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                                                       Development status

S l. N o     Module / F e ature / E le me nt N ame                                     D e s c ription                                             S tatus

                                                     A doc um ent explaining the blue print and generic layout of all the
           1 Inform ation Arc hitec ture                                                                                               C om pleted
                                                     m odules . [D oc um ent Attac hed]

                                                     T he logo, the hom epage, regis tration pages       & inner pages des igned for
           2 P age D es ign                                                                                                            C om pleted
                                                     c ollec tic network. [D oc um ent attac hed]

           3 D atabas e D es ign                     T he c om plete D B has been des igned                                            C om pleted

                                                                                                                                       C om pleted.. T o be tes ted
           4 C ollec tic Mas ter Adm in P anel       T he m as ter panel to ins tall the c hild s ites & m anage them

           5 C ollec tic C hild s ite - C MS         T he c hild s ite - C ollec tic C MS , has been des igned                         C om pleted

                                                     Us ing C MS to m ake a pilot s ite, s ports bulle t - with free -
           6 P ilot C MS P rojec t - B ulletin                                                                                         In P roc es s
                                                     s ubs c riber level c ontrols - admin/ ditor/jouralis t bac k offic e

                                                     Us ing C MS to develop G roup s ite, S ub - G roups , Inner- group                P lanned for D ec em ber
           7 P ilot G roup S ite
                                                     C om m unic ation, G roup Moderator C ontrols                                     2010

           8 P ilot B log s ite                      Us ing C MS to develop B log roll                                                 P lanned for J anuary 2011

                                                     us ing C MS to m ake a pilot s ite, with free poll, free s urvey, paid polls -    P lanned for F ebruary
           9 P ilot P oll S ite
                                                     m ultiple level of c ontrols                                                      2011

             Integration of C MS s ites with UMS -
             Im plem entation of S earc h
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