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									Advantage in New Orleans: capital for the Underdogs

Finding a venture capital fund is easy. The problem is getting your
business plan approved. Venture capitalists can opt to invest on
established companies but most of them don't mind providing seed capital.
They are actually willing to take the risk that bank loans and standard
capital markets won't.

This may be a good option for aspiring entrepreneurs and companies who
need extra capital to get their business afloat. There is a firm in New
Orleans that is willing to support big and small businesses.

Dealing with outside investors may seem like a risk too for some
companies. It's common sense that these people will not just stand by the
sidelines while they watch you spend their money. The downside of having
a venture capitalist on board is that they have a say in the company's
decisions and have a share of it equity.

Take the advantage?

Advantage Capital Partners is one of the companies who offer venture
capital funds to companies in New Orleans. They don't just focus on
positive returns for the investor but also offer their services to
companies who have a significant impact on the community. They are a firm
that consists of groups of venture capital partnerships. They are focused
on funding companies that bring economic development.

The company started in 1992. They have provided investment funds to
business in states and communities that were ignored or rejected by
traditional venture capitalists. The company focuses in that companies
that uses innovative technology on their products and services. This
includes companies that are in the information technology, communication,
energy and life science sectors.

This firm is suitable for companies that are usually located in states
that are not business hubs like New York. They cater private equity to
small businesses, real estate development and offer private and public

The firm is focused on investing companies in states that are usually
overlooked by traditional private equity firms and bring in cash flow to
the community. This can be an opportunity for small businesses that have
been snubbed by traditional financial firms.

If you have a small or medium sized business that is engaged in basic
manufacturing, retail, restaurants, medical products, health services and
marine transportation, you can approach them for capital.

Although this presents a big opportunity to any entrepreneur, they must
not forget to read the fine print first. The firm has requirements that
must be attained before investing their money. Interested entrepreneurs
can look up their website for information. There they could the
requirements they need to have before being approved of any loans.
The firm also provides their client's access to their people. Businesses
will also receive assistance from competent managers that offer advice
and guidance for the growth of your company.

Traditional venture capitalists tend to invest in established companies
or start up companies located in business driven communities. This leaves
out small and medium sized business clinging to bank loans. Unfortunately
bank loans are not willing to take risky investments.

If you are a small or medium sized business that has been ignored by
private equity firms because they think your location will not bring in
great returns, Advantage may be your option. Make sure to read all
clause, terms and conditions. In the end of the day a loan is still a

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