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									           [Insert your Company Logo Here]                                                                                           Invoice
           [Insert your Company Address]                                                                                    Invoice Date:                    05/30/10
           [Insert your Company Address 2]                                                                                     Due Date:                     06/29/10

           [Insert your Company City, State Zip Code]

                                                   To: [Insert Client Company Name]                                             Invoice #:                       #2525
                                                       [Insert Client Company Addressee]                                   Invoice Period:     [Insert Billing Period]
                                                       [Insert Client Company Address]                                                                  i.e. April-2010
                                                       [Insert Client Company Address 2]
                                                       [Insert Client Company City, State Zip Code]

Program                                                Date of Project                                    Payment Terms                      Hourly Rate
[Insert Program/Event Name]                            [Insert Project Completion Date]                   30 days                            $75.00
                                                                                                                                             [Insert your hourly rate]

Date       Activity Description                                                                                                    Hours               Bill Amount

           Project Management: Provided Meeting Agendas (2.5). Drafted post meeting deliverables and minutes.
           (1.0) Updated and Monitored event project log and brief (client synopsis) (1.0). Revise budget (2x) (.50).
           Drafted Script fo
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