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               About ICING 30 Carats

       ICING 30 Carats is a new, safe and elite whitening
       product created by Bling Dental’s owner Dr. Raymond Frye.
       Icing 30 Carats dramatically whitens teeth byseveral shades in
       as little as just one 60-90 minute application. ICING 30
       Carats is the most powerful teeth whitening system available
       outside of the dental office. It was designed to create
       dazzling celebrity smiles for all of us!

         Before:                                               After:

       ONE 60-90 minute treatment will provide you with dramatic
       results, making your teeth several shades whiter. Depending
       on the original shade of your teeth, you may decide to
       continue 1-2 additional treatments to make them even whiter,
       or you may stop after just one. The first time you whiten your
       teeth, you are reversing the effects of years of staining caused
       by foods, coffee, wine, tobacco, etc. After this first round of
       whitening, a once yearly touch-up session for one hour is
       usually sufficient. However, if you are a heavy smoker, coffee
       or wine drinker, you might need to touch up every six months.
ICING 30 Carat is specially formulated to prevent
dehydration and minimize the length of time needed to
whiten your teeth, dramatically minimizing sensitivity. And
unlike any other whitening system, ICING 30 Carat
contours to the gumline for a flawless finish, providing i
mmediate, dramatic results after just one painless in-home
application. Never again will you worry about the
awkward horizontal lines created by rectangular
whitening strips, drawing even more attention to yellowed
teeth. Whitening strips take weeks or months to show
minimal, flawed results. ICING 30 Carat offers immediate,
long-lasting whitening, often achieved with one treatment.
No whitening strip out there can say that!
ICING 30 Carat is a better choice than in-office treatments
because it is significantly less expensive, more convenient,
better for your oral health and comfort, and provides more
immediate results. At $169 ($99 introductory pricing), ICING
30 Carat is a fraction of the cost of in-office
treatments, which can range from $500 per treatment and up.
In-office treatments can be painful and hazardous to your
oral health, exposing teeth to intense heat and light over a
prolonged period of time. ICING 30 Carat is able to achieve
dramatic whitening results without the risks, using high
levels of Carbamide Peroxide over a very short period of
time. It often takes multiple costly visits to the dentist
office to achieve this level of whitening. ICING 30 Carat is
the only at-home whitening product on the market that
offers whitening equal to that achieved in dentist offices,
without the risks, inconveniences and high cost.

     First off...thank you for taking my teeth on...I noticed
    HUGE results within hours....YEAH. The transformtion
    was truly amazing!!! I feel more confident, more aware
    of my smile. Your products are so fabulous. I went from
     yellow to white within a short 90 minutes...YOWZA!!!
                          Thanks so much.
                        - Angela Holzworth
About Dr. Raymond Frye, DMD

       Dr. Raymond, as he is known by his patients, has been
       practicing general and cosmetic dentistry for almost 15
       years in the beautiful Northwest. He is a native of Las
       Vegas, NV, and an honors graduate of Oregon Health
       Sciences University in Portland, Oregon, and he has
       spent his clinical career creating beautiful smiles for his
       patients. In June of 2009, he founded BLING Dental Spa,
       a cosmetic dental facility located in Portland’s chic Pearl
       District. Dr. Raymond’s clientele come from all parts of
       the country, seeking his expertise in
       achieving dazzling smiles. Many of Dr. Raymond’s
       patients are well-known celebrities. However, as he
       often says, “Not all of our patients are celebrities—we
       just make them smile like they are.”

                             About Bling Dental Spa

                         Dr. Raymond Frye, DMD, founded Bling Dental Spa
                           in Portland, Oregon’s thriving Pearl District. At Bling
                           Dental, our goal is to make you as comfortable and
                           informed as possible. We offer state of the art fam-
                           ily and cosmetic dental services—from basic exams,
                           cleanings and fillings to veneers and even total mouth
                           makeovers! All patients receive state of the art dental
                           care and complimentary teeth whitening and oral
                           cancer screenings with each appointment. For more
                           information about Bling Dental, please visit
2010 GRAMMY Gift Lounge

           Samantha Martin

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