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            PMR English Set 1 - Attempt 1

                           Question 1

                              Marks: 2

 Read the bar graph below and answer the question that follows.

   (a) Which is the most popular mode of transport to school ?

                   Answer :

       (b) Which of the following statements is incorrect ?

                              Answer :

                           Question 2

                              Marks: 8
Each questions in the text below refers to a numbered blank. For each question, choose the

                         best answer to fit the numbered blanks.

        Nearly two centuries ago, Cheung Chan, a tiny island off
        the southwest shore of Hong Kong,            one of the
        hide-outs of Cheung Pot-tsai, a ferocious pirate
                    terrorized the South Chine Sea with a
                of several hundred ships           about 20
        000 men. After his death, residents discovered a mass
        grave that allegedly contained            of the pirate's
        victims. To appease the spirits, villages made offerings
                   white and pink doughy buns. The "lucky" buns
        eventually                   the centrepiece in the form of
        three towers, each about 60 feet                           of a unique
        festival held every year, usually in may.

                                       Question 3

                                        Marks: 3

Read the conversation in Situation A and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are


                   Question                              Answer
          (a) has a heart of gold

          (b) hit a bad patch

          (c) rest on her oars

                                          Question 4

                                           Marks: 3

    Read the passage in Situation B and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are


                           Situation B : Something about Shahrul

For Shahrul, life is a bed of roses. He does not have to worry about anything. While his friends

have to burn midnight oil to ensure a good future, Shahrul would be taking things quite easily.

                   Being born with a silver spoon does have an advantage.

                    Question                            Answer
              (a) bed of roses

              (b) burn midnight

              (c) born with a
              silver spoon

                                          Question 5

                                           Marks: 4

        Read the advertisement below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

                                  POLICE OFFICERS
       Requirements :

              Minimum 1 credit in SAP/SPM/SPMV and above
              18-38 years old
              Good vision

       Benefits :

              Salary up to RM2300 per month
              RM 160 shift allowance ( 8-hours shift)
              Extra allowances up to RM 800
              End of contract payment up to RM 13 200
              8 weeks 'training'
              Housing subsidy available

                               Walk in Interview :


                              Date : 14 August 2005

                               Time : 10 am - 4 pm

                 Venue : Shangri-La Hotel, Magazine Road

                                  Tel : 02-7557889

       Please bring along originals and duplicates of your birth
       certificate, educational certificates, identify card and 2
       non-returnable-sized photographs.

                           (a) To be a police officer you have to

               Answer :

                             (b) What is the monthly wages?

                                Answer :

(c) The originals and duplicates of the following documents should be brought along for the

                                    interviewe except
           Answer :

           (d) The phrase 'housing subsidy availabe' means

          Answer :

                              Question 6

                               Marks: 6

   Read the conversation below and answer the questions that follow.

Anil : Did you hear about the earthquake on the
Philiphines ?

Boon : No, what happened ?

Anil : There was massive earthquake which resulted in
tidal waves.

Boon : I supposed the waves caused great havoc and
untold damage.

Anil : They did. The water rushed inland as far as five
hundred metres. All the villagers were swept away
when the tided waves swept in and out within minutes
of the earthquake. Most of the villagers were killed by
these waves. They rolled over low-lying areas and
washed away hundred by dwellings and left the land

Boon : What about the death toll ?

Anil : At the moment more than three thousand people
were confirmed dead and two thousand are still

Boon : There will probably be more when rescuers dig
through collapsed buildings.

Anil : And don't forget, about thirty thousand people
were made homeless and have to spend the right
      shivering in hastily built shelters.

      Boon : How sad.

                  (a) How many people were killed in the earthquake ?

                           Answer :

                           (b) What caused the most damage ?

                           Answer :

                                 (c) The high tidal waves

                Answer :

                     (d) The word 'dwellings' may be replaced with

                                 Answer :

                       (e) The word 'they' in the passage refers to

                      Answer :

                     (f) Which of the following statements is true ?

Answer :

                                       Question 7

                                        Marks: 3

           Read the poem below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

                             Lake Isle of Innisfree

            I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree.
  And a small cabin built there, of clay and wattles
  Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the
  honey bee.
  And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

  And I shall have some peace there, for peace
  comes dropping slow.
  Dropping from the veils of the morning to where
  the crickets sings.
  There midnight's all a glimmer, and noon a pirple
  An evening full of linnet's wings.

  I will arise and go now, for always night and day.
  I hear the lake water lapping with low sounds by
  the shore,
  while I stand on the roadway, or on the
  pavements grey.
  I hear it in the deep heart's core.

                     -William Butler Yeats

        (a) The following are sound heard by the poet except

               Answer :

           (b) According to the poet, at midnight you can

                  Answer :

          (c) From the poem we know that the poet wishes

       Answer :

                             Question 8

                              Marks: 3

Read the extract below carefully and answer the questions that follow.
"Brothers, don't talk like that! Lutong said. "I know our
late father didn't say who should be the new chief. He
died before he had time to say anything about it. But it
is our people's custom that the eldest son should
succeed the father. We must respect the custom."

"Custom-what use is that ? Can you buy a pound of
custom of ten silver dollars ?" Umat asked rudely. "What
sort of a chief will brother Galau be ? If men start a
quarrel, can he stop them ? If any enemies attack our
village, can he lead an army ?"

Galau sat still and said nothing. He didn't like to quarrel
with his brother. But Umat thought he was afraid.

"There, you see," he said to Lutong. He spoke so loudly
that everybody in the room could hear him. "Here's
brother Galau, too frigtened to speak up for himself.
What sort of a chief would he be? Tomorrow, at the
meeting, I will sit at the highest place. Galau can sit
beside me. You can sit beside me too if you like," he
said to Lutong and walked out of the room.

                                      How Dalat Got Its Name

     (a) According to custom, who should succeed the dead chief ?

                Answer :

                     (b) From the text, we know that

          Answer :

 (c) What does the phrase "too frightened to speak up for himself" mean

            Answer :
                         Question 9

                          Marks: 1

Read the message below and answer the question that follows.

           The last day to hand in the project was

                    Choose one answer.
                        Question 10

                          Marks: 1

  Read the sign below and answer the question that follows.

                  Drivers are advised to be

                    Choose one answer.
                         Question 11

                          Marks: 1

Read the statement below and answer the question that follows.

             The sales of horror books
             rose sharply and then
             decline gradually

 Which of the following graphs matches the statement above ?
                   Choose one answer.
                       Question 12

                         Marks: 1

Read the poster below and answer the question that follows.
                    The following statements are true except

                              Choose one answer.
the campaign is only for one day
you can donate blood at East Valley Shopping Mall
the duration of the campaign is five hours
the campaign is organosed by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society
                                  Question 13

                                    Marks: 1

            Read the map below and answer the question that follows.

From the map above we can conclude that the main occupation of the people here is

                              Choose one answer.
                            rubber tapping
                              Question 14

                               Marks: 1

       Read the sign below and answer the question that follows.

                      The sign above means that

                          Choose one answer.
     this parking lot is meant for cyclists only
     only the manager can park in this lot
     only those who have paid for this lot can park here
     this parking lot is reserved for the handicapped
                              Question 15

                               Marks: 1

  Read the advertisement below and answer the question that follows.

Based on the information above, the following statements are true except
                             Choose one answer.
          this milk is recommended to nursing cats
          you can feed your cats three times a day
          this milk is good for the growth of the cats
          this milk contains all the necessary nutrients
                                  Question 16

                                    Marks: 1

  Read the following notice below and answer the question that follows.

         To     all    residents    in    Seremban.
         Due to the continuous dry spell the water
         level at the Sungai Terip dam has fallen
         to a critical level. Please note that water
         will be rationed from tomorrow onwards
         until the situation gets back to normal.

According to the notice, residents in Seremban will have their water supply

                             Choose one answer.
                           cut from tomorrow
                           rationed for a day
                           rationed indefinitely
                           reinstalled tomorrow
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