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: Galih Anjar Wibowo :0735107 : MPBI (Metode Pengajaran Bahasa Inggris)

1. Explain these statements, as far as you understand, and give examples. a. Every language in the world is rich enough and sufficiently complete for its speaker to carry out other daily activities. b. Spoken language is considered primary and writing as a secondary system. c. All language has universal properties. d. Language is a system of arbitrary vocal symbol 2. You have studied GTM – DM – ALM compares them. a. The definition of them b. The emphasizing of them c. The characteristics of them d. What are the goals of the teachers who use these method e. Which one of them you choose and why? Give me reason that the other is not chosen!

1. As far as I understand a. A. Rich enough because every country surely has special characteristic to carry out their communication like in Indonesia, in Indonesia every ethnic has special language and it called region language. Although we use one language like English language but in the speech is not same with other region although in same country. And the rich we can look of every language in the world surly has characteristic like in speech. b. Spoken is Primary, because the speakers who can’t write can communication directly with other people to express their means. We know that speaking is the most effective to communication because with

speaking we can know more about the information. For example: when we still children surly that we can’t read or writing. So, we only communication use speaking to express our mean. c. Writing as a secondary system because writing is medium to communicate after speaking. d. All language has universal properties because when we in community we can communication with other people and they are know what we say although we can’t write or reading. For example when we use Indonesian language and we communication with Indonesian people they are know what we say. And with universal properties we are easy to utterance our mean because we have same in language.


Arbitrary : Every language operates within its own sysytem Vocal : its mean that we make sound in our mouth with “tongue”the

“teeth” and “lips”.

2. GTM – DM – ALM a. GTM is the method which always uses grammar in the learning in learning target language and this method was used for the purpose of helping students read and appreciate foreign language literature. And the purpose of this method to the students will more familiar with the grammar of their native language and this familiarity would help them speak and write their language better. DM is the goal of instruction became learning how to use foreign language to communicate. The direct method has one very basic rule: no translation is allowed. In fact, the direct method receives its name from the fact that meaning is to be connected directly with the target language, without going through the process of translating into the students’ native language. ALM is the method.

b. The emphasizing of GTM – DM – ALM  GTM is emphasizing grammar method to translate the target language into native language.  DM is emphasizing the target language communicatively and this method ignores grammar translation.  ALM is emphasizing dialog method to makes habit the students to use the target language in their speaking automatically.

c. The characteristic of GTM  Students are taught to translate from one language to another. Often what they are translate readings in the target language about some aspect of the character of the foreign language community students study grammar deductively.  The characteristic of DM The teacher introduce a new target language word or phrase, he demonstrates its meaning trough the use of realia, picture, or pantomime. The teacher never translates it into the students’ native language.  The characteristic of ALM The dialogs are learned trough imitation and repetition drills such as repetition, backward-up, chain, substitution transformation and question and answer are conducted based upon the pattern present in the dialog.

d. GTM according to the teacher who use the grammar translation method, a fundamentals purpose of learning a foreign language is to be able to read literatures written in the target language. In addition, it is beloved that studying foreign language previous students with good mental exercise which helps developed their mind.

DM teacher who use the direct method believe students need to associate meaning and the target language directly. In order to do this, when the teacher introduces a new target language word or phrase, he demonstrates its meaning through the use of regalia, pictures, or pantomime, he never to translate it into the target language a great deal and communicates as if they were in real situation.

ALM teacher want their students to be able to use the audio lingual method communicatively. In order to do this, they believe students need to over learn the target language to learn to use it automatically without stopping to think their students achieve this by forming new habits in the target language and overcoming the old habits of their native language.

e. I chosen Audio Lingual Method because with Audio Lingual Method we can make the situation in the class more active and we can make the game to learn target language. So, it can make the students more interest with target language. If the students have interest with was learned it can make the students more happy to learn target language and it can give motivation to the student to learn by hard. And Audio Lingual Method help us to make the student easy to understand what we are learned. I think this method is more effective to increase speaking ability and the spirit of the students. And with this method we can increase grammar ability naturally or we can practice uses grammar directly to the students. And the students will try to always using target language in daily communication.

Other method is good enough but as the teacher we know how to make the students more interest with target language. And if we use grammar translation method that is only increase in grammar or translation ability. So, speaking ability is not developing well. And if we use Direct Method will make student bored in the class because this method is monotone and not complex

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