Market and the Role of Ethics in Capitalism by jzt11186


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									Ethics, Families, Entrepreneurship, and the Corporation:
                     How the Family Molds Capitalism
                                   Friday March 10 and Saturday March 11
                             First Floor, Bendheim Center for Finance, 26 Prospect Street
      Organized by: Professor Harold James, Professor of History and International Affairs,
      Department of History and the Woodrow Wilson School, and Senior Fellow of the Witherspoon Institute
Much of the story of the last two or three centuries can be described in terms of the interplay of three major social organizations:
family, state, and market. Recently a great deal of literature has been devoted to demonstrating that there is no simple opposition
between state and market: in particular that a well-functioning market needs a secure institutional framework that can only be
provided by well-functioning states. However, a great deal of this discussion about the way in which an efficient and just operation
of markets and states can proceed has ignored the contribution of the family to the better functioning of markets and states.
This conference aims to study how the family has played, does play, and will continue to play a decisive role in the history of
capitalism, that form of economic organization characterized by the legal possibility of the transfer of ownership rights. The family
encourages economic responsibility across generations, but it also generates greater corporate responsibility towards society as a
whole. So the family plays a very important part in the proper ordering and workings of capitalism.
    Friday, March 10
    9:00am        A Review of Family Business Performance and How it Works Differently
                       John Ward, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
                  A Historical Perspective on the Family Firm
                       Harold James, Princeton University
    11:00am       Priorities, Practices and Strategies in Successful vs. Struggling Family Businesses
                       Isabelle Le Breton-Miller and Danny Miller, University of Alberta School of Business
    2:00pm        Why Family Firms Came to Predominate in Some Countries, But Not Others
                       Randall Morck, University of Alberta School of Business
                  Private Banks, Capital Markets and Regulation
                       Christopher Kobrak, European School of Management, Paris
    4:00pm        Lessons from a Century of Italian Capitalism
                       Andrea Colli, Università Bocconi
                  Small and Medium-sized Family Firms in the Federal Republic of Germany
                       Hartmut Berghoff, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
                  The Birth of Partnership Systems in Renaissance Florence
                       John Padgett, University of Chicago
    Saturday, March 11
    9:00am        The Wages of Wedlock: How and Why Marriage Reduces Poverty and Material Hardship
                       Robert Lerman, American University; Senior Fellow, Urban Institute,
                       W. Bradford Wilcox, University of Virginia
                  Why Become a Family Responsible Employer?
                       Nuria Chinchilla, IESE, Barcelona, Spain

    11:00am       The Family and Markets: Insights from Adam Smith
                       Samuel Gregg, Acton Institute
                  The Forgotten Family
                       Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute
                                                          Sponsored by:
                   The Witherspoon Institute – The Program in Contemporary European Politics
                          The Bendheim Center for Finance – The History Department
                 For more information, e-mail Ryan Anderson at or visit:
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