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									                    DISCRETIONARY GRANT GUIDELINE


              For Implementation of Discretionary Grant Projects

   CONTENTS                                                        Page

1.1. Introduction                                                                3
1.2. What is a Discretionary Grant?                                              3
1.3. Who may apply?                                                              4
1.4. How to apply                                                                4
1.5. When to apply                                                               5


2.1. Discretionary Grant Criteria                                                6
2.2. Funding formulae                                                            6
2.3. Items that will not be considered for Discretionary Grant funding           7
2.4. Funding windows                                                             7


3.1. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)                                          12
3.2. Reporting and Monitoring                                                    14
3.3. Discretionary Grant Contacts                                                15

“A”:      Critical and Scarce Skills from SSP matched against programmes types   16
“B”       Glossary                                                               35
 C”       Documents to support grant management SOP                              36

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     The purpose of this document is to provide a guideline and Standard Operating Procedure
     (SOP) for the administration and management of CHIETA Discretionary Grants.
     Discretionary Grants are intended to encourage employers and stakeholders to contribute
     towards the achievement of the objectives of the Human Resources Development Strategy
     (HRDS), the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) and the CHIETA‟s Sector Skills
     Plan (SSP). Discretionary grants are available to applicants who engage in skills
     development practices that will lead to the achievement of these objectives and targets.
     The CHIETA undertook an analysis of key challenges within the sector, by looking at the
     regulatory framework and transformation imperatives, translating the Service Level
     Agreement (SLA) targets with the Department of Labour (DoL) to meet the challenges
     faced in the Chemical Industries sector. Consultations were held nationally and regionally
     between May 2009 to solicit inputs from stakeholders to assist in the formulation of the
     new Discretionary criteria 2009-2010. Against this backdrop the CHIETA has prioritized the
     four funding windows for the financial year 2009-2010 (see section 2.4).
Since there are limited funds available, this guideline has been developed to manage the
disbursement of these discretionary funds. It provides detailed criteria for the purpose of
making application and award decisions.

1.2. What is a Discretionary Grant?

In terms of the Skills Development Regulations a discretionary grant is a grant paid to
applicants, at the discretion of the CHIETA, for skills development projects linked to scarce
and or critical skills in the chemical industries sector. Levy-paying companies should however
note that they cannot claim for the same training activity from both mandatory grants and
discretionary grants.
Discretionary Grants are made available for special skills development initiatives that take
forward the goals of the Sector Skills Plan (SSP), objectives of the NSDS II and the
interventions as laid down in the Grant Regulations. A Discretionary Grant is therefore a
special skills initiative grant that is made available to stakeholders of the Chemical Industries
sector for initiatives that take forward the goals of the Sector Skills Plan (SSP), objectives of
the NSDS II and interventions as laid down in Grant Regulations- Regulation 29584 of 2nd
February 2007 and Annual Scorecard included in the CHIETA Service Level Agreement with

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc   UNCONTROLLED COPY                             Page 3 of 37
Department of Labour (DoL). In addition the Discretionary Criteria for 2009-2010 will promote
the Government‟s ASGI-SA objectives as articulated by JIPSA.

     See Appendix “A” Programme Types Linked to Critical and Scarce Skills from SSP

1.3.      Who may apply?

The regulations allow for the following categories of organizations to apply for Discretionary
         an employer within the jurisdiction of CHIETA, including an employer who is not
          required to pay skills development levy in terms of the Skills Development Levies Act;
         other associations or organizations that meet the criteria for the payment of such a
          grant (Regulations No 27801 18 July 2005) including NGO‟s, CBO‟s, and Accredited
          Training Providers

          See section 2. “Funding Windows” to see for which grant types your
          organisation is eligible.
1.4.      How to apply

Applicants are required to submit their Discretionary Grant proposal on the prescribed
CHIETA Discretionary Grant application form available on the CHIETA Website.
One application form is to be submitted per organisation. However where more than one DG
category is being applied for, separate project plans should be prepared to motivate the
business case for funds to implement different projects, e.g. if applying to implement the
Chemical Operations NQF L2 Learnership, and Welding Apprenticeship, two project plans are
It is a condition of the grant that the applicant must have demonstrated that the projects
applied for have been discussed and consulted with employees of the company site where
implementation will take place. For that reason, the name and signature of employer and (if
applicable) employee are requested to ensure that application information is correct, and has
been agreed to by both employer and employee parties.

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The CHIETA requests information regarding training and education programmers that the
organization deems to be strategic. The applicant is required to make a business case for the
proposed intervention, using a project logic approach.
        Name of project                        refers to the name of the proposed initiative that your
                                                       organization is requesting funding for
  Background / Rationale                    refers to a brief history of the need for the project, including
                                             how it meets the organisation‟s and/or sector‟s strategic
         Scope of Work                        refers to a detailed overview of the each aspect of the
                                           programmed, including specifications of each task or element
                                                                          of training
   Required Deliverables                      refers to the specific outcomes that the project aims to
                                            achieve, including how these outcomes will be determined
                                                            and furnished to the CHIETA
    Project Management                        refers to how the project will be managed, including the
                                           tracking, monitoring, reporting of each aspect of the project,
                                                       as well as the accountability structures

1.5.         When to apply

Applications for Discretionary Grants must approved by the CHIETA for any prioritized training
or other intervention taking place in the current financial year (April 2010 to March 2011). No
retrospective funding will be considered. Applicants for projects that will not be completed by
March 2010 should indicate budget allocations and activities for subsequent financial years.
While in-principle approval may be given to a multi-year project, e.g. Apprenticeships, the
applicant will need to submit a report and budget motivation on or before 11th of August 2009
in order to access funds to complete the project in forthcoming financial year (2009/10).
        The Application form for Discretionary Grant is available on the CHIETA‟s: website:
         Closing Date: 11th of August 2009. Late Applications will not be considered

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2.1.      Discretionary Grant Criteria

Beyond the over-arching requirement of the grant proposal needing to support the critical and
scarce skills and sector priorities of the chemical industries sector, the criteria for Discretionary
Grant Allocations and Applications are reviewed on an annual basis, linked to the CHIETA‟s
Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Department of Labour and the objectives of the
National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS).
A further consideration is to ensure that any CHIETA strategic projects (either planned or in
implementation) complement, and do not overlap with the criteria for Discretionary Grant
funding, so that resources are aligned to best achieve the skills development targets and
objectives for the chemical industries sector.
         The applicant must be up to date with levy contributions unless exempt from paying
          levies (proof of exemption must be submitted);
         The application for grants must be submitted on the prescribed application form;
         The provider identified to deliver the training must be accredited with the relevant ETQA
          to deliver the applicable qualification;
         Only one application is submitted per SDL number;
         Provider applications for Learnerships should be accompanies by letters of
          endorsement from the company that will be providing the experiential component and
          should not duplicate the company‟s own application
         Applications must be for learners recruited and contracted during the current levy year;
         The Learnership for which the application for a grant is being made must address both
          business needs and scarce skills within the chemical industries sector;

          2.2.       Funding Formulae

     The unit costs and funding formulae are provided merely as a guide, and indicate the
     maximum amount available for different grant categories. Applicants must provide a

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc      UNCONTROLLED COPY                              Page 6 of 37
     budget based on anticipated actual costs, since different initiatives and levels of
     programmes carry varying costs.
     No retrospective increases in grant awards will be made as this has budgetary and
     management implications for the CHIETA. All funding will be paid on the basis three
     tranches, linked to a reporting cycle.
     Over and above the grant per learner indicated in section 2.4 below, it is important to note
     that for the first time, the grant regulations provide for applicants to include project costs,
     to the maximum of 10% of the overall project costs to cover administrative expenditure
     related to managing and implementing the project.
     All budgets are to be inclusive of VAT.
     Double-Dipping will not be accepted:
         All planned Training Interventions must be reflected in the WSPR for 2009-2010;
    The same Training Interventions for the same beneficiary can only be claimed once;
    Some training Interventions could then be claimed in the ATR and others in the pre -
         approved Discretionary claim, and
         Applicants will not be awarded funds for same interventions already claimed for in
          respect of the Mandatory Grant process.

2.3.         Items that will not be considered for Discretionary Grant funding

Applicants are requested not to apply for funding of the following:
         Projects that are already funded by the CHIETA, a government department,
          another SETA or any other establishment (unless match funding is required eg.
          25% CHIETA/ 75% NSF funding) ;
         Learners placed in workplaces outside the chemicals sector; and
         Employment and Skills Development Agencies outside the chemicals sector
          (excluding those specializing in New Venture Creation).

2.4.     Funding Windows
   Four Funding Windows have been identified in for 2009-2010, within some of which
   different project types are possible. These are summarized in the matrix below:

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    FUNDING                      NSDS
                           PROJECT              Explanatory comment
    WINDOW                 TYPESIndicator and
                                sector annual
1 Scarce Skills 1. Learnerships Indicators 2.8 Learnerships, Skills Programmes,
  Programmes 2. Skills          & 4.1.         Apprenticeships and Bursaries are all valid
                   Programmes 2300 18.1.       modes of achieving sector skills priorities
                3.              800 18.2       for scarce and critical skills. In particular,
                Apprenticeships                the CHIETA seeks to support ASGI-SA
                / Artisan                      through a range of Artisan development
                Training                       initiatives.

2 Employment               Workplace        Indicator 4.2. Grants for companies to take in learners in
  Promotion                 Experience                     critical and scarce skills at Universities of
                                           400 learners Technology that need to complete practical
                                                           training (P1 & P2) before they can
                                                           Grants for unemployed learners who have
                                                           completed CHIETA Learnerships
                                                           addressing scarce/Priority Skills
                                                           Grants for projects that orientate
                                                           unemployed graduates in critical and
                                                           scarce skills to the world of work*
3 New                      Learnerships    Indicator 4.3. These initiatives will link the training
  Venture                                                  provided to a set of other factors on which
  Creation                                 200 learners the success of New Ventures will depend:
                                                           access to support, capital and markets.
                                                           The major focus will be on synergies
                                                           between new and existing businesses; and
                                                           on developing and extending supply chains
                                                           to and from businesses in the sector.

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4 Sector Skills            RPL             Not referenced Where individuals undertake a RPL
  Plan (SSP)                               in NSDS but a assessment and are deemed not yet
  Priorities                               sector priority. competent, the RPL initiative can serve to
                                                            identify gaps in knowledge or skills. The
                                                            gaps can then be addressed through
                                                            targeted learning interventions. In this way,
                                                            RPL is seen as an important enabling tool
                                                            to facilitate equity, redress and life-long
                                                            learning, as well as to ensure that
                                                            individuals can participate productively in
                                                            all aspects of the economy and society.


The following projects are managed as special projects and will NOT be funded as
individual Discretionary Grant applications.

     Provider Support and Development: Support and development provided to potential or
     CHIETA providers who wish to be accredited or extend their accreditation scope within
     the scarce skills areas falling within the primary focus of the CHIETA.
     1. The grant amount is R30 000 per new provider requiring accreditation on full
        qualifications and R15 000 for providers requiring extension of scope on reviewed
        qualifications and R10 000 for providers requiring accreditation on critical single unit
     2. Education, Training and Development (ETD) Training: Practitioners/Facilitators,
        Assessors and Moderators Voucher Project, by the ETDQA Division. The amount for
        assessor moderator will remain at R4000 per assessor/moderator and R5000 for ETD
     3. implementation of Institute of Sectoral Occupational Excellence (ISOE)
       Support and development of two providers or workplaces that wish to become ISOE
     within the chemical sector. The grant amount is up to R350 000 per provider.
     4. Capacity Building(Stakeholder Relations).
     5, SME Training
       This is undertaken through the SME Training Voucher Project, through which a broad
     range of accredited training in the form of short courses may be accessed. See or e-mail:

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 1 SCARCE         GET LEARNERSHIPS                                                     The grant amount for
   SKILLS         The achievement of a GETC qualification                              an employed person
   PROGRAMMES allows employees access to Learnership                                   is R12 000 per
                  programmes in the chemical industries                                learner per
                  sector and other sectors. The CHIETA                                 learnership..
                  provides grants towards the funding of the
                  implementation of the Chemical Operations                            The grant amount
                  Learnership at NQF L1.                                               for an unemployed
                  For who is it intended?                                              person is R18000
                  Employees wishing to obtain the NQF                                  per learner per
                  Level 1 qualification. Employees wishing to                          learnership
                  progress on the National Qualifications
                  Who may apply?
                  Companies registered with the CHIETA
                  CHIETA accredited training providers
                  (Conditions apply).
                                      FET LEARNERSHIPS                                 The grant amount for
                                      The CHIETA provides grants towards the           an employed person
                                      funding of the implementation of DoL             is R18 000 per
                                      registered Learnerships, which integrate         Learner per
                                      institutional training by accredited providers   Learnership.
                                      and workplace training at companies, and
                                      which are occupationally based                   The grant amount for
                                      programmes that lead to qualifications           an unemployed
                                      registered on the NQF. (Applicants may           person is R30 000
                                      also claim CHIETA grants for Learnerships        per Learner per
                                      registered by other SETAs.)                      Learnership.
                                      For who is it intended?
                                      Employees in the chemical industries
                                      Unemployed learners (potential
                                      Who may apply?
                                      Companies registered with the CHIETA
                                      Accredited training providers (Conditions

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                                      HET LEARNERSHIPS                              The grant amount for
                                      The CHIETA provides grants towards the        an employed person
                                      funding of the implementation of DoL          is R18 000 per
                                      registered Learnerships, which combine        Learner per year.
                                      training by Accredited Providers with
                                      workplace training, will lead to              The grant amount for
                                      qualifications registered on the NQF.         an unemployed
                                      (Applicants may also claim CHIETA grants      person is R36 000
                                      for Learnerships registered by other          per Learner per year.
                                      NB: Applications for Learnerships that
                                      address critical or scarce skills in the
                                      chemical industries sector, or New Venture
                                      Creation will receive preferential scoring.
                                      For who is it intended?
                                      Employees in this Sector who want to
                                      achieve qualifications using workplace
                                      based training; Employees in this Sector
                                      who are selected by their employers to
                                      participate in Learnerships outside this
                                      Who may apply?
                                      Levy-paying companies in the chemical
                                      industries sector
                                      Higher Education Accredited Institutions.

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                                      SKILLS PROGRAMMES                             Grant amount is R1
                                      The CHIETA funds the implementation of        000 per Learner on
                                      selected skills programmes in the chemical    completion of the
                                      industries sector.                            programme, or R140
                                                                                    per credit per learner
                                      NB: Skill programmes must address critical
                                      or scarce skills in the chemical industries   (whichever is the
                                      sector.                                       highest).

                                      For who is it intended?
                                      Employees who are selected by companies
                                      in this Sector to participate in the

                                      Who may apply?
                                      SP‟s up to Level 4: companies registered
                                      with the CHIETA.
                                      SPs above Level 4: levy paying companies
                                      in the chemical industries. CHIETA
                                      Accredited Training Providers (Conditions
                                      APPRENTICESHIPS                               The grant amount for
                                      Apprenticeships remain a viable and           an employed person
                                      respected mechanism for skills                is R18 000 per
                                      development, and the CHIETA has               Learner per year.
                                      systems in place to support
                                      Apprenticeships.                              The grant amount for
                                      For who is it intended?                       an unemployed
                                      Employees and unemployed persons who          person is R30 000
                                      are selected by companies in the Sector to    per Learner per year
                                      participate in the Apprenticeship
                                      Who may apply?
                                      Companies registered with the CHIETA
                                      Accredited training providers (conditions

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  2    EMPLOYMENT                     GRADUATE WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE                   A grant of R3 000
       PROMOTION                      Grants are paid to companies that provide       per month per
                                      experiential training for students needing to   Learner for a period
                                      complete their HET qualification in fields of   of up to 12 months,
                                      study linked to critical or scarce skills for   depending on the
                                      the sector.                                     requirements of the
                                      Note: while not strictly enforceable, the
                                      NSDS places a requirement on the
                                      CHIETA to demonstrate 70% placement
                                      Who may apply?
                                      Companies registered with the CHIETA
  3    NEW VENTURE                    a) Grants are provided for the two
       CREATION                       providers accredited by the CHIETA              Grant amount to any
                                      (primary ETQA) and learning programme           first two providers
                                      approved (secondary ETQA) by                    who meet the
                                      SERVICES SETA to implement the New              application
                                      Venture Creation qualifications as required     requirements @ R30
                                      by NSDS 11                                      000 per learner on a
                                                                                      NVC Learnership for
                                      Who may apply?                                  a period of up to 12
                                      CHIETA Providers already fully accredited
                                      for any of the full qualifications from the
                                      CHIETA‟s primary focus                          FUNDS
                                      b) A FET Learnership (as registered and
                                      quality assured by Services SETA) that
                                      equips an unemployed learner to establish
                                      a new venture. It is deemed important that
                                      the Learnership is contextualized to the
                                      chemical industries sector.
                                      For who is it intended?
                                      Unemployed learners up to the age of 35.
                                      Who may apply?
                                      Companies registered with the CHIETA
                                      Services SETA accredited providers

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  4                                   RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING               Grant amount
                                      (RPL)                                       Up to R3000 p/day to
                                      Grants are provided to source ETD           a maximum of 20
                                      expertise to implement workplace RPL        days.
                                      initiative in the following categories:
                                          Strategy Development                   (Limit of R60 000 per
                                          Design and Development (e.g.           project)
                                              assessment guides and instruments
                                              for RPL)
                                          Assessment (external RPL of
                                      (RPL Guideline and Implementation
                                      Manual is available on the CHIETA
                                      Who may apply?
                                     Companies registered with the CHIETA

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3.1. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

   This procedure covers the Discretionary Grant Procedure to be covered by applicants
   This procedure does not cover any applications not pertaining to Discretionary Grant

                                           Discretionary Grant Applicant

1. Does the application meet the Discretionary Grant criteria?

2. Does my application consist ONLY of Appendix “B” of the guideline and supporting

3. Have I completed a separate project description (section B of the application form) for
   each grant category applied for?

4. Will it reach the CHIETA in time to meet the submission deadline? (11th of August 2009)

5. Is the application a product of consultation with stakeholder parties?

      If so, have the parties signed section F of the application form (Appendix “B”)?

6. Was an original copy delivered by hand / post to the CHIETA offices?

7. Is there a proof of banking details( Cancelled Cheque or banking statement)?

8. Are there any unspent funds from the previous financial year, and have these been
   refunded to the CHIETA, or reflected as committed funds, or deducted from the current
   project budget?

9. Are the proposed education and training providers accredited to provide the service they
   have been earmarked for?

       The CHIETA will only seek to obtain Governing Board approval for an exception to
     grant regulations, policies, or procedures when the deviation is demonstrated to be
     highly beneficial to either the sector strategic goals or to the fiscal stewardship of
     the project.

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    Further to the provisions outlined in sections 1 and 2, the following outlines the Discretionary
                                            Grant procedure:
Stage MILESTONE                                        DURATION                  DATES
1      Annual Guideline developed, consulted and 35 work days                    May- June
       approved                                                                  2009
       Publish and Distribute Guideline and Call       40 work days              July 2009
       for Applications
2      Project Proposals received, assigned            7 work days               11 August
       tracking numbers                                                          2009
       Receipt acknowledged                            14 days                   14 August
3      Project evaluated against criteria and          5 days                    16 August
       budget                                                                    2009
       (and where necessary, initial site visits
       Shortlist of Recommendations prepared for 10 days                         18 August
       DGRC                                                                      2009
       DGRC Meeting for approval of grants and         1 day                     20 August
       projects                                                                  2009
4      Letters of notification and contracts sent to   9 days                    27 August
       applicants. Note clause 5.3 of the contract:                              2009
       “Failure to sign this Agreement within thirty
       days of the recorded date of postage shall
       mean that the grant award is automatically
       cancelled and shall be made available for
       Award queries are responded to and              Within 30 days            10 September
       resolved                                                                  2009
5      Approved projects uploaded onto MIS             After 30 day period
                                                       as per clause 5.2 of
                                                       34 work days
       1 tranche disbursement made (if previous        Within 10 work days       23 September
       cycle completed)                                of receipt of contract 2009
       Mid term project progress report received       Before or on 31           Varies
       and evaluated                                   March 2010                according to
       2 tranche disbursement made                     Within 10 work days       different
                                                       of receipt of report.     contracts,
                                                       Before or on 31           projects, and
                                                       March 2010                organisational
       Monitoring site visit conducted                 Before or on 31           progress.
                                                       March 2010
       Report prepared and submitted to grantee        5 work days
       and DG Unit

    b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc   UNCONTROLLED COPY                             Page 16 of 37
6         Project Closure Report received                  10 work days after
                                                           receipt of monitoring
                                                           site visit report
          Third tranche disbursement made.                 Within 10 work days.

    b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc   UNCONTROLLED COPY                   Page 17 of 37
3.3. Reporting and Monitoring

It is a condition of the contract that applicants forward project progress reports,
completed in standard CHIETA templates

     1) A Mid-term Progress Report on the utilization of the grant upon reaching
          50% of the MoA “deliverables”. To be completed in the standard format
          provided by the CHIETA Projects Division, and accompanied by a Financial
     2) A Projects Closure Report within 30 days of completion of the MoA
          deliverables.            To be completed in the standard format provided by the
          CHIETA Projects Division, and accompanied by a Financial Report (Income
          and expenditure statement).

       In addition, a monitoring site visit by CHIETA officials takes place
     upon submission of the project closure report, as a form of verification
                             and quality assurance.

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc          UNCONTROLLED COPY                         Page 18 of 37
3.4. Discretionary Grant Contacts
National Office Call Centre: 0860 244 382.

Discretionary Grants Practitioner                         Happiness Mlambo

Regional Offices




        For any assistance you require to complete the grant application forms or
        conducting a skills planning exercise, contact your nearest CHIETA regional office
        as listed below:
                    Gauteng Regional Manager:           (011) 805 6743/4,
                    Kwazulu-Natal Regional Manager: (031) 368 4040,
                    Western Cape Regional Manager: (021) 551 1113,

APPENDIX “A”: Critical and Scarce Skills from SSP matched against programmes
types (extract from SSP update 2009)

  OFO                                               NQF        NQF           Critical   Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?      Level    Aligned?         Skills    Required   Interventions    Pr
       Corporate                           Yes                                                     and general
 11120 General                                                                                     management
   1   manager                                        8          yes                      104      experience.

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc               UNCONTROLLED COPY                            Page 19 of 37
  OFO                                              NQF        NQF           Critical     Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?     Level    Aligned?         Skills      Required   Interventions      Pr

       Sales &
 13110 Marketing
   2   Manager                                                  no                         138
                                                                          exp, people
                                                                          ion skills,
                                                                          exposure to
 13220 Financial                          yes                             all business              CA qual, 7 -10
   1   Director                        (absolute     7          no        units,           149      yrs exp
                                                                          petroleum                 Industry BEE
                                                                          industry                  transformation
                                                                          knowledge,                course (incl
                                                                          company -                 legislative
                                                                          specific                  requirements),
                                                                          knowledge,                company HR
                                                                          combination               training,
                                                                          with general              business
                                                                          crossfunctio              management
                                                                          nal HR                    course , HR
                                         yes,                             knowledge,                learnership
                                       relative                           diversity                 level 5, finance
                                        (equity                           manageme                  for non-
                                       and geo                            nt, change                financial
                                                                          manageme                  managers,
                                                                          nt, strategy              organisation
                                                                          implementa                development
                                                                          tion,                     and change
                                                                          aligning of               management
                                                                          HR                        learnership
       Personnel/                                                         processes                 level 6, HR
       human                                                              with                      legislation
 13230 resources                                                          business                  (customised to
   1   manager                                     5 to 8       no        acumen,          130      petroleum),

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc              UNCONTROLLED COPY                              Page 20 of 37
  OFO                                            NQF       NQF            Critical   Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?   Level   Aligned?          Skills    Required   Interventions    Pr
                                                                       financial                proj
                                                                       manageme                 management,
                                                                       nt skills,               monitoring and
                                                                       analytical               reporting
                                                                       skills and               training

       Policy and
 13240 planning                            Yes
   2   manager                                    6          Yes                       102      Qualification

 13320 Project
   1   Manager                                               no                        202
                                           Yes    4                                             Chemical
                                                                                                level 4
 13350 (Manufacturi
   2   ng)                                                   Yes                       207


       Supply and
 13360 Distribution
   1   Manager                                     5         no                        195      Degree

 13510 ICT Project                         Yes
   2   Manager                                    6          Yes                       102      Qualification

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc           UNCONTROLLED COPY                             Page 21 of 37
  OFO                                            NQF       NQF           Critical      Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?   Level   Aligned?          Skills      Required   Interventions     Pr
                                                                       MHI (major
 13990 Environment                                                     installation)
   2   al manager                                            no        skills,           50
                                           yes                                                    Diploma

 13990 Laboratory
   3   Manager                                               no                          107


 22110 Accountant
   1   (General)                                             no                          264
 22120 Internal                                                                                   experience,
   4   Auditor                                               no                          121      diploma
                                           yes    6                    As in HR                   As above
   1   HR advisor                                            No                          160

       Training and
 22330 development
   1   professional                                          No                          135

       Skills                              Yes                                                    skills
 22470 development                                                                                programme,
   3   facilitator                                5-7                                    374      degree

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc           UNCONTROLLED COPY                               Page 22 of 37
  OFO                                             NQF       NQF           Critical     Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?    Level   Aligned?         Skills      Required   Interventions    Pr

 22510 research                            yes                                                     Degree,
   2   analyst                                                no                         35       learnership
                                                                        diploma in
                                                                        addition to
                                         yes -                          another
                                      geograph                          degree
                                      ical; and                         (BSc or                   university
                                      absolute                          something),               degree plus
                                          (for                          industry                  postgraduate
                                       quality                          and                       or diploma,
 22510 Marketing                        skilled   5 and                 marketing                 workplace
   3   practitioner                    people)      6         no        skills           112      exposure

 22540 (Industrial                                                      oil industry
   1   Products)                                              no        exp              142
                                                                        product                   Learnership
                                                                        knowledge,                under
 22540 Medical                                                          disease                   development
   2   Sales Rep                           yes     5          yes       entitiy,         350      level5

 23310 chemical                            yes
   1   engineer                                               yes                        608

 23310 engineering
   2   technologist                        Yes                                           235

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc            UNCONTROLLED COPY                              Page 23 of 37
  OFO                                            NQF       NQF           Critical    Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?   Level   Aligned?         Skills     Required   Interventions      Pr

                                                                       nt, people
                                                                       nt and
 23330 Electrical                                                      business
   1   engineer                            yes    7          no        skills          329      eng degree
                                                                       fitness                                     sa
                                                                       testing,                 Bdegree in         syn
                                                                       corrosion,               mechanical         sa
                                                                       strength of              eng, or            ins
 23350 Industrial                                                      materials                metallurgy, 4 to   we
   1   engineer                                   6          yes       etc             194      5 yrs exp          TU

                                                                                                learnership or
 23350 Mechanical                                                                               5years +
   2   engineer                                              yes                       404      experience
 23360 Petroleum                           yes                                                  engineering
   2   engineer                                              no                        16       degree (USA)

 23440                                                                                          technical
   2   Geophysicist                        Yes    6          Yes                       90       diploma/degree

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc           UNCONTROLLED COPY                             Page 24 of 37
  OFO                                               NQF        NQF             Critical    Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?      Level    Aligned?           Skills     Required   Interventions    Pr
                                                                           of analytical
                                                                           l analysis,
                                                                           lit, problem
                                                                           (judgement,                BSc Chem or
                                                                           multi                      Ndip anal
                                                                           tasking),                  chem; Colour
                                                                           innovation,                Theory and
                                          yes                              communicat                 inhouse colour
                                       relative -                          ion &                      training,
 23420                                 replacem                            presentatio                City&Guilds
   1   Chemist                            ent       5 to 6       yes       n skills          601      paint courses?
                                                                           and gas
       Environment                                                         exp, project
 23430 al Research                                                         manageme
   3   Scientist                                                 no        nt skills         13
 23440 geologist
   1   (petroleum)                                               no                          39
 23450 Microbiologis                       yes
   7   t                                                         no                          10

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc               UNCONTROLLED COPY                               Page 25 of 37
  OFO                                                 NQF        NQF           Critical     Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?        Level    Aligned?         Skills      Required   Interventions    Pr


       Environment                                                                                     Degree, skills
 25130 al health                                                                                       programme,
   1   officer                                         4-6         Yes                        157      learnership
                                                                             t, environ
                                            yes                              quality
       Occupational                                                          legislation,
       Health and                                                            mining
 25130 Safety                                                                Health &                  CAIA
   2   Advisor                                        4 to 8       no        safety act       166      standards
                                                                             ng of
                                                                             and MCC
                                                                             control                   pharmacy
                                             no,                             council)                  degree, 3yrs
 25150 Industrial                          critical                          requitement               work
   2   Pharmacist                           skill       7          no        s;               180      experience

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc                 UNCONTROLLED COPY                              Page 26 of 37
  OFO                                             NQF       NQF            Critical    Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?    Level   Aligned?          Skills     Required   Interventions    Pr
                                                                        skills for
                                                                        nt role
       Clinical                                                         influencing
       Pharmacolo                                                       and
       gist                                                             communicat
       (Clinical                                                        ion skills;               pharmacy?
 25331 Research                         yes -                           leadership                Degree, 5
   5   Associate)                      absolute    6          no        for mangers      100      years work exp
 25440 (medical and
   8   surgical)                                   6          Yes                        102      Qualification

 26110 Business                                                         retail
   1   Analyst                                                no        aspects          125


 26130 Developer
   2   Programmer                                             no                         157

       Network and                         yes                          financial
 26310 Systems                                                          analysis
   1   Engineer                                               no        skills           342

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc            UNCONTROLLED COPY                              Page 27 of 37
  OFO                                            NQF       NQF           Critical      Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?   Level   Aligned?         Skills       Required   Interventions     Pr

       Network                             Yes
 26310 Administrato
   2   r                                          2-3        Yes                         105
                                                                       e analyst
                                                                       skills -
                                           no                          infrastructur
                                                                       e (strategy
 26320 ICT support                                                     manageme
   2   technician                                            no        nt)               10
                                                                       specific                   in house skills
                                                                       product                    training in
                                                                       knowledge,                 customer
                                                                       understandi                management
                                                                       ng of paint                learnership
                                                                       chemistry,                 level 4,
                                                                       analytical                 SAPMA, paint
                                                                       skills,                    technology/
                                                                       problem                    surface
                                                                       solving,                   coatings
                                                                       numerical                  qualification;
                                                                       discernmen                 diploma in
                                                                       t, business                analchemistry
                                                                       acumen,                    or chem eng or
                                        yes -                          customer                   polymer chem
       Technical                       equity                          relationship               level 5, and 3
       Support                          and                            skills, self               or 4 yrs
 26320 Services                       geograph                         manageme                   experience;
   5   Manager                           ic       5          yes       nt,               110      colour theory

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc           UNCONTROLLED COPY                               Page 28 of 37
  OFO                                            NQF        NQF             Critical   Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?   Level    Aligned?           Skills    Required   Interventions    Pr
                                                                        ion skills

 31140 Chemistry                                                                                  NEW
   1   technician                                2 to 4       yes                       1120      learnership
 31230 Engineering                         Yes
   2   Technician                                  5          yes                        204      Degree,

       Electronic                                                                                 work
 31240 Engineering                                                                                experience,
   2   Technician                                             no                         424      diploma

                                           yes                          pressure,
       Mechanical                                                       and repair                                 ref
 31250 Engineering                                                      of                        learnership      ch
   2   Technician                                2 to 4       yes       instruments      689      level 2 to 4     pro
       Design and
 31290 g
   4   Draftperson                                            no                         20

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc            UNCONTROLLED COPY                              Page 29 of 37
  OFO                                            NQF        NQF           Critical      Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?   Level    Aligned?         Skills       Required   Interventions    Pr

       Chemical                            Yes
 31290 engineering
   7   technician                                                                         279
                                                                        skills -
 32120 Diesel motor                                                     diesel &
   2   mechanic                                  2 to 4       yes       petrol            80

       fabricator                          yes                                                     learnership or
 32230 (Boilermaker                                                                                apprent levels
   1   )                                         2 to 4       yes                         215      2 to 4
 32320 Fitter                                                                                      workplace
   1   (General)                           Yes    3-4         Yes                        4967      experience
                                                                        to do quality
 32320 Fitters &                                                        maintenanc
   2   Turners                             yes                yes       e                 164
 32330 Maker and
   4   Repairer                            Yes    2-4         Yes                          5       Apprenticeship

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc            UNCONTROLLED COPY                               Page 30 of 37
  OFO                                               NQF       NQF           Critical        Numbers
  Code  Occupation                     Scarce?      Level   Aligned?         Skills         Required   Interventions    Pr
 32340 (tool or die
   2   maker)                              Yes       2-4         Y                            55       Apprenticeship
                                                                          cross field
                                                                          knowledge,                   millwright
 32350                                                                    productivity,                apprenticeship
   1   Millwrights                         yes       4          yes       quality             280      level 4

   1   Bricklayer                          Yes       2-4        Yes                           50       Apprenticeship

   1   Glazier                             Yes       2          Yes                           300      Learnership

 34110 Electrician                                                        maintenanc
   1   (General)                           yes                  yes       e                  2295
       Electronic                                                         proofing,                    learnership
       Equipment                                                          certification                electrical and
 34230 Trades                                                             of electrical                professional
   3   Worker                                        5          yes       work                 5       licensing
       Electronic                                                                                      Learnership,
       instrument                                                                                      seminars,
 34230 trades                                                                                          workplace
   4   workers                             Yes                  Yes                           10       experience
                                                                          quality , first              Chemical ops
       Chemical                                                           line                         learnership
 39920 Plant                                                              maintenanc                   level1, chem
   1   controller                     no critical    3          yes       e, planning        2069      manufacturing

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc              UNCONTROLLED COPY                                 Page 31 of 37
  OFO                                            NQF        NQF            Critical    Numbers
  Code         Occupation              Scarce?   Level    Aligned?          Skills     Required   Interventions      Pr
                                                                        & shift                   level 2 & home
                                                                        organising,               and personal
                                                                        problem                   care 3, chem
                                                                        solving                   equipment
                                                                        (critical                 level 2.
                                                                        medicl gas
                                           yes                          industrial
       Gas or                                                           gas                       learnership or     ref
 39920 Petroleum                                                        systems                   apprenticeship     ch
   2   Controller                                2 to 4       yes       installation     40       level 2 to 4       pro
   1   Payroll Clerk                                          No                         16
 59110 Purchasing
   3   Officer                                                no                          8
       Dispatch and                        yes     ..
 59120 receiving
   1   clerk                                                  yes                        10
       Glass                                                            analytical,
       production                                                       numeracy,                 molten glass
 71110 machine                                                          on the job                learnership        CO
   3   operator                            yes   2 to 3       yes       training         95       level 3            &P

 71150                                     Yes                                                    Apprenticeship,
   3   Welder                                     2-4         yes                        50       leanership

 71190 Machine
   1   operator                                                                         2200
 71290 Boiler or                                                        observation               no qualification
   1   engine                              yes     2          yes       , ensuring        6       in chieta.

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc            UNCONTROLLED COPY                              Page 32 of 37
  OFO                                                NQF         NQF           Critical   Numbers
  Code        Occupation               Scarce?       Level     Aligned?         Skills    Required    Interventions     Pr
              operator -                                                     the temp                 Steam
              71291                                                          and                      generation
                                                                             pressure                 learnership
                                                                             are under                from e-seta
 71290 handling
   2   operator                                                    no                        590       Learnership

                                            Yes                                                       learnerships,
 73310 Petrol tanker                                                                                  apprenticeship
   4   driver                                          2-5         yes                       174      s.
                                                                                                      Learnership or    tra
 82170                                                                                                apprenticeship    tru
   1   Riggers                                       2 to 4        yes                        5       (level 2 to 4)    Sy

 83930 Product
   1   examiner                                         5          Yes                       204      Qualification

                                                APPENDIX “B”         GLOSSARY
Apprenticeship                             A trade qualification, which was registered with an Industry Training
                                                  Board in terms of the Manpower Training Act of 1981
ASGI-SA                                       The Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa
BBBEE                                             Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
CHIETA                                        Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority
CBOs                                                     Community-based organisations
CISGB                                  Chemical Industries Standards Generating Body, which develops unit
                                       standards and qualifications that fall within the scope of the CHIETA.
Co-ops                                                            Co-operatives

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc                 UNCONTROLLED COPY                              Page 33 of 37
Critical Skill                       A Critical Skill is defined as a trade, competency or technique which is
                                     indispensable and crucial to operations within the sector. In keeping
                                     with international trends is reserved for internal skills gaps:
                                                               Key or generic skills / critical cross-field
                                                                  outcomes such as problem solving, learning to
                                                                  learn), language and literacy skill, mathematical
                                                                  skill, ICT skill)
                                                               Technical (top-up) skill linked to occupational
                                                                  classification system.
                                                               Firms or sectors experiencing productivity,
                                                                  service delivery, and quality (wastage)
                                                                  problems linked / related to skills deficits.
DGRC                                      Discretionary Grant Review Committee, appointed by the CHIETA
                                                                       Governing Board
Discretionary Grant                       Grants paid out in terms of Regulation 6(3) (a) and (b) of the Skills
                                            Development Levies Act No 9 of 1999. To access the grant an
                                         application on the prescribed form must be completed and a contact
Discretionary Grant                    The discretionary grant cycle refers to the payment period from which
Cycle                                   the allocation to Discretionary Grants as well as unclaimed funds are
                                       „swept‟ into the following SETA cycle for project implementation in the
                                          latter cycle i.e. unclaimed funds from the Discretionary Grant cycle
                                         April 2003 to March 2004, are swept into the next SETA cycle being
                                        April 2004 to March 2005, for projects that will be implemented in the
                                                                           latter cycle.
DoL                                                                 Department of Labour
Employer                                 „Employer‟ as defined in the Fourth Schedule to the Income Tax Act
ETD                                                        Education, Training and Development
ETQA                                     Education and Training Quality Assurance body, within the CHIETA
                                       that quality assures learning programmes, as mandated by the SAQA
Funding Priorities                        The Discretionary Grant funding policy that gives priority to specific
                                                                 criteria, e.g. critical skills.
Further Education                       Education and Training at Levels 2 to 4 of the National Qualifications
and Training (FET)                                                    Framework (NQF)
General Education                         Education and Training towards Level 1 of the NQF (Level 1 being
and Training (GET)                                              equivalent to Grade 9/Std 7)
Grant Regulations                        Skills Development Grant Regulations 29584 of 2nd February 2007.
                                                            May be requested from the CHIETA
Higher Education                                    Education and Training at Levels 5-9 of the NQF.
and Training (HET)
ISOE                                             Institutes of Sectoral and/or Occupational Excellence
JIPSA                                      The Joint Initiative for Priority Skills Acquisition, the implementation
                                                                       arm of ASGI-SA

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc                 UNCONTROLLED COPY                                 Page 34 of 37
Learnership                                   A learning qualification that includes a practical work-based
                                           component. A Learnership has to be aligned with a registered NQF

                                       (It is important to note that the CHIETA supports Discretionary Grant
                                               Applications for Learnerships registered by other SETAs).
Lead Employer                             An employer who, in terms of Regulation 3(4) of the Learnership
                                       Regulations, 2002 is identified in a Learnership Agreement as a lead
                                        employer who undertakes to ensure compliance with the employer‟s
                                                           duties in terms of the agreement.
Learning                               A set of learning activities intended to provide a learner with particular
Programme                                                         knowledge and skills
Level of                                       Level of education and training programmes on the NQF
Mandatory Grant                         Grants paid out in terms of Regulation 6(1) (a) and (b) of the Skills
                                       Development Levies Act No 9 of 1999. In order to access these funds
                                        one must complete an annual Workplace Skills Programme (WSP)
                                                     and Education and Training Report (ETR)
NGOs                                                     Non-governmental organisations
NQF                                                    The National Qualifications Framework
NSDS II                                 National Skills Development Strategy valid from 1 April 2005 to 31
                                                March 2010. May be requested from the CHIETA

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc               UNCONTROLLED COPY                                Page 35 of 37
NVC                                                               New Venture Creation
Projects Division                     The Division within the CHIETA that administers Discretionary Grants
                                                            for the chemical industries sector
QMS                                   The Quality Management System as defined by the CHIETA
                                      and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) Division
RPL                                    A process that enables a person to gain credits for unit standards or
                                        qualifications in recognition of the skills, knowledge and capabilities
                                       that they have gained through any combination of formal or informal
                                       training and education, work experience, community engagement or
                                                                  general life experience.
SAQA                                   The South African Qualifications Authority established in terms of the
                                               South African Qualifications Authority Act, No. 58 of 1995
SARS                                                         South African Revenue Services
Scarce Skill                          A scarce skill is defined as a trade, competency or technique which is
                                       hard to find, or currently insufficient to meet its demand in the sector.
                                        It relates to Occupations in which there is a scarcity of qualified and
                                       experienced people – current or an anticipated – identified in respect
                                                          Geographical location (Relative)
                                                          Equity (Relative)
                                                          A new or emerging occupation for which there are
                                                              no programmes / qualifications (as yet) (Absolute)
                                                          Firms, sectors and/or country experiencing
                                                              economic blockage (can‟t grow) / lower
                                                              productivity growth (Absolute)
                                                          Replacement demand and supply indicators
                                                         (Absolute &/or Relative)
SD Regulations                                Skills Development Regulations No 22398 of 22 June 2001
SDL number                                     Skills Development Levy number, as allocated by SARS
SSP                                     Sector Skills Plan. May be downloaded from the CHIETA Website:
Sector Strategic                       Sector skills needs prioritised as criteria to determine eligibility for the
Initiatives                            Discretionary Grant allocations. See also “Scarce Skill” and “ Critical
SETA                                                    Sector Education and Training Authority
Skills Programme                         Occupationally based training programmes that are credit bearing
                                             delivered by accredited education and training providers. On
                                            successful completion learners could receive credits towards a
                                                           qualification registered on the NQF

Skills Development                         Any skills development project in line with the CHIETA criteria

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc               UNCONTROLLED COPY                                  Page 36 of 37
SME                                           Small and Micro Enterprise with less than 50 employees
Unemployed                                An individual who has no employment and has not entered into a
                                         contract of employment. This includes individuals who have been
                                       retrenched. As referred to in the Skills Development Act, unemployed
                                        learners are commonly referred to as 18.2 learners while employed
                                                        learners are known as 18.1 learners.

       1)    Application Form
       2)    Acknowledgement of Receipt
       3)    Notification of outcome
       4)    Contract
       5)    Change Request Template
       6)    Mid-Term Progress Report
       7)    Monitoring Visit Report
       8)    Project Closure Report
       9)    Termination of Contract

b615aa12-2fb7-4420-b118-4e28c9855b94.doc             UNCONTROLLED COPY                             Page 37 of 37

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