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									Michael C. Cahill
Worcester, MA 01605                                                           

                                           ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST
Combines a unique combination of hands-on skills in manufacturing, automated systems, research and
development, with highly advanced documentation skills, to help bio-pharmaceutical companies reproducibly
develop and produce quality products quickly and efficiently. Strong bench, method development, and protein
purification skills. Leverages IT experience to drive accurate data collection, reporting, archiving, and control.

                                           AREAS OF SPECIALITY
              Research & Development             Data Analysis           cGMP Documentation
              Automated Production               Tissue Culture          SOP Creation & Management

                                       PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
ATHENA DIAGNOSTICS, INC., Worcester, MA                                                       2007 to 2010
Leader in diagnostic testing for neurological diseases; acquired by Quest Diagnostics in 2011
 Associate R&D Scientist/Scientist
 Develop and troubleshoot ELISA, RIA, Immunoprecipitation, PCR, Sanger Sequencing (ABI Big Dye) and
 MLPA Central Nervous System (CNS) assays. Processed samples, monitored processes and recorded data,
 via cGMP. Wrote all required documentation and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Set up assay
 automation on CLIA-certified laboratory instruments.
      Delivered new CNS assay (manufacturing) technology by documenting assay clinical utility,
       development, and validation to Quality Assurance (QA). Submitted new specifications to Marketing
      Set up automation of new assays by providing IT with the appropriate manufacturing specifications,
       programming rules, and physician patient result reports; trained med-tech’s to run newly developed
       assays as final phase of technology transfer
      Troubleshot and developed solutions for underperforming immunology assays including MuSK, LEMS,
       and VGKC. Analyzed root causes and resolved patient reporting issues and questions on behalf of
       Marketing, Lab Directors, IT, and Laboratory Operations

21ST CENTURY BIOCHEMICALS, LLC, Marlboro, MA                                                     2003 to 2006
Manufactures custom made peptides and antibodies while providing analytical services for use in
pharmaceutical and biomedical research laboratories around the globe
 Associate Scientist/Scientist
 Produced and chromatographically purified all peptide-carrier protein conjugates for rabbit injection; ELISA
 analysis of new Pabs; protein A/G purification and production of HRP-, dye-, or photoaffinity-labeled Pabs.
 Performed method development and troubleshooting at the lab bench. Extended full knowledge of cellular
 receptor activation and signaling. Setup, and started operation of, on-site Immuno(Western) Blotting facility.
      Recruited by, and reported to, former BU Medical School supervisor to direct all new polyclonal
       antibody (Pab) manufacturing activities for his new start up venture Company

CONTRACT BIOCHEMISTRY SCIENTIST, Worcester, MA                                                2001 to 2003
 Performed project and interim work for prominent bio-pharmaceutical organizations including:
      BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB IT DEPARTMENT: performed hands-on installation and validation of 21 CFR Part
       11 compliant software across plant work stations; outstanding performance led to 2 contract extensions
      REFERENCE DIAGNOSTICS: developed a high-sensitivity thyroid-stimulating hormone, thyrotropin (TSH)
       immunoassay and an enzymatic Hemoglobin A1c assay
      JOSLIN DIABETES CENTER: constructed MHC tetramers to quantify numbers of antigen-specific T cells
       (CD4+ and CD8+ T cells) involved in the development of diabetes; cultured CD3+ T cells in bioreactors
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BAYER DIAGNOSTICS, East Walpole, MA                                                       1992 to 2001
Company relocated its R&D department to Tarrytown, NY in 2001
 Associate Research & Development (R&D) Scientist (1998 to 2001)
 Promoted to R&D to leverage extensive knowledge of manufacturing and ACS instrumentation, gained
 working in Systems, to develop and analyze sandwich, competitive, heterogeneous, and homogeneous
 enzyme-linked silane-based microparticle bead immunoassays.
      Created 2 new immunoassays and a third innovative “generic” money-saving TDM assay in R&D
 Associate Scientist, Systems (1994 to 1998)
 Managed, coordinated, delivered, and stored all reagents required to validate 33 assays on the “The
 Centaur”, a next-generation ACS Immunoanalyzer, over a 15-month period. Supported efforts of a team of
 >100 workers on 24x7 shifts over several months, while concurrently part of an individual team responsible
 for assay validation on new instrument. Earned Bayer Employee Excellence Award 3 times over this,
 frenetic, 15 month new instrument development time period
      Awarded additional responsibility working in the Central Lab from 1997 to 1998 helping develop a new,
       low non-specific binding (NSB), “sonicated” PMP “Solid Phase” reagent
 Associate Scientist, Product Development (PD) (1992 to 1994)
 Developed gastrointestinal, breast cancer Ag CA 19-9, and complexed PSA assays in PD
      Led and participated in ISO-9001 customer quality enhancement audit teams
      Wrote and revised product development SOPs and Work Instructions to comply with CLIA regulations
      Purified, then conjugated, tissue culture-generated proteins for use in assay development

UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SCHOOL-PHARMACOLOGY, Worcester, MA                           1989 to 1992
 Associate Scientist, Biochemistry
 Correlated EGFR expression and function during the development of Cisplatin resistance in cultured colon
 carcinoma cells. Performed receptor binding analysis using whole cells, solubilized cellular protein, or
 reconstituted receptor protein. Quantitated cellular receptor binding kinetics and performed kinetic analysis of
 intracellular receptor (re)cycling. Analyzed second messengers including PLA2, IP3, cyclic nucleotide(s)
 species, protein kinase C, and tyrosine kinase.
      Carried out protein biochemistry methodologies including (chromatographic) purification strategies,
       radioiodination, Immuno (Western) blotting, autoradiography, centrifugation, SDS-PAGE analysis
      Performed lipid biochemistry including addition and extraction of lipid effectors as well as lipid analysis
       by staining, scintillation, TLC, and HPLC
       Completed tissue culture of vascular, mesangial, and epithelial cells; maintained and cultured hybrid
       cells and transformed cell lines including human epidermoid and CHO, COS, MDCK and LLC-PK1

                                   EDUCATION & RELATED TRAINING
 Bachelor of Science Biology

 Pharmacia Seminars:
     Proteomics (2000)
     Pharmacia 2D-Electrophoresis (2000)
     Advanced MS Excel “Macro” Training (1999)
     Intensive 4-day Process Chromatography Techniques: Theory and Practice II (1998)
     Purification (1997)

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