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Everyone has their own tolerance for pain and that includes infants. You
may have one child that got their teeth without any problems at all.
Others though will be in a great deal of pain from the ordeal. Some
adults can get their wisdom teeth without any problems and others are
sick for weeks from it.
Teething pain is very common for people and it can affect you in many
different ways. Not being able to talk or each like you normally would
can be annoying. It is hard to go about your daily routine when you have
pain in your mouth. Some children are too young to even tell you what is
bothering them so you have to guess.
A person is often not able to eat like they normally would either when
they experience pain from teething. Offering soft foods or chicken broth
can be a good way to keep up strength without having to battle foods that
are very hard to eat. Many people also find it difficult to sleep at
night due to the teething pain. This can leave them cranky the following
day as well.
There are many over the counter remedies that a person can use for
teething pain. Liquids or gels that you rub on the gums are very
effective. Some individuals swish their mouth with whiskey to numb it as
well. Pain relievers such as aspirin are very effective as well. There
are pain relievers for very young children as well to give them relieve
while they are teething.
The pain should subside in a couple of days but in the mean time do all
you can to lessen it. Should it not go away or the person has a very high
fever you should see a doctor. There may be an infection and an
antibiotic needed. Dental care may be needed in some types of teething
for older individuals such as for back molars as well as for wisdom
You will have to try out several different types of teething pain
remedies to find what is effective. It can depend on where the teeth are
coming in at and how much pain that person is in. Some people have no
problems at all but for those that do, there is no reason to silently

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