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Your beliefs are your reality


									What you believe is what you will get and this is particularly so with
weight loss.

How many times do you say that you have finished lunch or dinner only to
pick up another piece of food and eat it? Many people do this on a
regular basis and they have programmed their mind to believe that there
is always more to come simply by the actions that they are taking on a
regular basis.

How many times do you cut the cake in half intending to only eat that
portion and then go back and eat the other half immediately after?

When you are cutting that cake in your mind you already know that you
will be getting the rest and you are falsely kidding yourself into
believing that the process of cutting off half is doing you some form of

In fact it is better to decide on how much you will be eating and then
eating that portion even if it is the whole amount because you will at
least be true to yourself.

If you are constantly allowing yourself to fail by succumbing to
additional food then you are training your belief system in a negative
way and this begins to affect all aspects of your life.

It doesn't matter what you say to other people or what you try to have
them believe. It is not helping you one bit to tell everyone that you
won't be eating any more cake. What matters is what you do and whether
you are doing what you say you will do.

Your beliefs are your reality and if you believe that there are many
different reasons why you can't lose weight then the reality of your life
will be that you won't lose weight.

If you believe that your genes or your metabolism are responsible for
your over weight condition then that is what you will be even though a
change in diet and exercise will make a difference.

Getting your mind to understand and accept the true reality is one of the
biggest hurdles for most people who are trying to make changes in their

Believe you can do it and you will - there is no doubt about that.

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