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Almost anyone who uses a computer these days has an email account. They
commonly check it at least once each day. Yet there are people that end
up with their inbox cluttered with messages they don’t want. They are
from advertisers that have no legal right to contact someone. This became
such a worldwide problem that people complained to the government and
anti SPAM laws were initiated.
This is why the option to opt in to someone’s information is there when
you click on a webpage. If you choose to give them your name and email
address they can send you information. Make sure you read their
disclaimer that tells you if they are protecting our information or not.
If it doesn’t say they won’t share your personal information with someone
else then you should refrain from signing up with them.
Under the anti SPAM laws you also get the right to opt out at any time.
This means when you don’t want to get information from them anymore you
just click on the unsubscribe link in their materials. By law they have
to provide this link in all correspondence but it is usually found at the
very bottom of the email. Online businesses need to make removing those
that unsubscribe immediately to avoid being reported as an issuer of
There are certain words in advertising that can get legitimate messages
classified as SPAM. They are words such as free, dear customer, and
things that give the impression that you don’t really know who you are
sending the information to. If you are setting up advertising campaigns
online to send via email you need to refrain from using such elements.
Otherwise you risk being reported as well as your message getting
filtered out and never reaching who it was intended for.
Even with such laws on it, SPAM continues to be a problem. The senders of
it simply become more creative. It is estimated that the average person
wastes 10 hours a month going through SPAM that comes their direction.
Employers are believed to spend more than $1 million annually on time
spent for employees to clear out SPAM that goes to their company email.

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