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									     User GUide
     Mobile eMail
User GUide
Mobile eMail

               TABLE OF CONTENTS
               introduction ..................................................................................... 3

               Description ...................................................................................... 4

               How to use Mobile email ................................................................ 5

               Rates ............................................................................................. 19

User GUide
Mobile eMail

                This guide is intended for all Videotron mobile customers, regardless of the
                mobile phone.

                as a result, the commands and keys may differ depending on the device.

                also note that keyboard shortcuts are a quick and easy way to access the
                applications that you use frequently. on most mobile devices, you can program
                a key so that it gives you direct access to a given application.

                if necessary, refer to your device’s user guide.

                Note :
                Please note that the Videtron’s Mobile Email application is not available on
                some devices. For a list of services supported by your device, see the Devices
                Mobile Support section.


User GUide
Mobile eMail

                The Mobile Email service provides you with all of the convenience of email so
                that you can stay in touch with your contacts through your mobile device while
                on the road.

                You can manage your email accounts and access them to send and receive
                emails anywhere and at any time, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

                The following is a list of the providers that are compatible with Videotron’s
                Mobile Email service. To access your email account with a provider other than
                Videotron, enter your email address and password:

                                                       email address
                 Provider:                             ending with:



                 (if your account was created
                 before March 1, 2002)

                                                       @domainname.provider suffix
                 autres                                (example: ca)
                 You must configure the email
                 account settings yourself.
                 Contact your provider of
                 your email account for
                 the procedure.

                Note :
                Hotmail is not supported by Videotron’s Mobile Email service.

User GUide
Mobile eMail

               HOW TO USE MOBILE EMAIL
                 Note :
                 This step does not apply to all devices. Videotron’s Mobile Email application
                 has already been installed on some devices. if your device already comes with
                 the application, you will not need to download or install it.

                 To know if the application was already installed on your device, go to the
                 Devices Mobile Support section.


                 in some cases, you will need to download the application (free of charge),
                 which will install automatically on your mobile phone.

                 a) doWNloadiNG FroM a TeXT MessaGe

                 Videotron will send you a text message asking whether you would like to
                 download the application. To download the application:

                 if you have not received this text message see section b.

                   open the text message.

                   Select the link and click it.

User GUide
Mobile eMail

                 a download message is displayed. Select download.

               Wait until the application has finished downloading to your mobile phone (you
               will not be charged for the download). However, if you are roaming while
               downloading the application, data transmission charges will apply.

                  if the application was already installed on your device, you will be asked to
                  replace the application with a more recent version. We recommend that you
                  do so to take advantage of the enhancements made to the latest version of
                  the application. We suggest you to register the application on your device.

               if you decide not to install the application right away, you can do so later by
               following the same steps.

               5 authorize the automatic launching of the application.

               6 The Mobile Email home page is displayed.

User GUide
Mobile eMail

               b) doWNloadiNG FroM THe VideoTroN PorTal

               if you deleted the text message or can no longer find it, you can still access
               the free download through the Videotron Portal in the applications section. Do
               the following:

                 on the Videotron Portal home page, click on applications in the navigation

               To access the Videotron Portal, go to the Devices Mobile Support section.


                 on the applications page, select Mobile email.

                 Click Confirm on the page that is displayed.

               Repeat steps 3 to 6 from section a «Downloading from a text

               Note :
               1. Some devices may not have access to the Videotron Portal.
               2. You can also download the application by accessing the Videotron Store
                  through your computer. Go to

User GUide
Mobile eMail

               To launch the Mobile Email application:

                 open the Mobile Email application by clicking the email icon in the
                 device’s menu (for devices that already came with the application).

               Note :
               For devices that do not have the application, go to the Devices section
               under Mobile Support.


                 The Mobile Email application home page will be displayed.

               Here is the procedure for configuring your email, depending on your email

               Videotron :

                 Select Videotron on the Mobile Email home page.

User GUide
Mobile eMail

                 Select your domain name and enter your email address, followed by your
                 password. if you wish, you can check the save Password box.

                 Click sign in.

               Gmail and other providers :

                 on the Mobile email home page, select the appropriate service (Gmail or

                 Select your domain name and enter your email address, followed by your
                 password. if you wish, you can check the save Password box.

                   Click sign in.

User GUide
Mobile eMail

               Note :
               if your provider is not recognized, the message “Unknown domain name.
               Please provide server information.” will be displayed. You can obtain the
               information from your email account provider:

               - User name
               - Type of email access
               - incoming mail server
               - input port
               - outgoing mail server
               - output port

               Configure your account with this information.

               4. VIEWING EMAIL
               The application displays your inbox by default. Select the message you would
               like to open and click open.

               5. SENDING EMAIL
               1. When you open your email account, the application displays your inbox.
                  at the bottom of the screen, click options and select New Message.

               You can also use the key   5 to open a new message.

               2. a blank message page is displayed.

               enter the recipient’s address in the «To:» field.

User GUide
Mobile eMail

               Note :
               You can also select the insert option and then choose the recipient’s address
               in one of the three tabs displayed. Click insert address.

               enter the subject of your message in the “Subject:” field.

               enter your message in the “body:” field.

               You may check or uncheck the Include Signature box (for more details on this
               function, see Mobile email options below).

               6. MOBILE EMAIL OPTIONS
               The Mobile Email service has several features that you can use while viewing
               or composing an email.

               To view the options available to you, click options while viewing or composing
               an email.

               inbox options:

                                          Fast Key

               open                          N/a          To open the message selected in the

               reply                          1           To reply to a message that was

               Forward                        3           To forward the message that was
                                                          received to someone else.

               Mark as read/unread            *           To change the status of a message

               Compose new                    5           To compose a new message.

User GUide
Mobile eMail


               Quick reply        2        To quickly reply to a sender by choosing from
                                           among nine (9) short preconfigured
                                           messages. Quick texts can be customized.

               delete             7        To delete the selected message

               delete many        8        To delete several messages

               Move             N/a        To move the selected message to another
                                           mailbox (see the Mailboxes option below)

               save address       9        To add the address of the selected message’s
                                           sender to the address book in your device.
               Mailboxes        N/a        lists the Mobile email mailboxes of your
                                           account. For example:
                                           Drafts (drafts of messages that you composed
                                           and saved in this mailbox to be sent at a later time)
                                           Sent (messages that you sent)
                                           Trash (messages that you deleted. by going
                                           into this mailbox, you can permanently delete
                                           these messages)

               refresh            0        Refreshes your inbox by checking whether
                                           you have received any new messages.

               signature        N/a        The default signature is “Sent by Videotron
                                           Mobile email.” This option allows you to modify
                                           the signature, which will be added to all the
                                           messages that you send when you select include
                                           Signature. Select this option and follow the
                                           on-screen instructions.
                                           You can have the signature appear or not by
                                           checking or unchecking the signature box when
                                           sending a message.

               Preferences      N/a        You can configure Mobile Email so that you are
                                           always alerted before a message is deleted before
                                           you quit the application.

User GUide
Mobile eMail

               options when writing or transferring a message:

               send                      To send the message that you have composed
               insert address            allows you to insert an address in the «To:» field
                                         without having to input it.
                                         Click on this option and select an address in one of
                                         the three tabs (Sent, inbox, address book) on the
                                         page displayed on the screen.
                                         Click an address.

               save to drafts            allows you to save the message in the Drafts
                                         mailbox so that it can be completed and sent at a
                                         later time.
               add Cc/bcc                allows you to send a carbon copy (Cc) or blind
                                         carbon copy (bcc) of your message to others.

               signature                 The default signature is Sent by Videotron
                                         Mobile Email. This option allows you to modify the
                                         signature, which will be added to all the messages
                                         that you send when Include Signature has been
                                         selected. Select this option and follow the on-
                                         screen instructions.
                                         You can have the Signature appear or not by
                                         checking or unchecking the Signature box when
                                         sending a message.
               Cancel                    allows you to cancel the message and return to the
                                         inbox page.

               Note :
               Regarding attachments: The Mobile Email application allows you to receive and
               forward attachments, but you cannot open them. You also cannot attach a file
               to the message you want to send.

User GUide
Mobile eMail

                Videotron offers a number of monthly message add-ons that allow you to
                send and view emails using the Mobile Email application on your phone. The
                message add-ons also include text messaging and the transmission of
                pictures and videos. incoming messages containing text, pictures and
                videos are free.

                if you are subscribed to one of these add-ons, the emails that you view and
                send will be counted against your add-on. if you exceed the number of
                messages allotted or if you are not subscribed to an add-on, incoming and
                outgoing emails will be charged on a per-use basis.

                Note that emails sent and opened when you are roaming in Canada are also
                deducted from your add-on. The data transmission fees may apply.

                When roaming outside Canada, charges may be applicable when sending
                and receiving emails with the Mobile Email application. in some cases, the
                emails can also be deducted from your message add-on (if you have
                purchased one).

                Note :
                opening an email, regardless of its location, is charged, except if the email is
                opened in the Drafts mailbox. There are no charges for repeated viewing of
                emails stored in your device’s cache. There is no charge for incoming emails
                as long you do not open it.


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