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                  Lakewood Lodge Reservation Form
                                     Please fill out this form completely and mail to:
                               Lakewood Lodge - 53026 County Road 35 - Deer River, MN 56636

Name:___________________________________                       Need to rent ____ Standard Boat without motor

Address:_________________________________                      Need to rent ____ Standard Boat with Motor Package

City:_____________________________________ ____ Pontoon w/40hp motor

State:__________ Zip_______________________                    ____ Deluxe Fishing Boat 1650 Rebel w/ 40hp Tiller

Phone:___________________________________                      ____ Deluxe Fishing Boat 1625 Classic w/ 40hp Wheel

Email:____________________________________ ____ Deluxe Fishing Boat 1625 Rebel w/ 25hp Tiller

Names of ALL Guests Plus Ages of Children In Extra Dock Spaces Needed __________1 free with each cabin
                                             Futon Linens Needed - YES NO
                                             Crib___________ $20 a week Highchair free _____________
                                             CABIN & WATERCRAFT DEPOSIT(S):
_________________________________________ (all deposits for cabins or watercraft are non-refundable)
                                                               All Major Credit Cards, Cashiers Checks, Personal Checks, & Money Orders
_________________________________________                      Accepted. Please do not send cash.

                                                               Credit Card information is required regardless of the method of
_________________________________________ payment used for your deposit. You may supply credit card info
                                                               via phone if you prefer. The name on the credit card provided
We will be bringing _________ hunting dogs                     must match the name of the person making the reservation.
Dogs are allowed during Duck/Grouse Hunting Seasons only.
$200 pet deposit is required. (See our pets policy)
                                                               Credit Card #:______________________________
Cabins #:________________________________
                                                               Type of Credit Card:_________________________
Arrival Date:_____________________________
                                                               Card Expiration:____________________________
Departure Date:____________________________
                                                               Name On Card:_____________________________
QUESTIONS? Call us at 1-800-495-8437
or 218-659-2839 or email us at                                 3 Digit Security Code on the back of your Card: __ __ __
                                                               Your signature below is required to signify your
                                                               agreement and understanding of our reservation policy,
Am bringing _____ boats/pontoons (no jet skis or
                                                               pets policy , and all rules and regulations of Lakewood
wave runners allowed). To help us determine dock slip length
and water depth requirements, please provide the type and      Lodge as stated on our website and on the back of this
length of watercraft you are bringing                          form. We reserve the right to change these policies at any
                                                               time without prior notice. Your signature also serves as
For example: 21’ pontoon or 17’ Lund ProV. Thank You           your written approval on your credit card processing slip.
                                                               Thank you.
                                                               NOTE: Reservation will not be confirmed until we receive a completely filled
                                                               reservation form and all required deposits..
                                                       2008 Rates
                                 2008                                                         2008
                           Peak Rates                                                   Off-Peak Rates
                          Weekly Rates                                                 Fall/Spring/Winter
                          May 30 thru August 22                           January 1 thru May 31 and August 23 thru December 31

              Rate        Max       # of                         2          3            4             5              6          Full
Cabin                                                 to
            Includes    Occupancy Bedrooms                     nights     nights       nights        nights         nights       Week

 1            1-8           10             4       $1950       $400       $600          $800        $1000           $1200        $1400
 2            1-6            7             3       $1400       $300       $450          $600         $750            $900        $1050
 3            1-6            7             3       $1400       $300       $450          $600         $750            $900        $1050
 4            1-8           10             4       $1950       $400       $515          $686         $858           $1029        $1200
 5            1-10          12             5       $2435       $500       $750         $1000        $1250           $1500        $1750
 6            1-6            8             3       $1495       $300       $450          $600         $750            $900        $1050
 7            1-4            5             2       $950        $250       $400          $550         $625            $700        $750
 8            1-4            5             2       $950        $250       $400          $550         $625            $700        $750
 9            1-8           10             4       $1950       $400       $600          $800        $1000           $1200        $1400
 10           1-6            8             3       $1495       $300       $450          $600         $750            $900        $1050
 11           1-4            6             2       $1100       $250       $400          $550         $625            $750        $800
 12           1-8           10             4       $1950       $400       $600          $800        $1000           $1200        $1400
 14           1-6            8             3       $1495       $300       $450          $600         $750            $900        $1050
 15           1-4            5         1 + loft    $850        $250       $400          $550         $620            $700        $750

       Deposits $250 per 2 bedroom cabin, $300 per 3 bedroom cabin, $400 per 4 bedroom cabin and $500 per 5 bedroom cabin.
       An additional $100 deposit is required for groups reserving one or more cabins. Please call for details.
       An Extra Person Charge is applied for each person over the rated number.
       Extra Person Charge is: $200/Week/person or $35/night/person. Children under one year are free. Extra person charge is
        applied for each person over rated occupancy up to the maximum occupancy.
       Day guests are $10 a day over rated occupancy (maximum occupancy of cabin cannot be exceeded). Day guests allowed
        during lodge hours only. All guests must register at the lodge!
       No Animals are allowed except for Hunting Dogs during Minnesota duck/goose/grouse seasons. Dogs are not allowed in
        cabins at any time.
       A dock space for your boat is included with each cabin rental.
       Extra dock space is $10 per day.
       Watercraft renters agree to pay full day rental fees for days noted on watercraft rental agreement and for any days that the
        watercraft is out-of-service due to damage caused by you or members of your party.
       Please bring your own towels, all other linens are provided.
       Please request linens for futons on your reservation form. Extra linens are $25.00 per set when rated occupancy of cabin is
        not exceeded. When rated occupancy is exceeded and extra person charge is applied futon linens are free.
       Cribs are available for $20 per week, and highchairs are available at no charge, but are first come, first served.
       All rentals are subject to 6.5% state sales tax.
       No ATV’s allowed on resort grounds without pre-approval.
       No Jet Skis or Wave Runners allowed.
       Cabins 2 and 3 do not have 2 bathrooms or a dishwasher
       Cabins 7 and 8 do not have 2 bathrooms, a dishwasher, a fireplace, A/C or log siding
       Cabin 15 does not have 2 bathrooms, a screened porch, a dishwasher or log siding
                                          2008 Watercraft Rental Rates
                                                                                                                                  Weekly Daily
                                                                                                                                   Rate  Rate
NEW...16’ Lund 1650 Rebel
with a 40hp 4 stroke Yamaha motor (tiller steer). This boat has 3 pedestal seats, a live well, a trolling motor and
a fish/depth finder.
                                                                                                                                   $300         $90
                                                                                                                                   $100       $100
                                                                                                                                  security   security
NEW… 16” Lund 1625 Classic                                                                                                        deposit    deposit
With a 40 hp 4 stroke Mercury motor (wheel steer). This boat has 3 pedestal seats, a live well, a trolling motor
and a fish/depth finder.

                                                                                                                                   $265         $80
NEW...16’ Lund 1625 Rebel                                                                                                          $100       $100
with 25hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor. This boat has 3 pedestal seats, a livewell, and a depth finder.                                  security   security
                                                                                                                                  deposit    deposit

NEW… Sun Chaser 20’ Pontoon                                                                                                        $350         $100
                                                                                                                                   $200       $100
with 40hp 4-stroke Yamaha motor, depth finder, livewell and canopy. Maximum 10 people or weight limit
                                                                                                                                  security   security
posted on boat. Minimum 2 Day Rental. 2 Pontoons available.
                                                                                                                                  deposit    deposit

16' Standard Aluminum Deep Hull Boats 3 available                                                                                  $100         $25
16' Standard Boat and 15hp Motor Combo Pkg. 3 available                                                                            $200         $40
Extra Dock Space Must Be Reserved in Advance                                                                                       $50          $10
Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Boat, and Hydrobikes (must be kept in bay and signed out at lodge)                                            Free         Free
Life Jackets & Seat Cushions                                                                                                             Free
        Deposit Information: A $200 deposit is required upon reservation for pontoon and deluxe fishing boat rentals.
         Additionally a credit card imprint will be required for damage deposit upon arrival. The deposit is refundable if the
         water craft is found to be in good condition after being cleaned and inspected. The deposit is not refundable if you
         cancel your reservation for the watercraft rented.
        Lakewood Lodge reserves the right to substitute any boat or any pontoon for another due to maintenance or
         scheduling issues.
        Minnesota Law Requires Life Jackets. One Life Jacket per person must be on board at all times! One throwable
         floatation device is also required on board. Life jackets and throwables are available for checkout at the lodge at no
        Gas and Oil Are Available On Site.
        Gas is not included in watercraft rental rate.
        All boats must be in at sundown.
        Renters are financially responsible for any damage caused to motors or watercraft.
        Watercraft renters agree to pay full day rental fees for days noted on watercraft rental agreement and for any days
         that the watercraft is out-of-service due to damage caused by you or members of your party.
        No one under the age of 18 allowed to operate watercrafts.
        No Jet Skis or Wave Runners Allowed
        All of Lakewood Lodge watercraft must be at Lakewood Lodge docks by sundown. Watercraft is not fitted with
         required night fishing lights.
        No pulling of tubes or skis allowed with Lakewood Lodge watercraft.
        All boat rentals require a two day minimum rental except pontoons which require a 1 day minimum rental.
        All rentals are subject to 6.5% state sales tax.

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