Green Island disasters planning The New Zealand by nikeborome


                          Growing, Inquiring, Students who aspire to be the best they can be.
Unit title:            DISASTERS                                Year Level                     Duration
Beliefs about learning:               Learning is socially constructed
    Links to:       Inclusion, Cultural Diversity, Community engagement, Future focus.
                         Rationale                                                            Values
To expose children to the local history and environment.        Obedience: When a disaster occurs we need to follow
To prepare children to be self managing in the event of a       instructions.
disaster.                                                       Duty: People have specific duties during a disaster.
                                                         Big Idea:
                                                  Disasters create change
                                                   Key understandings
                                       Disasters impact on people in different ways
                                   People have specific roles to play when disasters strike
                                              Disasters come in many forms
                                       Disasters can be local, national or world wide
                                                    Curriculum links
                                                         Level 1&2
Social Sciences                                                 Technology
Level 1                                                         Develop a plan to support the development of an
Understand that people have different roles and                 outcome.
responsibilities as part of their participation in groups.      Understand that there is a relationship between the
Level 2                                                         material used and the performance. \
Understand that people have social, cultural and                Understand that technological outcomes are developed
economic roles rights and responsibilities.                     through practice and have related physical and
                                                                functional natures.
Science                                                         Understand that technology is purposeful.
Describe how natural features are changed and resources         English
affected by natural events and human actions.                   Select, form and express ideas in a range of topics.
                                                                Use appropriate language features.
Describe and use safe practices in a disaster                   Arts
Identify people who can help.                                   Drama
Identify and discuss obvious hazards in the local               Share drama and dance through informal presentation
environment and adapt safety practices.                         and respond to elements of drama and dance.
Learning intentions                                                                      Assessment
    We are learning about the impact of a local                How will assessment task(s) within the unit
     disaster and how world wide disasters can also                  Benefit students
     impact on people in New Zealand                                 Involve students
    We are learning about how different disasters                   Support teaching and learning goals
     effect different groups of people                               Be planned and communicated to students
    We are learning to self manage in the event of a                Suited to the purpose
     disaster                                                   Be valid and fair ( page 40 NZC)
Success criteria:
    Name a local and recent international disaster             Assessment
    List roles people or places have in disasters              Prior learning
    Discuss possible cause of disasters                        Reflect on learning at the sorting out stage.
    Talk about possible ways to prevent disasters              Reflect on learning again at the conclusion stage.

                                             Green Island School Unit Plan
                                             LEARNING PLAN
      Key competencies            Linked Learning Experiences                                 Principles
Thinking                                           Tuning In.                      Learning To Learn
 how to use the thinking
   keys and De Bono’s             Expose children to the topic                     Learning creates well rounded
   thinking hats etc              Wonder wall, questions                           people who can live in the world
 how to evaluate                 Prior knowledge of types of disasters, local     an relate positively to people and
   information                    agencies and self management KWL                 the environment
 a variety of reflective tools                                                    Learning should be motivating ,
   and be able to use them                                                         engaging and fun
 how to distinguish                                                               Learning is varied and
   between fact and opinion                                                        purposeful and proceeds at
 to formulate closed and                                                          different rates for different
   open questions and create                                                       people
   questions to frame an                                                           Learning is socially constructed
 problem solving strategies
   such as reasoning, drawing
   diagrams , using tables,
   acting out.
 How to organize their
   ideas using a variety of
   graphic organizers

Using language symbols and                    Finding out
text                       Check with Early settlers museum
 How to use the           Abbotsford landslip footage, kit.
   conventions of written  Cause and effect of landslips
   language                Discuss floods and local flooding
 How to read and use      Tsunami warnings and effects                            High Expectations
   the text structures and Earthquakes                                             Encourage all students to
   features of fiction and Find out about Local agencies                           achieve personal excellence
    non – fiction text                                                             Enable students to be the best
                                                                                   they can be
   How to produce, read
    and understand
    mathematical , scientific,
    technology texts and
   How to interpret
    diagrams, tables, photos,
    performances, posters,
    advertisements, videos
    and websites.

Thinking                                            Sorting out
 how to use the thinking         Home emergency kit
   keys and De Bono’s             What agencies can help in different situations
   thinking hats etc              Know what to do in an emergency
 how to evaluate                 Sort out the information that they have
   information                    gathered
 a variety of reflective tools   Reflect on your learning, and see where you
   and be able to use them        want to go next
 how to distinguish
   between fact and opinion

                                          Green Island School Unit Plan
    to formulate closed and
    open questions and create
    questions to frame an
   problem solving strategies
    such as reasoning, drawing
    diagrams , using tables,
    acting out.
   How to organize their
    ideas using a variety of
    graphic organizers

Managing Self                                   Going further                    Community Engagement
 how they learn best and        Asking questions, interview people, research,   Promote school values in the wider
  what sort of learner they      Have speakers in to talk to us, St Johns, Red   community
  are                            Cross, Mosgiel Lions etc                        Develop caring, considerate,
 strategies to meet             Link and make connections to other types of     citizens for the future who
                                                                                 demonstrate empathy for others.
  challenges                     disasters.
                                                                                 Ongoing and regular consultation
 where and when to seek                                                         processes with communities
  help                                                                           Coherence
 how to make appropriate
                                                                                 Make connections across all
  choices                                                                        learning areas.
 how to work and play with                                                      Aspire to provide a wide range of
  others                                                                         experiences and opportunities for all
 the consequences of their                                                      students.
 its okay to try new things
  and step out of their
  comfort zone,

Participating and                             Making Conclusions                 Future Focus
Contributing                     Make a movie                                    Encourage understanding of
 how to articulate their        Drama presentation about a disaster             wide global issues.
   feelings, ideas and           Present interviews as a news report
   questions.                    Reflect on your own learning
 how our school values          SO WHAT
   impact on the way we          Make their own survival kit
   participate and contribute    Make a wallet size card or fridge magnet to
   to our school community       display an action plan of what to do in a
 how to ask and respond to      disaster
   questions                     Donation to Red Cross, Mosgiel Lions etc
 how to be a responsible
   group member
 how to give and receive
   feedback that informs the
  what makes a good leader
 how to be an effective
   team member who is able
   to communicate clearly

                                         Green Island School Unit Plan
Vocabulary                       Disaster                Communication
                                Emergency                Osolation
                  Flooding                               Civil defence
                  Landslide                              Plates
                  Rescue                                 Unstable
                  Help                                   Action reaction
                  Survival                               Search and rescue
                  Safety                                 Abbreviations
                  Impact/ consequence                    Catastrophe agencies
                  Drills                                 Panic
                  Volcanic eruptions                     Humanitarian
                  Experiments                            Natural and non natural
                                                         Tectonic plates

Literacy skills   Reading a pamphlet                     Summarising
                  Reading maps                           Key words / inforamtion
                  Reading newspapers                     Note taking
                  Phone books                            Features of non fiction text
                                                         Cause and effect statements

                         Green Island School Unit Plan
Green Island School - Teacher Inquiry

Class: __________________ Date: _____________ Unit Length: _____________

I felt the unit

Achieved the objectives
Achieved the needs of all children in the class

Lasted for a suitable length of time
Was well sequenced
Had interesting activities
Was easy to follow and implement
Used appropriate content
Used effective resources
Integrated well with other curriculum areas

Would be suitable to teach again
Was successful

    1. If I taught the unit again I would-

    2. It would have been good to have-

    3. General Comments-

                                       Green Island School Unit Plan

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