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Pennsylvania Application for Search Warrant Form - PowerPoint by qmf16157

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Pennsylvania Application for Search Warrant Form document sample

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									Administrative Office of
 Pennsylvania Courts

                Prothonotaries’ and Clerks of Courts’
                             CPCMS Enhancements
                                        July 8, 2008
CPCMS Enhancements

   Improving the CPCMS application by expanding the
    functionality and introducing new efficiencies into the
    application continues to be a major objective.

   While much of this past year was spent designing
    and coding the new Juvenile Dependency Module in
    CPCMS, the following enhancements were made to
    the CPCMS application since July 1, 2007.
CPCMS Enhancements

   Accounting – Cost Center Administration
          Enhancements were made to expand the customization
           of the specific payment types allowed in a Cost Center

   Calendaring – Special Considerations
          The Special Considerations Icon can now be seen on
           the Case Calendar Event Summary and on the –
           Add/Edit screen.
CPCMS Enhancements

   Person/Org
    –   Batch Update Addresses – Provides the ability to batch
        update addresses to all of a participant’s cases, payment
        plans and other fiscal related information.

    –   An additional identifier, Ethnicity, was made available on the
        Person/Organization Information – Add/Edit screen.

    –   Participant Local Numbers can now be added for
        organization records.

    –   Participant account number was added to the primary
        participant panel on the case profile screen.
CPCMS Enhancements

   Data Exchange
    –   JNET Statewide Warrant Search Application
          Available on the JNET site
          Warrant information is combined from three sources
            – AOPC
            – PSP CLEAN
            – DPW Domestic Relations

    –   The Statewide Warrant Data Exchange project continues
          To date, all but two counties have implemented the
           Statewide Warrant Data Exchange.
CPCMS Enhancements
   DA Link
    –   New Security Roles give the District Attorney’s office flexibility in
        determining which users should have certain levels of access to
        the Bills of Information, ADA Recommendation and V/Witness.

    –   Batch Printing of Bills of Information

    –   Relating Victims to Offenses - Crime Victims or Witnesses can
        now be linked to a specific offense and transferred to CPCMS.

    –   ADA Assignment Recommendation feature - the ADA Unit and
        attorney are added to Case Details in CPCMS.

    –   Additional Default Charging Language - additional set of language
        provided by the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office is now
CPCMS Enhancements

   Warrants
    –   Additional Create User fields were added to the warrant
          Assist a user in determining who may have made the
           last change to a warrant, based on Status.

    –   Limited list of available persons that a warrant can be
        issued against
           Duplication of individuals was eliminated.
           Available persons will only be available if that role also
            allows assessments to be levied.

    –   ORIs added to Probation Officers for the issuing of warrants
Form/Report Enhancements
   Forms and Reports - 34 New Forms/Reports
    –   There are now more than 554 forms and reports available

    –   New Reports include:
            Case Index Report
            Archived Case Index Report
            Inactivity Report
            Daily List Docketing Report
            Juvenile Case Information – Rule 330
            Juvenile Case Information – Rule 515
            Pre-Sentence Summary Report (UJS Portal)
            MDJ Statistics Report
            Receipt Tracking Report
            Cases Not On Payment Plan
            Undisbursed Assessment Summary
            Order – Denial of Post Sentence Motion by Operation of Law
            Continued Case By Date
            Original Record Report
Form/Report Enhancements

   Forms and Reports
    –   Report Scheduling Functionality
          Improved to greatly increase the reliability of month-end
           and master account reports being available timely.
          Redesigned to provide an easy step-by-step process for
           scheduling reports.

    –   Editable Body Text is available for those forms using the
        batch process from the Forms option on the CPCMS Menu

    –   Itemized Account of Fines, Costs, Fees and Restitution
        (AOPC 2123) is now available in the Forms menu from the
        Find a Case screen.
Future Enhancements

Planned Enhancements
 Sentencing Redesign
    –   Functionality and screens will be improved.
    –   One of the few areas of CPCMS that has yet to be
        redesigned. New functionality will be based on feedback
        and experiences of users.
    –   Redesign of Bulk Checks
            Implement an automatic saving feature so if the application
             hangs, the user does not lose the entered data.
            Providing an automatic data feed of bulk check data from the
   Dependency-related enhancements
   Forms/Reports Key Word Search Capability

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