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Most of us complain regularly about the amount of SPAM we find in our in
box. Yet we do very little beyond that and deleting all of it. Everyone
needs to spend a bit of time to report the SPAM they get. If enough
complaints are filed on certain businesses then action will be taken
against them. You can be sure if you are getting SPAM from an
organization that thousands of other people are as well.

There is no reason to have to dread going to your in box each day because
it is full of SPAM. Even with laws against it this continues to be an
everyday practice. The number of SPAM emails you get daily really will
add up at the end of the year. So will the amount of time you spent going
through it. Why not take steps to get it to stop? Those that send out
SPAM are banking on the fact that most people will just delete it and
then move on.

There are several great sites online where you can report SPAM very
quickly to the authorities. Find out where you should report it based on
where you live and bookmark it. When you get SPAM you can easily forward
the entire message to the right location. Of course it is asked that you
choose the unsubscribe link from it first. Then if they won’t remove you
from their list in a timely manner you can take further action.

With millions of SPAM messages   going out each day it is up to each of us
to take the action to stop it.   In the time it takes you to complain about
it and just a few more seconds   than to delete it you can report it. Don’t
leave it up to someone else to   take care of the cycle will continue to be

Keep track of the reports you made regarding SPAM as well. If you
continue to get them from a certain location then you need to take
further steps. You may think it isn’t your responsibility to get SPAM
removed but then who’s shoulders do you think it should fall upon? No one
knows what is finding its way to your computer except for you.

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