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					                                           Exploring the Last Great Jewel box
                                           La Quinta Resources Corp. was taken public in December 2005
                                           with a business model that married the pragmaticism of owning
                                           dynamic precious metal projects in progressive resource dominated
                                           political regimes with the effectiveness of a well balanced and
                                           multitalented management group.

         tsX.V – LaQ

                                                                                    27°0’E                                               28°0’E                                                                          29°0’E

                                                                                                       La QuiNta iN thE
Malcolm J.a. swallows (hons)
Mining Engineering, FIMMM, P.Eng.,
Chairman, CEO and Director
                                                                                    MaNiEMa-south KiVu                                                                                                        Banro

Michel Cormier Geological Eng.                                                          GoLD bELt

President and COO
Glen R. Watson                                                                                                                                                     Banro

Vice President and Director
Dustin henderson, bba                                                                                                                       Banro

CFO and Director
                                                                                                       KAMA                                     iTULA
William (bill) Morton,,,                                  KampeNe cLaIm
P.Geo., Director                                                               KAMPENE                    ImoNGa                                                                totaL ReSoURceS: 11,8 m oz au

Dr. Francois bodika, Director                                                            Kabotehome
                                                                80 km                                    bULUNGU
Donald Gee, Ca, Director
                                                                                             mUItShI      mUtoama
Jean J Malaba, Advisory Board                                                   KaLULU
                                                                                                                    WBK-LAQ cLAiMs
                                                                                                                                                                                        mining Site

Jean Luc Roy, Mba, Advisory Board                                                                                           Banro
                                                                                                                                                                                        Kivu Gold belt
Gisele Joubin, Mba                                                                                            150 km
Administrator/Corporate Secretary                                                                                                                                                 2     National highway 2

                                                                               2                                                     0   12,5       25,5                   50               75        100
shaRE stRuCtuRE
                                                                                                                                                           Geographic Projection WGS 1984

i/o:                          27,923,546
stock options:                 2,025,000
Warrants:                      2,981,250
                                                thE MaNiEMa -south KiVu GoLD bELt – DRC
Fully Diluted:                32,929,796
                                           The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has long been known as a mineralogical jewel box in the heart
                                           of Africa. The country has a long history of mineral production stretching from the gold belts in the
                                           North East, through the columbite and tantalite (Coltan) and diamond producing areas in the centre
                                           of the country down to the major copper province of Katanga, abutting the Zambian copper belt in
                                           the south. The changing political climate coupled with the recent UN sponsored democratic elections
                                           combine to make this one of Africa’s most exciting mineralogical opportunities.
                                           La Quinta has moved rapidly to join the many successful companies working in the DRC under the new
                                           constitution by signing the Joint-Venture agreements with its Congolese partners, Wa Balengela Kasai
                                           Investments-Congo spri (WB Kasa) to explore and JV 7,010 square kilometers of the prolific Maniema-
                                           South Kivu gold belt. Here, recent exploration work by Banro Corporation has developed resources over
                                           four separate projects in a 200 km-long clearly defined mineralized trend overlaying prior production
                                           from the colonial era.
                                                                                                                        TSX.V - LAQ
                                          Corporate Responsibility
                                          La Quinta is committed to the establishment of social,
                                          environmental, health and safety programs to directly assist
                                          communities in our operational areas.

CoNtaCt                                     thE MaNiEMa -south KiVu GoLD bELt — DRC continued

Glen R. Watson, VP                        Total resources developed by Banro over the past three years of exploration work on four named
Phone:            604 685-1818 X 101      properties have reached 4.8 million ounces of gold in measured and indicated resources and 6.9 million
toll Free:            1 877 891-4653      ounces of gold in inferred resources (Source:
Fax:                    606 685-1813      La Quinta completed a due diligence and National Instrument 43-101 report along with Wardell
Cell:                   604 803-5229      Armstrong International to confirm the prospectively of the WBK Licences and has applied to the
E-mail:     Toronto Stock Exchange to acquire these properties and to form a Joint Venture Company with WB                 Kasai. The Joint venture will immediately move to outline potential gold exploration targets and then
                                          move into detailed exploration and resource development. The agreements give La Quinta the option
                                          to earn up to 80% in the joint venture company by funding US$10 million in exploration expenditure
                                          over five years, with a minimum expenditure of $2 million per year and by making payments totalling
                                          US $1,500,000 and issuing 8 million shares of La Quinta over the first three years of the agreement.
CoRPoRatE iNFoRMatioN                     The JV area will be subject to a 2.5% NSR.
transfer agents:       Computer Share     La Quinta signed an agreement with AMIKI (Association Minière du Kivu sprl) to lease, or acquire all
Legal:           Anfield Surjir Kennedy   of the exploration and exploitation rights of AMIKI on the Kampene Project in the Maniema Province
                     & Durno Auditors     in n the DRC. The Kampene project covers 34 square kilometers and includes an exploration licence
autitors:        Morgan & Company         allowing mining and selling all mineral products from the licence area including gold, silver, coltan,
sEC 12G file#82-35061                     and tin (cassiterite).
CusiP 5019X107                            The provisions of the Agreement between LAQ and AMIKI include a term of 10 years renewable as the
                                          Code Minier allows, an Annual Property Rental of US$100,000 payable in advance and a 1.5% NSR on all
                                          production with an outright buyout provision on the Kampene lease area for US$2 million after 5 years.
                                          Kampene has a long history of extensive mineral production dating back to the 1940’s. Following
                                          establishment of regional and district organizations to support the exploration efforts, in August 2007,
                                          LAQ launched its first exploration program on Kampene with the completion of a LANDSAT imagery
                                          structural interpretation and a regional soil geochemistry survey. This was completed in late September
La Quinta Resources Corporation
                                          2007, with the identification of a number of primary mineralisation gold anomalies covering 2-4 km
P.O. Box 10323
1588 – 609 Granville Street               and up to 1 km wide. Work has now commenced to trench and sample there areas.
Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5, Canada
Kinshasa office
5, avenue du Comité Urbain
Commune de Gombe, Kinshasa                  oRoFiNo GoLD PRoPERtY, soNoRa PRoViNCE, MEXiCo
République Démocratique du Congo
                                          In July of 2006, La Quinta signed an option to
                                          purchase the Orofino gold properties, totalling
                                          414 hectares, in the Sonora Gold belt in                         HERMosiLLo
                                          Mexico. In addition, the Company acquired
                                          the exploration rights to a further 4,844 Hectares
                                          surrounding the Orofino Project area. The area
                                          has been worked in the past for near surface
                                          leachable gold and an old heap containing some
                                          60,000 tonnes of ore material from the Orofino areas
                                          with an average grade of 6 grams per tonne is still
                                          present on the site.
                                          The surrounding area includes a large surface alteration
                                          anomaly extending in excess of 2 km off the existing ground.
                                          In addition, the Claim block includes a number of other discrete
                                          gold showings and also several abandoned previous gold workings. LAQ
                                          has further extended its area of interest to in excess of 7,000 Hectares and continues to carry
                                          out systematic exploration for gold, including LANDSAT imagery structural interpretation, soil
                                          geochemistry, IP and Mag geophyical ground surveys couples with trenching, sampling and
                                          geological detailed mapping. The objective is to have drill ready targets tested in early 2008.