and other resources) to
        purchase and deliver.
        Managing all corporate applications maintenance and support activities which include establishing and ensuring adherence to adequate
        systems change controls, standards, policies and procedures.
        Representing the IT function in technical seminars, conferences, workshops, training sessions, business meetings, and attending trade-
        Ensuring existence of sufficient controls to safeguard confidential company information.
        Providing significant input to the process of the development of information and communication technology standards, policies and
        Keeping abreast of new state-of-the-art technology, developments, performing routine preventive maintenance on hardware, software,
        peripherals and advises Management of new developments which would benefit the organization. And also understands How IT can be
        used to faster improvement and competitive advantage.
        Assisting in the training and development of the staff by providing on-the-job coaching and instruction on related aspects of computer
        technology. Providing advice, guidance, direction, authorization, leadership to department personal, and all employees.
        Supervising, managing, maintaining Networks, IP addresses, subnets, Firewalls, Cisco routers, switches, IP telephony, Nortel BCM
        (Business Communications Manager), Information System Security, Wireless, access control technology, Video security cameras.

        Planning, preparing employees ID card. Managing, maintaining ID card printer, and ID card reader with supporting software. And also
        maintaining the employees' attendance, using Card Reader with supporting software.
        Planning, implementing, managing, and maintaining product label of manufacturing products. And also identifying areas/segments to fix
        the label printer.

        Generating hr, payroll, logistics, sales, and finance, planning and production reports from the ERP application (Ex: - monthly, period of
        months, yearly and specific reports required by management) submit to the management, and copy to the Board of Directors through
        Management. Generating reports as per department head's\manager's request with management approval. And also excellently prepare
        presentation to the Board of Directors. Directly reporting to the President and Board of Directors. And reports to work regularly and on
        Contacting annual performance appraisal to review employees' work performance. Recommending salary adjustments, rewards and
        promotions based on employee performance. Carry out disciplinary meetings when needed.
        Day-to-day IT support for users, according to the user’s request through “System Troubleshooting Form”. And instructs to the
        assistants for help desk, maintenance & troubleshooting PC, LAN & WAN based hardware and software.
             - - Curriculum Vitae of Jahir Hussain - -                                                                                                          >> Page 3 of 5 <<
                 ♠ Having 11+ year’s experience for the following skill set and background with 8 key ingredients:
                                                            Self-discipline, Self-assurance and competitive drive.
  PERSONAL SKILLS, STRENGTHS,                               Deal with challenge and pressure.
  AND EXPERIENCE                                            A style that is purposeful, direct at getting things done quickly.
                                                            Attention to detail but ability to never lose sight of the bigger picture.
                                                            Confidence, initiative and a sense of urgency in the IT sector.
                                                            Make decisions and take independent action for IT related activities.
                                                            Adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas for IT related
                                                            Deliver high quality, organized, planning and repeatable results.
                                                            Excellent business and interpersonal communication skills.
                                                            Business sense - make sound decisions for company's benefit.
                                                            Leadership - manage people and resources effectively to achieve deadlines.
                                                            More than 11+ years of experience in software design, development, compile, testing,
  SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SKILLS                               debugging and implementation of programmes, ERP, e-Solutions, client based legacy
                                                            and Web-based Applications.
                                                            Using full SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) through object-oriented methods
                                                            utilizing Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Developer 2000 and ASP interfaced with Oracle, MS
                                                            SQL Server and MS Access database, and also generating reports from database.

  ERP APPLICATION SKILLS, AND                               Financial Management: Financial Analyzer, General Ledger, Cash management,
  EXPERIENCE MODULES                                        Treasury, Purchasing, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Fixed Assets, Auditing &
                                                            Security, Data Import, Job Costing, GL Consolidation, Report Writer Language,
                                                            Electronics Payments (BACS), International Payments, Absorption Costing, Inter Entity
                                                            Accounting, Extended Discounts, e Travel, Self – Service Expenses, and Self – Service
                                                             Project / Services Management: Project Costing, Project Billing, Project Ledger,
                                                            Resource Ledger, Contracts Management, Project Time & Expense, Activity Management
                                                            Gateway, Project Connect, and Project Analysis Collection Pack.
                                                            Distribution Management: Inventory Control, Sales Order Entry, Purchase Order
                                                            Processing, Sales Invoicing and Analysis, Purchase Requisitions, Telesales Order Entry &
                                                            Utilities, Waste Management, Branch Inventory Transfer Management, Returns &
                                                            Repairs, Repetitive Route Scheduling, Warehouse Management (Utilities & Bar-coding),
                                                            Point of Sale, and Post Code Search.
                                                            Manufacturing Management: Engineering, Bills of Materials, Master Scheduling /
                                                            MRP, Capacity, Work in Progress, Works Order Processing, Material Requirements
                                                            Planning, Product Configuration, Rough Cut Capacity Planning, Routing, Sub Contract
                                                            Control, Job Scheduler (Auto-Q), Quality, Cost Management, Process Manufacturing,
                                                            Flow Manufacturing, Advanced Planning & Scheduling.
                                                            Human Resource Management: Personnel Management (HRs), Payroll, Training
                                                            Administration, Time Management, Advanced Benefits and Self Service Human
                                                            Supply Chain Management: Order Entry, Purchasing, Product Configurator, Supplier
                                                            Scheduling, Supply Chain Planning, Inventory, Web Suppliers, and Advanced Planning &
                                                            Customer Relationship Management: Sales and Marketing, Service, Commissions,
                                                            and Customer Contact.
                                                        ♣ Managing HP Proliant ML 370 and IBM xSeries 255 servers. Using RAID 5
                                                        controller with 60+ workstations.
                                                        ♣ Planning, Preparation and Managing network connection with Switch, Switch-to-
                                                        Switch Network, Patch Panel Hub, Router, Cat5 (or) Cat6 Cables using RJ45 Jacks.
                                                        MS Windows (2000\2003 With R2) Server:-
                                                          Managing MS windows 2000\Advanced\2003 with R2 server, installation, configuration,
                                                          maintenance and administration. Utilize with 32/64 bit processor & operating systems.
                                                          Managing/Maintaining network infrastructure such as DNS, DHCP, WINS, Printer and File
                                                          Managing TCP/IP configuration and network trouble shooting.

             - - Curriculum Vitae of Jahir Hussain - -                                                                                                          >> Page 4 of 5 <<
                                                            Create\Manage\Delete user accounts within NT Active Server Directory.
                                                            Managing applications files to share, secure and group as per client user’s request with
                                                            department head's\managers and management approval.
                                                        MS Exchange (2000\2003\2007) Server:-
                                                          Managing MS Exchange 2000\2003\2007 server, installation, configuration, maintenance
                                                          and administration. Using Microsoft IIS interfaced with POP3 Connector, SMTP, Mailbox
                                                          Server, Client Access Server, Hub Transport Server, Edge Transport Server, Unified
                                                          Messaging Server or Mail Essential
                                                          Create\Manage\Delete e-mail accounts for user.
                                                          Managing MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express, installation, and configuration for client
                                                          users PC (for workstations).
                                                          Managing anti-virus application that works in co-ordinate with email server.
                                                          Managing unsolicited mail filtering application that works in co-ordinate with email
                                                        MS ISA (2000\2004\2006) Server:-
                                                          Managing MS ISA 2000\2004\2006 server, installation, configuration, maintenance and
                                                          Managing broadband internet connection (using Dial-up\DSL\ADSL), then share and
                                                          secure internet access from server to client users PC with user's restriction.
                                                          Managing anti-virus application that works in co-ordinate with proxy server.
                                                            Managing\Maintaining\Monitoring in the server environments with 99.9% uptime during
  SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION                                     office hours.
                                                            Managing\Maintaining server hardware, patch file upgrades and service contracts with
                                                            Microsoft server environments.
                                                            Managing\Maintaining recommend upgrades, reviewing system specifications and
                                                            executing installations.
                                                            Managing\Maintaining server from unexpected loss of power with UPS support.
                                                            Developing and executing Microsoft server upgrades as major release.
                                                            Managing systems monitor application and server anti-virus application.
                                                            Managing databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server or MS Access) installation, configuration,
  DATABASE ADMINISTRATION                                   security, monitoring and tuning, maintenance, trouble shooting and administration.
                                                            Performing and reviewing basic periodic database administration of MS Access, MS SQL
                                                            Server or Oracle.
                                                            Performing copies, installations, moves and backup of database.

                                                            Managing MS Windows recovery techniques and MS windows back-up products. Using
  SYSTEM BACK-UP AND RECOVERY                               Veritas Backup Exec or HP Colorado Backup software.
                                                            Maintaining backup of server daily, weekly and monthly with tape rotation.

                                                            Managing User-Level Operating System support to maintain MS Windows
  WORKSTATION ADMINISTRATION                                98\ME\2000\XP\Vista.
                                                            Managing client users PC & Printer to maintaining operating system, software, hardware,
                                                            installation, configuration, trouble shooting, and sharing the printer’s from Pc to Pc.
                                                            Reviewing, managing applications and upgrades for users. Deploy workstation service
                                                            packs and security updates.
                                                            Auditing and enforcing application installation at workstations with NT policies and
                                                            Assisting in the review of specifications, purchasing and installation of workstation
                                                            Maintaining client users system updates of virus definitions from the server.

           I here by declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  Place: Dammam.                                                                                                                                                         Signature
  Date: 19/04/2008

  * All references available upon request                                                                                                                       (Jahir Hussain. A)

             - - Curriculum Vitae of Jahir Hussain - -                                                                                                          >> Page 5 of 5 <<

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