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Survivors and Volunteers Honored at Annual Tea

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									01    Survivors and Volunteers
      Honored at Annual Tea
                                                               A PUBLICATION OF THE
02    News & Events                                            HOLOCAUST CENTER OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
                                                               WINTER 2009
04    Oral History Project

05    Education

08    Exodus: Flight from Germany
      HCNC’s New Exhibit

10    Of Interest

10	   Remember HCNC in Your Will

11    Gifts and Donations

Survivors and Volunteers
Honored at Annual Tea
For thirty years Bay Area survivors and volunteers have energized the work of the
Holocaust Center of Northern California. On any given day survivors can be found
in classrooms within a 100 mile radius of HCNC, or at the Center, telling stories
of courage and survival to students who are eager to learn about the recent past
from eyewitnesses. Volunteers devote countless hours helping to record survivors’
stories and summarizing their interviews so they can be easily accessed in HCNC’s
library database by students and researchers.

The Center honored the contributions of survivors and volunteers with a tea at
Peninsula Temple Beth El in San Mateo on September 7th. More than 75 survivors,
volunteers and their families were in attendance to share savory and sweet treats
and warm conversation. Attendees were treated to a special concert of Yiddish
songs performed by Cantor Sharon Bernstein of Congregation Sha’ar Zahav in San
Francisco. Cantor Bernstein has a large repertory of Yiddish folk, show tune and
cabaret music. She is also a master at encouraging audience participation, and it
did not take long before the audience was singing along and clapping in time to
familiar Yiddish favorites.

The tea closed with an open-mike session during which the survivors shared expe-
riences from the past year. It was an opportunity for friends to catch up, as many
do not see each other as often as they would like. Each survivor and volunteer was   From top: Gloria Lyon and HCNC Vice
presented with a memento as a small token of HCNC’s appreciation for their work      President Miriam Zimmerman; Joe and
on the Center’s behalf. (Continued on page 6 )                                       Helen Farkas at the Annual Tea.
News & Events
WINTER/SPRING 2009                           Rhona Edelbaum Sloan Elected President of the Holocaust Center
                                             The Holocaust Center is pleased to announce the election of Rhona Edelbaum Sloan
                                             as President of HCNC’s Board of Directors. Ms. Edelbaum Sloan is a graduate of
Book reading by author Suzanne Vromen:
Hidden Children of the Holocaust: Belgian
                                             Brown University and received her master’s degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art
Nuns and their Daring Rescue of Young        in London. She has served in a variety of lay leadership positions with Jewish Commu-
Jews from the Nazis                          nity Federation including Co-Chair of Jewish Community Federation’s Super Sunday;
                                             its Community and Cultural Relations Sub-committee and Women’s Alliance; and
                                             Vice-Chair of its Educating and Engaging Committee. She has been involved with the
                                             West Coast American Friends of the Israel Museum for over ten years and she serves
“The Holocaust Effect in Contemporary Art”
                                             on the Program Committee of the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Ms. Edelbaum
JANUARY 27                                   Sloan recently completed a Wexner Fellowship, a comprehensive program of Jewish
International Holocaust                      learning and intensive leadership training open to a select group of American Jewish
Remembrance Day                              leaders. She is the principal of Rhona Edelbaum Fine Arts in San Francisco.

                                             “I am thrilled to be working with all of the Board members,” said Ms. Edelbaum Sloan,
Contra Costa International
                                             “and I am excited to bring new energy and ideas to the Center.”
Jewish Film Festival

APRIL 19                                     HCNC Fall Lecture and Film Series
Yom HaShoah                                  This fall, HCNC proudly presented its third annual Fall Lecture and Film Series.
                                             Each year, HCNC brings important lectures and films to interested members of our
                                             community. This year’s calendar included:
Day of Learning

MAY 13                                       September 25 Mr. Rolf Schütte, Consul General of Germany, German Consulate of
Alfred Manovill Memorial Lecture             San Francisco, presented a lecture entitled The Holocaust as a Determining Factor in
featuring author and scholar                 German-Jewish Relations Today. Based on his personal observations and research,
Saul Friedlander                             the lecture explored how the legacy of the Holocaust affects German citizens, as
                                             well as Jewish communities in the United States, Israel and Germany.
Call 415.777.9060 or check our website
for more information about these events
                                             October 30 Secret Courage—The Walter Suskind Story, a film about Walter Sus-
                                             kind’s heroic efforts to save Jewish children in the Netherlands, was screened. Louis
Editors                                      de Groot, a member of HCNC’s Survivors Speakers Bureau moderated a Q&A after
Judith Janec                                 the film screening.
Debbie Kahn
Leslie Kane                                  November 20 Melanie Saxer Johnston, author of What My Father Saw, presented a
                                             reading and talk. Using the photos that her father took at the liberation of Buchen-
                                             wald, the author illustrated the lasting impact that this experience had on one man
                                             and his daughter.

From left: Rhona Edelbaum Sloan, HCNC’s
new President, with Dora Sorell, a member
of the Survivors Speakers Bureau; Consul
General of Germany Rolf Schütte; Morgan
Blum, HCNC’s Director of Education

December 11 Co-sponsored with the Israel Center and Hadassah, HCNC screened
the film Watermarks, the story of the champion women swimmers of the legendary
Jewish sports club, Hakoah Vienna. The documentary, produced in Israel, features
interviews with former swimmers who fled Austria before World War II broke out.

The HCNC Fall Lecture and Film Series is made possible by a grant from City Na-
tional Bank.

HCNC’s Summer Interns
The Holocaust Center welcomed four interns this summer. Summer internships
provide an opportunity for high school and college students to learn about the
Holocaust while assisting in the important work that the Holocaust Center does.

Our 2008 interns were Catherine Coffman, a senior at Colby College; Lianna Louie,
a sophomore at Stanford University; Nadia Gardner, a junior at the San Francisco
Conservatory of Music; and Elizaveta Krasovitov, a senior at Raoul Wallenberg High
School in San Francisco.

This summer, interns contributed by assisting with the development of curriculum,
processing archival collections, viewing and cataloguing oral histories, and providing
support for cultural events and outreach.

Interns Visit the Jewish Home                                                            Top: Summer interns, left to right:
One such outreach event was a presentation at the Jewish Home of San Francisco.          Lianne Louie, Catherine Coffman, Elizabeth
This visit was the result of a request by George Kimmerling, an attendee of this         Krasovitov, Nadia Gardner

year’s Yom HaShoah commemoration. The commemoration included the screening               Bottom: Director of Community Outreach
of two documentary travelogues filmed in 1938 in Warsaw and Lvov, Poland. Mr.            Rachel Isquith at a visit to the Jewish Home.
Kimmerling’s mother, a resident at the Home, had lived in Lvov, and was not able
to attend. He asked if it would be possible for the documentaries to be shown to
interested residents of the Jewish Home.

Along with the four interns, Rachel Isquith, Director of Community Outreach, and
Leslie Kane, HCNC’s Executive Director, visited the Home on July 29th to screen
the documentaries. As a special treat, Nadia Gardner, this year’s Jewish Vocational
Service’s Kohn intern, an accomplished pianist, performed three musical selections
for the attendees—The Jewish Child, The Novaks from Prague, and Motele from the
Warsaw Ghetto. Forty residents of the Home attended the presentation and per-
formance. It was a privilege to be able to provide this cultural opportunity to these
important members of our community.

Morgan Blum Invited to Participate in Holocaust Memorialization Seminar
HCNC Director of Education Morgan Blum traveled to Poland in November to attend
a special seminar—“Holocaust Memorialization. Legacy of Auschwitz—World Cul-
tural Heritage.” Organized by the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation and
the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, the seminar focused on issues of Holocaust
memorialization specific to ministries of culture and Holocaust organizations from
around the world. Ms. Blum presented on behalf of the United States and discussed
Holocaust memory in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Oral History Project
From Oral History Project Director, Anne Grenn Saldinger:
Ten Years of Memories, Ten Years of Progress
Ten years ago I stood at a crossroads. I had just finished my doctorate in psychology
which culminated in research about the significance of Holocaust testimony. I was
so moved by what it meant for survivors to tell their stories that I felt compelled to
take on the leadership of the Bay Area Holocaust Oral History Project. Ten years
later, after hundreds of interviews and a merger with HCNC, I feel gratified to have
had this opportunity.

It is a privilege and an honor to do this extraordinary work—to listen to individuals as
they share about their past and reflect on their experiences. The stories have stayed
with me, often with a searing intensity, and left me with indelible associations. Ulti-
mately, I have been instilled with a sense of gratitude and perspective on life, and
remain in awe of the resilience of the human spirit. Having been entrusted with these
memories, I feel I have a moral obligation to preserve them and to pass them on.

These ten years have seen the creation of an archive of the interviews and the devel-
opment of the technological tools to access them. The testimonies are preserved not
only as part of HCNC, but also at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The stories
of survivors and witnesses have been brought out of the archive into the hearts and
minds of students, educators, researchers and the general public. It is truly rewarding
to see the impact on hundreds of students who have interacted with these histories.
I see a future that expands and deepens our ability to educate a variety of people in
innovative ways through the use of the oral history collection.
                                                                                           Top: Anne Grenn Saldinger, Director of Oral
Although knowing and remembering the evil in history may not be enough to prevent          History Project
a recurrence of genocide, I have to believe that keeping people of every generation        Bottom: Roundtable presenters Jill Goodman,
informed is the best way to guard against it. These stories have an enduring power to      Gail Gradowski, Anne Grenn Saldinger,
teach us and raise our awareness about the world we live in. The dialogue between          Thomas Farrell, Debbie Kahn
survivors of the Holocaust and the next generation is complex and challenges the lim-
its of understanding. It is a shared task that connects us and creates a public memory
that holds our community together.

OHP Presents at Oral History Association Conference
HCNC’s Oral History Project (OHP), in conjunction with staff from Santa Clara Uni-
versity (SCU), presented a roundtable session at the 2008 annual conference of the
Oral History Association in Pittsburgh, PA.

The roundtable included Anne Grenn Saldinger and Debbie Kahn from HCNC and
Jill Goodman, Gail Gradowski, and Tom Farrell from SCU. The team presented
on the dynamic partnership between HCNC and SCU to digitize and make OHP’s
video oral histories available to students and educators through SCU’s library and

The conference provided OHP staff with an opportunity to attend sessions on new
ways to record, catalogue, and present OHP’s collection of testimonies, and to net-
work with others in the field.

Manovill Holocaust History Fellowship                              Save the Date—Day of Learning
HCNC is proud to announce the inauguration of the Manovill         The 7th annual Day of Learning will be held on Sunday, April 26,
Holocaust History Fellowship (MHHF). Available only through        2009 at Mercy High School, San Francisco. An annual event,
the Holocaust Center, MHHF offers high school students a           the Day of Learning is an opportunity for teens, educators and
unique opportunity to study the Holocaust at a college level.      community members to participate in interactive workshops
The fellowship will enable students to draw connections to         about the Holocaust, genocide, and their lessons.
other genocides and gain tools to become advocates for
building tolerance in the Bay Area.                                Call for Submissions: Morris Weiss Scholarship 2009
                                                                   The Morris Weiss Scholarship is an annual scholarship open
The fellowship emphasizes experiential learning. Participants      to 11th and 12th grade Bay Area students. The winning sub-
will hear from local Holocaust survivors, pursue research on a     mission will receive a $1500 education scholarship to be used
topic of their choice, work in HCNC’s archives and take part       toward the student’s post-secondary education.
in community events.
                                                                   The theme this year is “Acts of Kindness.” When studying the
Each year, five fellows will be selected. Upon successful com-     history of the Holocaust, one studies the atrocities: the Nurem-
pletion of the fellowship, students will be awarded 60 hours of    berg Laws, Kristallnacht, ghettos, deportation, concentration
community service and a $500 stipend.                              and death camps, and the “choice-less choices” that people
                                                                   were forced to make in the hopes of survival.
The Manovill Holocaust History Fellowship is generously under-
written by the Lilly Manovill Tauber Endrei Education Fund.        The Holocaust brought out the worst in human beings, both
                                                                   in perpetrators and those characterized as “bystanders.”
For more information about MHHF, visit         However, there were people who did something. What these
tion/manovill.html or contact Morgan Blum at mblum@hcnc.           people did ranged from such small acts as surreptitiously
org or 415.777.9060 ext. 203.                                      passing an apple to a forced laborer as he was marched
                                                                   through town, to the work of resistance fighters who risked
Shalhevet                                                          their lives to provide Jews with false papers, hiding Jewish
Shalhevet (“flame” in Hebrew) is a once-in-a-lifetime experi-      children in homes, orphanages, and on farms. There are
ential learning opportunity for Bay Area Jewish teens (11th        thousands of such people who helped and many are now
&12th grade). Inspired by the international March of the Living    honored by Yad Vashem’s Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’
program, Shalhevet is a way for local Jewish teens to partici-     Remembrance Authority as a Righteous Among the Nations.
pate in a program tailored specifically to the educational and     Their stories are catalogued on Yad Vashem’s website: http://
cultural environment of the Bay Area.                    

Shalhevet includes a journey of Jewish history, beginning with     This year, entrants for the Morris Weiss Scholarship are asked
the life of pre-WWII Polish Jewry through the Holocaust and        to select a person named as a Righteous Among the Nations
the establishment of the State of Israel. The spring semes-        by Yad Vashem and tell us their story and why you selected
ter course culminates in a two-week trip to Poland and Israel      this person. In addition to what is provided by Yad Vashem
(March 16–30, 2009). Students will travel with a local Holocaust   on their website, your paper should include independent pri-
survivor, rabbi and educators.                                     mary research about the person selected, an examination of
                                                                   their “Act of Kindness”, and a personal reflection as to why it
Shalhevet is a dynamic collaboration between HCNC and the          touched you.
Bureau of Jewish Education.
                                                                   For rules, see Submissions
For more information, contact Morgan Blum at mblum@hcnc.           are due on Thursday, February 26, 2009.
org or 415.777.9060 ext. 203.

Survivors and Volunteers
Honored at Annual Tea

Members of HCNC’s Survivors Speakers Bureau
visited the following 88 schools, congregations and
organizations during the school year 2007–2008,
reaching nearly 13,000 students:

2008 Day of Learning                                  Encinal High School                              Oak Grove Middle School
A.P. Giannini Middle School                           Gateway High School                              Oakland High School
Adath Israel                                          Glencoe High School                              Oakwood Country School
Alameda High School                                   Gunn High School                                 Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living
Archway School                                        Harvest Park Middle School                       Rio Calaveras School
ARISE High School                                     Hayward High School Youth Enrichment Program     Sacred Heart Schools
Athenian School                                       Herbert Hoover Middle School                     San Leandro High School
Bancroft Middle School                                International School of the Peninsula            San Marin High School
Bellarmine College Prep                               International Studies Academy, SF                San Ramon Valley Newcomer’s Club
Berkeley High School                                  James Lick High School                           SF Hillel
Beth David Jewish High School                         James Logan High School                          Shannon Elementary School
Bishop O’Dowd High School                             John O’Connell High School                       Silver Creek High School
Calvary Presbyterian Church,                          Judah L. Magnes Museum                           Simpson University
   Senior Adults Fellowship                           Katherine Delmar Burke School                    Skyline High School
Cesar Chavez Middle School                            Leadership Public Schools, Hayward               St. Catherine of Siena
Chinese American International School                 Leadership Public Schools, Richmond              St. Ignatius College Preparatory High School
Chinese Christian Schools                             Lick Wilmerding High School                      St. Nicholas School
City Arts & Tech High School                          Live Oak School                                  Sunnyview Manor
Cogswell Polytechnical College                        Los Altos High School                            Taylor Middle School
Concord High School                                   Maria Carrillo High School                       Terra Linda High School
Congregation B’nai Israel                             Marin County Jail                                Terra Nova High School
Congregation Emanu-El                                 Marina High School                               The Seven Hills School
Congregation Sherith Israel                           McKinley Institute of Technology                 Unity High School
Dartmouth Middle School                               Mercy High School, SF                            University of California-Berkeley
Davidson Middle School                                Manovill Holocaust History Seminar               Urban High School
Del Mar High School                                   Military Entrance Processing Command, San Jose   USF Law School
Delta Vista High School                               Monte Vista High School                          USHMM, Educator Conference
Discovery Charter School                              New Beginnings Academy, CommunityDay School      Windsor High School
Eastside College Prep                                 Newark Memorial High School                      Yosemite Park High School

                                                                                                       This page, from left: Alicia Appleman-
                                                                                                       Jurman; HCNC Director of Community
                                                                                                       Outreach Rachel Isquith and George Heller

                                                                                                       Opposite, from top: (left to right:) Clara
                                                                                                       Montag, Nancy Shelton, Lenci Farkas,
                                                                                                       Dora Sorell; Cantor Sharon Bernstein

Exodus: Flight from Germany
hcnc’s New Exhibit

After the Nazi rise to power in Germany in 1933, Jewish citizens found themselves in
peril. Assimilated into German society and in some cases from families that had lived
in Germany for centuries, German Jews were confronted with hostility, prejudice, and
persecution. Although ensuing years brought increased marginalization, many Jews
hoped for a better future.

Kristallnacht On November 8, 1938, a nationwide pogrom— Kristallnacht (The
Night of Broken Glass)—provided unshakeable evidence that Jewish property and
lives were in danger. Mobs of Nazi sympathizers, encouraged by Hitler’s government,
smashed windows, looted property, and burned stores and synagogues. Thousands
of Jewish men throughout Germany and Austria were arrested. Frightened and heart-
broken, Jewish families hurriedly made preparations to leave Nazi Germany.

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht, HCNC’s newest exhibit
traces the exodus of German and Austrian Jews after Kristallnacht in November
1938. Using items from the HCNC Archives, the exhibit features original passports,
emigration papers, refugee identification cards and other documents to describe the
experience of Jews who fled Nazi Germany for safety in the United States, Palestine
and Shanghai, China.

The exhibit opened in late November 2008, and is available for viewing during
HCNC’s open hours: Monday–Thursday, from 10 am–5 pm. For more information,
please contact Archivist Judy Janec at 415.777.9060 ext. 206 or

HCNC Online Exhibits
In order to make items from the HCNC Archives more accessible to a wider audi-
ence, HCNC has introduced online exhibits to our website. The current exhibit—
Exodus: Flight from Nazi Germany—and the most recent exhibit—Letters: 1938-
1946—can now be viewed on the HCNC website. HCNC hopes to include online
audio and video exhibits in the near future, featuring items from the Oral History
Project archive. Visit for more information.

HCNC exhibits are made possible through the generosity of the Laszlo N. Tauber
Family Foundation.

                                                                                        This page, top: One of many passports
                                                                                        featured in the exhibit; Resident certificate
                                                                                        issued in Shanghai, China.

                                                                                        This page, left: Jewish men arrested after
                                                                                        Kristallnacht in Baden Baden.

                                                                                        Opposite: This “good conduct” certificate
                                                                                        was required for emigration from Germany.

DONATING TO HCNC ARCHIVES                                          The HCNC Archives collects rare and scarce books, Yizkor
In order to fulfill its mission of education, research and re-     books, personal papers (correspondence, diaries, scrap-
membrance, the Holocaust Center of Northern California             books, etc.), government records, pamphlets, broadsheets,
Archives accepts additions to its collections and holdings         periodicals, journals, newsletters, photographs, artifacts
that document the events of the Holocaust.                         (clothing, banners, medals, personal effects) and Holocaust-
                                                                   era ephemera. The Archives does not collect photocopies,
It is crucial to collect and maintain primary source material      clippings, theses, term papers, or family genealogies that are
relating to the Holocaust. In addition to its historical and in-   not part of a collection.
trinsic value, primary source material confirms and illustrates
the events of the Holocaust and is a valuable weapon in the        For more information, contact Judy Janec at 415.777.9060
battle against Holocaust denial and revisionism.                   ext. 206 or

Of Interest                                                        Remember hcnc in Your Will

Yad Vashem Names Recovery Project                                  Creating a Legacy
Yad Vashem has issued a call to action to help register names      The work of the Holocaust Center of Northern California is made
of Holocaust victims in their Shoah victims’ Name Database.        possible by generous donors in the Bay Area and beyond. By
Since 1955, Yad Vashem has worked to fulfill its mandate to        establishing a charitable gift annuity, you can provide current,
preserve the memory of the six million Jews who perished           fixed income for yourself and if you desire, for your spouse
in the Holocaust by collecting their names, the ultimate rep-      or other loved one and you will leave your mark on the Bay
resentation of a person’s identity. Millions of victims remain     Area by providing for HCNC’s future work. You ensure a legacy
unidentified. Yad Vashem urgently calls upon Jewish com-           beyond your own lifetime by supporting the Holocaust Center’s
munities to recover their names through a worldwide Names          mission of preserving memory and teaching future generations
Recovery Project.                                                  about the consequences of hatred and indifference.

You can participate in registering names!                          If you are 65 years or older, you can establish a charitable gift
                                                                   annuity. A charitable gift annuity may be established with cash,
- Visit Yad Vashem Names Recovery site at www1.yadvashem.
                                                                   marketable securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and certain
                                                                   real estate or business interests. It provides:
  you can download testimony sheets or submit a testimony
  online.                                                          - An income tax deduction for the year it is established
- Contact HCNC, where blank testimony forms are available.         - Guaranteed fixed payments

- Contact Rachel Kesselman at 415.449.1288 or rachelk@jfcs.        - An endowment for the benefit of the Holocaust Center when
  org, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or know of     the income is no longer payable to you
  someone who might be able to identify victims.
                                                                   The Holocaust Center works with the Jewish Community
For more information, visit or         Endowment Fund to create charitable gift annuities. Make a                                                 difference in the Bay Area by supporting HCNC’s mission to
                                                                   remember and educate.
HCNC is now on Facebook
This Fall HCNC launched a new initiative to reach students,        For more information about including the Holocaust Center in
educators, and community members through Facebook, a               your estate plan or other ways of making a planned gift, contact
social utility website that connects people through a network      Leslie Kane, Executive Director, at 415.777.9060 ext. 205 or
based on shared interests, location and background. Informa-
tion spreads virally through this network to reach people in a
different way than traditional outreach campaigns, at no cost.

HCNC is using Facebook to share information about our up-
coming programs with our Facebook fans, who then spread
the news to their friends. The Holocaust Center currently has
over 100 fans of our Facebook page. Look for us on Facebook
to see photos of recent events, discuss HCNC programs, and
share upcoming events online.

To visit HCNC on Facebook, go to, sign            GIVE HCNC YOUR ORAL HISTORY!
on as a member, and search for Holocaust Center of Northern        Recording your oral history is one of the best ways to pre-
California.                                                        serve your stories. We believe that each personal testimony
                                                                   will be a legacy to be appreciated and from which we can
                                                                   learn. If you know a Holocaust survivor or witness, encourage
                                                                   them to talk to us about the possibility of giving an interview.
Call 415.777.9060 or email the Center at Our        Please contact the Oral History Project at 415.777.9060 ext.
“car guy” David Spieler makes it easy for you to support us!       202 or by email at for more information.

Gifts and Donations
The list below reflects donations       TRIBUTE GIFTS                             Jon D. Shanser M.D.                        VOLUNTEERS
from June 16, 2008–October 31,          Dianne and Michael Adler                  and Carol W. Shanser                       Warmest Thanks to Volunteers
2008. Thank you for your support        In honor of Laura Duering                 In honor of Frank Mainzer
of the Holocaust Center of Northern                                                                                          Barbara Barer
                                        Anonymous                                 Susan Heller Somerville                    Iris Berets
California. We apologize for any
                                        In honor of Ettie Wurtzel                 In honor of Mira Shelub, Dora Sorrell      Joelle Brown
omissions. Please contact us if
there is an error so we can correct                                               and Sara Levi                              Diana Blank
                                        Valentina Liza Avrutin                                                               Sheila Flodberg
our records.                                                                      Hurst and Noreen Sommer
                                        In memory of Rita Adler                                                              Hilde Gattmann
                                                                                  In honor of Henry Sommer
                                                                                                                             Dorothy Greene
DONORS                                  Michael Baar, PhD
                                                                                  Anne M Stein                               Geri Kabak
                                        In memory of George and Sylvia Baar
7th Avenue Presbyterian Church                                                    In memory of Egon B. Stein                 Virginia Kean
Martha and Michael Adler                Ann and Irwin Bear                                                                   Zohar Lahav
Edward Anders                           In honor of Steve Sloan                   William Strathmann                         Angie Michaelis
Arise High School                       and Rhona Edelbaum Sloan                  In honor of Ettie Wurtzel                  Jeff Moskovitz
Bancroft Middle School,                                                                                                      Eva Orwin
                                        Selma Blick                               Madelon van Lier
   Student Body Fund                                                                                                         Lily Robinson
                                        In memory of Oswald Warren                In memory of Dina Heijiman-Berets
Ralph and Lili Bien                                                                                                          Len Rosenberg
                                                                                  and Mariana Sybilla Berets
Nordin and Donna Blacker                                                                                                     Nancy Shelton
                                        Leonie J. Darwin
Margot Braun                                                                      Bruce Wasser and Fern Schumer              Arthur Wachtel
                                        In honor of Mrs. Lotte Wolf
Gail Brody                                                                        In honor of River Joseph Wessels           Francine Yellin
Richard and Sandra Cohen                Louis and Barbara de Groot
Louis and Barbara de Groot              In honor of Mr. Aaron Premselaar          LIBRARY & ARCHIVES DONORS
Sadako T. De La Torre                   and family
Cantor Henry Drejer                                                               Nancy Bank
  and Mrs. Miriam Drejer                Ruth Deuel                                Morgan Blum
Ruth Eis                                In memory of Gaby and Pepi Zauderer       James Costello
Sheila Flodberg                                                                   Ken Fox
                                        Max Drimmer
Walter Frank                                                                      Harvey Gotliffe
                                        In memory of Herta Drimmer
Lawrence and Harriet Fried                                                        Henry and Mary Hoexter
Karen Green                             Shelley Fernandez, Ph.D                   Bill Lowenberg
Milton and Constance Greenfield         In memory of Simon Wiesenthal             Barbara Orski
Carol Gutow                                                                       Ralph Romberg
                                        Evelyn Fielden                            Daniel Shiner
Emeri Handler
                                        In memory of Lottie Kornfeld              Elaine Silver
Katherine V. Hoenke
Jewish Community Federation                                                       Vera Szanto
                                        Rossana and Harry Kennedy
John F. and Mary A. Geisse Foundation                                             Alex Van Zyl
                                        In memory of Alfred and Johanna Kahn
Leslie Kane                                                                       Nina Youkelson
Jon Kaumheimer                          Andrew Kluger
Steven Jagoda                           In memory of Sidney Kluger                VOLUNTEER TRANSLATORS
Susan Julius                            Fern and William Lowenberg                The HCNC Archives is a rich repository
Myron, Joanne, Allen & Hannah King      In memory of Isadora Rosenbaum,           of valuable Holocaust era documents in
Joel H. Kreisberg                       Jack Feder, Mrs. Epstein, Seymour         many different languages. Without the
Warren G. Lefort                        Zoger; in honor of William Kessler        work of volunteers who generously pro-
Harry and Gene Lewin                                                              vide their time and expertise, much of
Gary Liss                               Alice McDaniel
                                                                                  the collection would remain inaccessible
Bernice and Rudolf Moos                 In honor of the Morris Weiss
                                                                                  to HCNC’s English-speaking and read-
Dena Raffel                             Essay Contest
                                                                                  ing students, researchers and visitors.
Paul and Sheri Robbins                                                            HCNC would like to acknowledge the
                                        Miller Creek Middle School
Isaiah Roter                                                                      talents and commitment of its volunteer
                                        In honor of Dora Sorrell
Paul Sade                                                                         translators:
John Salz                               Linda S. Popofsky
Ariah and Pauline Schwartz              In memory of Evalyn “Peachie” Kanter      John Bass
Henry Small                             and Donald Rosenberg                      John Polt
Jennifer D. and Tony C. Smorgon
Sharon Solomon                          Bernice and Bert Rifas
Robert S. Sosnick                       In honor of Walter Grenn
Elaine Stewart
                                        Helga and Heinz Ross
Marianne Strassman
                                        In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Manny Hirschel
Alice Tordjman
Norman and Karen Weiss                  Paula and Peter Schild
Tauba Weiss                             In memory of Manfred Schild

PROGRAMS                                  STAFF                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS        Hildegard Gattmann*
                                                                                                       Miriam Gauss
Survivors Speakers Bureau                 Executive Director                 President
                                                                                                       Amos Klausner
                                          Leslie Kane                        Rhona Edelbaum Sloan
Library & Archives                                                                                     Judy Lichtman
                                          Director of Oral History Project   Vice President            William J. Lowenberg*
Oral History Project
                                          Anne Grenn Saldinger, Ph.D.        Anessa Karney-Goldstein   Sherry Morse
Day of Learning
                                          Director of Education              Vice President            George Prozan, M.D.
Manovill Holocaust                        Morgan N. Blum                     Lydia Shorenstein         Gerald B. Rosenstein*
History Fellowship                                                                                     Steven H. Sloan, M.D.
                                          Director of Community Outreach     Vice President
Shalhevet                                                                                              Raymond Stern
                                          Rachel M. Isquith                  Norman Weiss
                                                                                                       Lisa Tabak
Educator Workshops                        Archivist                          Vice President            Ingrid D. Tauber, Ph.D.
Curriculum                                Judy Janec                         Miriam Zimmerman, Ed.D.   Tauba Weiss*
Consulting & Materials                    Director of Digital Initiatives    Treasurer                  Executive Director
Public Lectures &                         Debbie Kahn                        Frank Mainzer, M.D.*       Leslie Kane
Cultural Programs                         Program Assistant                  Secretary                 Past Presidents
                                          Jessica Minturn                    Linda Popofsky, Ph.D      Steven H. Sloan, M.D.
                                                                             Zachary Baker             Mark I. Schickman
                                                                             Riva Berelson             Ingrid D. Tauber, Ph.D.
                                                                             Diana Bergeson            John F. Rothmann
                                                                             Michael D. Black, M.D.    Louis De Groot*
                                                                             Robin Brasso              M. Michael Thaler, M.D.*
                                                                             Lonny Darwin              Max R. Garcia*
                                                                             Elliot Felson             *Holocaust Survivor

HCNC is a beneficiary of the Jewish Community Federation
of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties.

                                                                                                               NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                               US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                              SAN FRANCISCO, CA
121 Steuart Street
                                                                                                                PERMIT NO. 925
San Francisco, California
Monday–Thursday, 10–5

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