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Redemption of self through healing the self


									Redemption of self through healing the self

According to scientific studies, human beings hardly use 1% of their
mind. There are numerous people who live their life without making full
use of their potential. As a result, they are unable to achieve great
heights and are trapped in the trivial things of life. Making use of
hidden potential help, we live our life meaningfully.

We should aim to achieve self-development through the self-actualization
measures. Making optimum use of available mental and physical resources
can help us use our hidden potential. Techniques such as yoga,
meditation, creative visualization, positive attitude and deep breathing
are used to relax you. Only a relaxed mind can work efficiently. After
all life is what we aim and achieve are directly proportional. We need to
overcome the trivial things of life and realize our true worth.

Positive attitude gives a different and beautiful window to the life.
Optimistic thoughts help you keep courage even in the difficult
circumstances of life. An optimistic person visualizes a glass half full
contrary to what a pessimist may see. Darkness for him is a step before
morning. For him difficulties are a part of self-growth. As a result, an
optimistic accepts everything in his life and does not waste his time

An optimistic person is a happy man. He knows that he cannot control the
external events, thus, he controls his interpretations towards events of
life. Positive thinking provides stability and peace to your life.
However, you need to have kindness; love and self believe to be a
positive thinker. Thus, whatever happens in your life learn to be
positive and look at the brighter version of things. A positive mind is
an enlightened mind; it adds quality to your life and makes it worth

Another technique of healing the self is spending time with nature.
Nature has great healing and therapeutic powers. The chirping of the
birds, falling of the tree leaves, rising of sun and rain all the
occurrences are symbolic. Falling of tree leaves indicate the changing
season, similarly nothing in our lives remains forever. Like the changing
season, the circumstances of human life change. Spending some time in the
natures lap everyday can considerably affect your life. The colorful
flowers dew studded grass and dancing peacocks all act as a great stress
buster and relaxes the mind. A stress free life is the greatest gift a
man can ask for.

Forgiving is another important technique that heals the human. It means
letting go of the mistakes of another person. It helps you release the
heaviness that you had accumulated against another person. The feeling of
hatred does nothing more than suffocates your life. The emotion of
forgiveness liberates you from the heaviness of life and as a result, you
are able to lead a serene and calm life. The sentiment of forgiveness is
necessary for self-evolution and self-development. This is because unless
you leave the past emotions you cannot move ahead. Holding on to the past
does not allow you to evolve. The released negative feelings are then
replaced by compassion and kindness. This heals your inner self and leads
to your self-development process.

Imagination is a very effective tool. Our perceptions, thoughts and
images are all result of our thought process. Creative visualization
creates the aura of the desired object and awakens the subconscious mind.
The method should be practiced on a regular basis; if possible, it should
be done at the same time and place everyday.

Following the above-mentioned methods can heal your inner self. It also
helps in the self-development and aids you to rise above the trivial and
negative things in life.

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