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					How to set up a blog

Ever thought of starting a new blog? What things come to your mind when you think of setting up your
Blog.The best thing about blogging is that you can it it for free and the best part is you can share all your
thoughts in your blog.You dont need to have knowledge about html to start your Blog.So lets get started
to set up your blog.

The most important thing to start blogging is your niche,the topic about your blog,which you are interested
in.Also remember it should be targeted for the audience because you pen down your thoughts for
them.Once you have decided about your niche,its time to register you domain.To register a domain you
can use two services Blogger,Wordpress and Typepad.

Once you have selected your niche,register your domain on any of the 3 services.Make sure your domain
contains keywords about your niche.Try keeping you blog name memorable,short,easy to spell and
without any special characters.

Now once your done with your blog name,you need to choose a theme for your blog.Themes are
available for free for all platforms.Just Google "Free Themes" and you will find many.Make sure your
theme is soothing and easy for the readers eyes.Once you theme is ready you can add widgets to your
blog.Make sure you have an email subscription so that you can directly stay connected to your readers
via Email.

Now once you started you blog,make sure you keep posting regularly to biuld up a targeted audience.

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