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                Key Content To Help Your SEO Campaign.
                How Quality Content Can Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation.

                06.17.2009 – It is important for any business that wants to find success online, to
                implement an online marketing campaign. Coupled with a quality website design             Twitter Pitc
                this can help companies to engage with a wide range of customers and potentially          Improve searc
                                                                                                          boost busines
                boost profits.

                The Creare Group offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to online businesses,             News Facts
                this focuses upon using keywords related to a company to help towards improving             Content to i
                rankings in search engines such as, Google, Yahoo and MSN.                                  Varying tec
                                                                                                            search engi
                Content is integral to the SEO provided by The Creare Group. They understand how            Developmen

                important using consistently varying techniques such as articles, press releases,           various type

                videos, blogs and dynamic content, is to the success of companies online
                                                                                                          Resource Li
                                                                                                          Business Fr
                Varying the content that they produce is as important as creating quality content as it
                can help to engage a wide audience and boost ratings in the search engines,               Tags
                                                                                                          SEO, Search
                content is king.
                                                                                                          Web Design,
                The Creare Group also offer internal SEO to their customers this relies upon content
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                reflecting the keywords.

                Articles can be added to the news section on a website, this provides continuous up
                to date content, which is beneficial to a campaign and the engagement with the
                audience, as it enables users to subscribe to a websites’ RSS.

                A blog or news feed can be part of a website that is regularly updated with content
                that other users can comment on. The content can take the form of text, videos or
                images and so it is a suitable way for businesses to engage with their target
                consumers, it also enables them to get their name or brand visible online.

                Recent developments have updated Google Universal Search this means that users
                can now search for specific items online including videos, images, reviews, forums
                and web pages from a particular time scale.

                For this reason videos, images and text used within blogs and on web pages are
                now searchable by potential consumers. This has made it more viable for
                businesses to use videos as part of their online marketing campaigns.

                Not only can it increase the opportunity for companies to become visible in the
                search engines but it can also engage an even wider audience consisting of
                potential customers and other members of the public who are interested in the
                subject of the video.
This is something that The Creare Group have been made aware of and have
employed as part of their own campaign, this has proved a success for them as they
consistently hold page one positions in the search engines for competitive phrases
including web design and Search Engine Optimisation.

“We believe that it is incredibly important to utilise various techniques as part of our
SEO. We have started to create videos relating to our business as this can now be
considered a viable technique due to the search engine developments.” Mike
McKinlay, MD.

Scripts are an ideal way to communicate directly to a businesses customers, using
a variety of techniques enables businesses to engage with a wide audience,
something that the Internet has made possible.

Not only is content important for SEO, it is also integral for communication with
customers online.

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