USS Arizona Memorial

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					USS Arizona Memorial
                                                                                National Park Service
                                                                                U.S. Department of the Interior

                                                                                USS Arizona Memorial
                                                                                Pearl Harbor, Hawaiʻi

                                                                                                It is a hard thing to
                                                                                                have survived when
                                                                                                we owe our place
                                                                                                to the dead.

                                                                                                Rene Quinton
                                                                                                Soldier’s Testament

The Fortunate Few          During the Pearl Harbor attack, 1,512 officers, sailors, and marines were assigned to the
                           battleship USS Arizona. Only 335 survived the “Day of Infamy.” Many of these
                           survivors were aboard the Arizona during the attack. Others were away on liberty,
                           attending training, or assigned to special duty ashore. Since that tragic day all of these
                           men have worn the mantle of “survivor” with grace and reluctance. Many feel fortunate
                           to have survived but some are haunted by the loss of their friends and fellow shipmates.
                           As you read through this list you may wonder, as they have, why were they spared from
                           the sea of death that engulfed their shipmates on that fateful day in 1941?

Their Stories               “Were you scared? Yes, one does get scared. Then you think, Will I ever see home again? Will I see
                            my family? How can I get out of this alive?” That’s when you pray a lot and tell yourself to remember
                            your Navy and Marine Corp training; stay calm, and try to be like Major Shapley and [Lieutenant]
                            Commander Fuqua. Those who have seen war carry unforgettable memories of their fellow men.”
                            Russell J. McCurdy, Lt Col, USMC Retired

                                                                                                                                       COURTESY/JIM VLACH - USAR PHOTO COLLECTION #719
                            “There was a tremendous explosion as I
                            reached the quarterdeck ladder, and a terribly
                            burned sailor laid under the ladder. I got him by
                            the hand to get him to safety when the forward
                            part of the Arizona blew up. We were thrown
                            back toward the stern. This sailor I managed to
                            save; my twin [brother] I could not.”

                            John D. Anderson, BMC, USN Retired
                            Twin brother, Delbert, died on the Arizona.

                            Vincent Vlach was at home with his wife in
                            Honolulu at the start of the attack. He hurried
                            to Pearl Harbor amidst the air strike to help
                            men from their boats as they came ashore.
                            Many were badly burned, injured, and covered
                            with oil. Vincent said his “whites [uniform]
                            were a bloody and oily mess.”

                            Vincent J. Vlach Jr., LCDR, USN Retired
                                                                                  Vincent Vlach with wife, Jeanne, September 3, 1941

Honoring a Final Request   In the Shrine Room at the USS Arizona
                           Memorial, a large wall lists the names of the
                           Arizona’s dead. A smaller wall (top of page)
                           contains the names of Arizona survivors who
                           chose to rejoin their shipmates in their final
                           resting place. Each of these men asked that
                           their remains be placed back into the Arizona.
                           To honor this final request, National Park
                           Service divers ceremoniously transport the
                           urns of survivors back to the ship (at right).
                           Resting their remains in the sunken wreck
                                                                                                                                         UNITED STATES NAVY

                           allows them to finally reunite with their
                           brothers who died on December 7, 1941.
     Survivors of the December 7, 1941, Attack on the USS Arizona
United States Navy & Reserve (320)       FOSTER, James Park Jr.          Sea1c        MALCOLM, Everett Allen           Ens          THOMPSON, Norman              Mach
                                         FOWLER, Ralph Edward            BM1c         MANCUSO, Joseph                  Sea1c        TRANTHAM, Glenwood Orris      BM1c
AMACHER, Charles Andrew       Sea1       FOWLER, Robert Dale             Sea2c        MANN, Charles Clark              Lt           TRAVIOLI, Vernon Alva         Sea2c
ANDERSON, John Delmar         BM2c       FRAZIER, Glen                   CGM          MARCUM, Harry Bedford            CEM          TUCKER, Edward Daniel         BM2c
                                         FRYE, Everett Ellsworth         Sea1c        MARKS, Edward Joseph             Cox          TURNER, Richard Newton Jr.    Sea1c
BAGBY, Walter Franklin        SF3c       FUQUA, Samuel Glenn             Lt Comdr     MASTERSON, Kleber Sandlin        Lt
BALL, Masten “A”              F1c                                                     MATTLAGE, Herbert                Ens          URBANIAK, Edmund Leo          Carp
BALLARD, Galen Owen           F1c        GALLAGHER, William Fred         CEM          McCARRON, John Harry             GM2c
BARTH, DeWayne                BM1c       GARFIELD, Jerome Harold         Ens          McDONALD, Don Erwin              Sea1c        VAN WINKLE, Edward Laverne F2c
BASS, Edward Forester         F2c        GASKINS, Walter James           Sea1c        McFALL, Charles William          GM1c         VELIA, Keith Lloyd             Sea2c
BAUMEISTER, William Nicolas   ACMM       GAUT, Harold Woodson            Sea1c        McKENNA, Kenneth Kermit          SM1c         VESSELS, James Allard          GM3c
BECKER, Harvey Herman         GM2c       GEISELMAN, Ellis Hugh           Comdr        MELVIN, Earle Thomas             CFC          VIDAL, Daniel                  MAtt1c
BEMIS, Edwin Wallace          Sea1c      GENEST, Dayton Merrill          Sea1c        METCALF, John Howard             Sea2c        VLACH, Vincent James Jr.       Y1c
BENNETT, Earl Dean            GM3c       GIBSON, Claude Clenton          Sea1c        MIGLIACCIO, Thomas William       Sea1c        VON SPRECKELSEN, Charles Albert Ptr2c
BERDOLLT, George Anthony      FC3c       GILBERT, Arthur Barnes          Sea1c        MILHORN, Harvey Hollis           GM3c
BIRD, Leroy Alexander         CTC        GILLEM, Charles “M”             Sea1c        MILLER, Jim Dick                 Ens          WAGNER, Robert Eugene         Sea1c
BIRDSELL, Estelle             MM1c       GILLENWATER, Charles Ervin      Sea1c        MILLIKIN, Donald Hugh            Sea2c        WAGNER, Rudolph Louis         CBM
BIRTWELL, Daniel Thomas Jr.   Lt Comdr   GILLESPIE, David William        Sea1c        MINI, James Haile                Lt(jg)       WALKER, James Edward          QM2c
BODEY, Edward Raymond         BM2c       GLENN, Richard Clyde            Ens          MODE, Stanley Robert             EM1c         WALSH, Homan Leavell          Ens (SC)
BOWEN, Andrew Jackson Jr.     CMM        GOLDSBERRY, William Joseph      Sea1c        MOMMER, Rolland Earl             BM2c         WARD, James Robert            Sea1c
BRADSHAW, Harry Frederick     Sea1c      GORDON, Donald Eugene           GM2c         MURDOCK, Thomas Daniel           CY           WARRINER, Kenneth T.          Sea2c
BRAYDIS, John                 Sea1c      GOSHEN, William Eugene          Sea1c        MUSICK, Clay Henry               Sea1c        WARRINER, Russell Walter      Sea1c
BROWN, Gene R.                Sea1c      GRABOWSKY, Leon                 Ens          MYLAN, Jack Clement              SM2c         WASHINGTON, Joseph Henry      MAtt1c
BROWNING, Robert James        Sea2c      GRAHAM, Donald Alexander        AMM1c                                                      WATSON, Howard Lincoln        BM2c
BRUCE, John Franklin          GM3c       GRAY, James Victor              Sea1c        NELSON, Grady Lee Jr.            Sea2c        WEAVER, Richard Duncan        BM1c
BRUNER, Lauren Fay            FC3c       GREEN, Clay Douglas Jr.         Sea1c        NEWELL, Bobby Earl               Sea2c        WELCH, Frank Jr.              Ens
BRUNS, Martin Benjamin        Y2c        GREEN, James William            GM3c         NICHOLS, John Edward             RM1c         WELLER, Oree Cunningham       Sea2c
BUEHL, Herbert Vincent        F3c        GRIM, George Edwin              GM1c         NIEMARA, Stanley Joseph          Sea1c        WELLS, Harold Leroy           Sea1c
BURCHAM, Jimmie Charles       Sea1c      GUERIN, Charles William Jr.     Sea1c                                                      WELTER, Eddie Charles         Sea1c
BURK, Leland Howard           GM3c       GUNA, Andrew                    BM1c         O’BRION, Edward Francis Joseph   Sea1c        WENTZLAFF, Edward Louis       AOM2c
BUSH, William Jack            Ens                                                     OLIPHANT, Harold Eugene          GM3c         WEST, Mark Austin             CMM
BYARD, Ralph Duncan           CCStd       HAERLING, Howard Gustave BM1c               OLSEN, Vernon James              Sea1c        WESTBROOK, Clinton Howard     Sea1c
                                          HAERRY, Raymond John       Cox              OSBORNE, William Daniel Jr.      Sea1c        WHITE, Thomas Arthur          Bm2c
CAMPBELL, Frank Monroe        Ens         HAMILTON, Elsworth Fonzo   ACMM             OSMOND, Robert Hugh              FC3c         WILLIAMS, John Francis        Gm3c
CAMPBELL, George Kilgore      CTC         HAMILTON, James Edward     Sea1c            OSTERBERG, Vernon Magnus         Ens          WILSON, Charles Leo           Sea1c
CARLSON, Ray Christian        Sea2c       HAND, Vernon               Sea1c            OTTERMAN, Clarence Wayne         GM2c         WILSON, Harold Green Jr.      F2c
CARSON, Carl Malvin           Sea1c       HARGIS, Paul Eugene        Y3c              OWEN, Paul Ralph                 Sea1c        WISE, James Louis             Sea1c
CHANDLER, Edwin Ray           Sea1c       HARR, Oliver Virgil        MM1c
CHAPMAN, Noel “B”             Sea2c       HARRELL, Allen Boyd        Sea1c            PABLO, Patrocinio                OS1c         ZADIK, Edward Albert          Sea2c
CHAPPELL, William Robert      Sea1c       HARRIS, Henry Sherman      Sea1c            PACITTI, Louis John              Gm3c
CHRISTIANSEN, Harlan Carl     AS          HARRIS, John David         Sea1c            PARKER, William Whiteford        Sea1c        United States Marine Corps
CHUNG-HOON, Gordon Patea      Lt          HART, James Willard        F1c              PECOTTE, Earl Henry              Gm2c         & Reserve (15)
CLOUSER, Marion Howard        GM1c        HARTLAND, Alfred Jack      Sea1c            PEIL, William John               BM2c
COBURN, George W.             Sea1c       HAUFF, Richard             GM3c             PERRY, Seth Harold               Sea2c        BAKER, John MacRae            Sgt
COKER, Charles Walter         Lt          HEIN, Douglas              Ens              PHIPPS, Berwyn Robert            SF2c         BRAHAM, Edward James          PFC
COMBS, Clyde Jefferson        Sea1c       HEINZ, Robert Henry        Sea1c            PHRANER, George Dewey Jr.        Sea2c
                                                                                                                                    CABINESS, Frank R.            PFC
CONDON, Daniel Jerome         Lt(jg) (MC) HENDON, Robert Marvin      CGM              PITTARD, George Franklin         Lt
                                                                                                                                    CARTER, Edward J.             PltSgt
CONTER, Louis Anthony         QM3c        HENRY, John William        Ens              PITZ, Robert Leo                 Sea1c
                                                                                                                                    CORY, James Evans             PFC
COOK, Lonnie David            Sea1c       HETRICK, Clarendon Robert  Sea1c            POLLACK, Francis Lee             SC3c
                                                                                                                                    COURSEY, John Paul            1stLt
COOLE, Lloyd Edward           Sea1c       HILL, Richard Howe         Y3c              PORT, Stanley Harrison Jr.       Cox
                                                                                                                                    CRAWFORD, Lamar Smead         PFC
COPLIN, Norman Walter         Sea1c       HINTON, John Harold        CSM              POSEY, Ernest Mendum             MM1c
CORBIN, Ralph Victor Leon     Sea1c       HJELLE, Clarence Otto      Sea2c            POTTS, Howard Kenton             Cox          EARLE, John Horatio Jr.       Capt
CORNELIUS, Lyle Richard       Sea2c       HOLLAND, Fred McKenzie     Sea1c            POUSSON, Alfred Andrew           Sea2c
COSBY, Ray Charles            Sea1c       HOLMES, Roy Willard        Sea1c            PROBST, Richard William          Sea1c        GOODMAN, Kenneth Dale         PFC
COX, John Madison Jr.         Lt Comdr HOMANN, Alfred James          Lt               PUCKETT, Louis Alfred            Comdr (SC)
                                                                                                                                    HARDY, Charles L.             Pvt
COZAD, Francis Burnard        Sea2c       HOOKS, Woodrow Robert      Sea2c            PURVIS, William Robinson         F3c
CROTHERS, Lee Raymond         BM1c        HOOPER, Clifford Charles   RM2c                                                           McCURDY, Russell J.           Pvt
CRUZ, Henry Mesa              MAtt1c      HOWATT, John Paul          Ens              QUILLIN, Wallace Franklin        Sea1c
CULP, Donald Arthur           Sea2c       HUGHES, James Curtis       Sea1c                                                          NIGHTINGALE, Earl C.          Corp
CZARNECKI, Anthony Francis    MM1c        HULL, Lester DeLance       Sea1c            RANN, Carl Frederick             Sea1c
                                          HURST, Milton Thomas       AMM3c            RAMPLEY, John Watson             GM3c         SHAPLEY, Alan                 Major
DANIEL, Alfred Eugene         GM1c        HUTCHINS, Edward Francis   Lt               RAMSDELL, Millard Arthur         Ens          SOLEY, Michael                Corp
DARE, James Ashton            Ens         HUZAR, Peter               WT1c             REID, Everett Owen               MM1c
DAVIS, Carl Everette          GM3c        HYSLOPE, Charles Edward    F1c              REIFERT, Eldon Ray               Cox          YOUNG, Donald George          PFC
DAVIS, Elvin Clay             Sea1c                                                   RIDER, Maurice David             BM1c
DAVISON, Henry Donald         Ens         INSELMAN, Donald           Sea1c            RIDLEY, William Hull             RM3c
DEAN, William Ernest          BM1c                                                    RINER, Earl William              GM3c
DEARING, John Davis           WT2c        JANIKOWSKI, Edward Joseph Cox               ROBINSON, Lewis Perrin           Sea1c
DECKER, Deward
DESERANO, Joseph Charles
                                          JEFFERS, Warren Edwin
                                          JOHNSON, Donald R.
                                                                                      ROURKE, John Paul
                                                                                      ROWLEY, Welton Dana
                                                                                                                       Lt Comdr
                                                                                                                                    My father’s memories
DICKERSON, William Charles A. RM2c        JOHNSON, Neil Francis      Cox              RUHLMAN, Fred Lee                Lt           of the morning of
DICKINSON, Merle Edward       GM3c        JOHNSTON, Brooxey “J” Jr.  GM3c
DOBSON, Clarence Junior       GM3c        JONES, Hubert Hayes        CWT              SADLER, Jack Ivan              Sea2c          December 7, 1941
DOHERTY, John Andrew          CGM                                                     SADOWSKI, Joseph Stephen       Sea1c
DONEGAN, Timothy Albert       Prtr1c      KARB, Joe Frank            CWT              SANDERS, Elmer Larimore        GM1c           were so strong and
DOUCETT, John Walter
DUNCAN, Henry Barnett
                                          KEENER, “C” “H”
                                          KEFFER, Carl Emerson
                                                                                      SARGENT, Robert Isaac Jr.
                                                                                      SCHAFER, Herman Leroy Jr.
                                                                                                                                    painful that he seldom
DUNCAN, Tommie Wilson         BM2c        KELLEY, Bruce Draper       Lt Comdr         SCHUBERT, Anthony Robert       Ens              USS Arizona
                                                                                                                                    was willingMuster
                                                                                                                                                   to share
                                          KIRK, Guy Duane            Sea1c            SCHUMACHER, William James      WT1c             Rolls, 1941
EDMONDSON, Kenneth Eugene Cox             KISSINGER, Walter Marlond  MM1c             SEELEY, Robert Fox             Sea2c          them with his family.
EGAN, Paul Howard             FC3c        KUHN, Harold Joseph        Sea1c            SHAFFER, John Jackson III      Lt
ELKINS, Merle                 Sea1c       KURTZ, Stanley Robert      Sea1c            SHAWN, Ernest Maurice          GM3c             USS Arizona Reunion be
                                                                                                                                    He didn’t want toAs-
ELLIOTT, Lawrence Emitt       MM1c                                                    SHEBAK, Joseph                 Sea1c            sociation
ELLIS, George William         SC1c        LANCASTER, James Daniel    Sea1c            SHEW, Martin Luther            MM2c           reminded of the horrors
ENOS, James R.
ESKEW, Weldon Virgil
                                          LANDRETH, Ralph William
                                          LANE, Glenn Harvey
                                                                                      SIMMONS, Claude William Jr.
                                                                                      SMITH, Clyde Crockett
                                                                                                                     CEM            heUSS Arizona Pearl Harbor
                                                                                                                                       had witnessed...
EVANS, John Willard           Sea1c       LANGDELL, Joseph Kopcho    Ens              SMITH, Harold Francis          BM2c              Survivors:
EVERSOLE, Elmer Everett       Sea1c       LAWRENCE, Thomas Hurshel Sea1c              SMITH, Roscoe Bryant           GM3c
EYMAN, Lawrence Oliver        Sea1c       LAWSON, James Lenox        GM3c             SMITH, William Hansford Jr.    Cox            Walter M. Kissinger’s
                                          LAWSON, Leonard George     Sea1c            SNOW, Rutherford Hayes         WT1c              Vincent J. Vlach Jr. and
                                                                                                                                    daughter, Jenny, reflecting on
FALGE, Francis Marion         Lt          LEIGHTON, Lindsay Ray      WT1c             STANBOROUGH, Thomas William Jr. Sea1c            Lamar S. Crawford
FARQUHAR, Lawrence Albert     FC2c        LENCSES, Louie             GM3c             STARKS, Don Harrison           MM1c
                                                                                                                                    the memories of her father.
FAULKNER, Paul Harding        Sea1c       LENNING, George Birmingham Ens              STOFFER, Bernald Henry         AMM1c
FAY, Lawrence Edward          GM3c        LEOPARD, Curtis James      BM1c             STRATTON, Donald Gay           Sea1c             NPS / USS Arizona
FELTON, Nathaniel             MAtt1c      LEWIS, William Edward      Lt(jg) (MC)      STRONG, Herbert Ronald         Cox
FIELD, Jennings Pemble        Ens         LINDSEY, Jack Lawton       Sea1c            STUART, Jean Marcelle          Sea1c
FINGER, William Ralph         SM1c        LOTT, Russell Ardell       Sea1c            SULLIVAN, Aubry Randolph       Cox
FITCH, Harry Lionel           Ens         LUKASAVITZ, Steven Jerome Sea1c                                                               This publication funded
FLANAGAN, Guy Spalding Jr.    Ens                                                     TAGTMEYER, Laurence Ernest       Chf Gun         by the Arizona Memorial
FLANNERY, Wendell Lee         Cox         MacQUEEN, Donald E.        Ens              TAPP, Murray L.                  Sea2c             Museum Foundation.
FLORY, Dale Frederick         WT2c        MAINWARING, Billy Braun    F3c              TESLOW, Stanley Merlin           GM2c
FORBIS, James Leamon          Cox         MALASKI, John              Sea1c            THOMA, Steven Joseph             EM3c

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