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     name of the company                           participant                email address                        profile
                                                                                                                   A leading consulting company in the field of human resources. Specializes on Executive
 1   Neumann & Partners s.r.o.                     Mgr. Ondřej Hlaváček   Search of TOP Managers and experts in all industries and provides international
                                                                                                                   investors with HR services Europewide, incl. Czech Republic.
 2   Sdružení bytových družstev                    Dr. Stanislav Knežek                Union of real estate housing.
                                                                                                                      The HSE Group is the largest Slovenian organisation in the area of power generation
                                                                                                                      and is the largest producer and trader with electricity on the wholesale market in
                                                                                                                      Slovenia. The hydropower plants, thermal power plants and a coalmine united into a
 3   Holding Slovensko Elektrarne, org.slo.Praha   Dr. Florian Margan                single brand name – the HSE Group – together produce a large share of electricity in
                                                                                                                      Slovenia; together with supply of electricity, which includes a combination of
                                                                                                                      different sources, we play a crucial role in supplying safe, reliable and quality
                                                                                                                      provision to domestic customers.

                                                                                                                   Supply company whose main activities consists in complete supplies of mechanical
                                                                                                                   equipment and technology of hydro power plants and pump stations - hydraulic turbines
 4   ČKD Blansko Engineering, a.s.                 Ing. Emil Žižka  
                                                                                                                   of all types and sizes, pump turbines and pumps. Focused not only on new equipment
                                                                                                                   supplies, but also on rehabilitations, uprating and overhauls of existing machines.

                                                                                                                   Universal construction company. Areas of operations are: underground constructions,
 5   Metrostav a.s.                                Ing. Petr Brotan                   industrial parks, office buildings, development and residential projects, reconstructions
                                                                                                                   of historical buildings.

 6   INTERCONTI Ing. Tomáš Bravený s.r.o           Ing. Tomáš Bravený                    Machines, Chemicals and Materials for Eletronic Industry, Travel Agency

                                                   David Hac, Želimir;               Explosia a.s. is state - owned company, maker of civilian and military exlosives and
 7   EXPLOSIA a.s.
                                                   Alivojvodič            special materials.

                                                   Ing. Jaroslav Trávníček,                                        Ammunition - manufacture, disposal, demilitarization, loading, assembly and pack (LAP),
 8   Poličské strojírny a.s.                       Ing. Jiří Tamele, Ing.                      maintenance, repairs, overhaul, conversions and service-life extension. Pneumatic
                                                   Bohumír Pospíšil                                                systems. Liquid fuel pumping systems.

                                                                                                                   Developing and delivering specific hardware and software. Complete solutions with high
                                                                                                                   added value, based on the latest technologies. Solutions and Services,
 9   TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE, s.r.o.                    Ing. Peter Lukáč 
                                                                                                                   Telecommunication, IT, Outsourcing, Special Segments, Military, Power Supply and
                                                                                                                   Linear Structures and Infrastructures, Collocation Services, TTC Teleport.

                                                                                                                   Semi-finisher products of fruit for futher processing. Concentrates, pulps, purees,
10   ANIES, vnitřní a zahr. obchod                 Anežka Solková   

11   Regus Empiria s.r.o.                          Daniel Kožík                    Full equipped and full services office rentals. World leader in serviced office rentals.
                                                                                                              Specialized in processing of steel coils (strips and sheets) according to our customer´s
                                               Lukáš Kučera, Tomáš                                            requirements. Able to slit hot-rolled (pickled), cold-rolled and galvanized materials (zinc-
12   Steel Center Europe s.r.o.                                
                                               Povolný                                                        iron-coated, electro-galvanized etc.) in thickness of 0,4mm-4,0mm due to technical
                                                                                                              parameters of our production lines.

                                               Ing. Petr Bartoň, Ing. Ivan                                    Deliveries of steel and metal products. (Steel road barrier, pole, steel arches, connecting
13   EKON s.r.o.                                                 
                                               Merta                                                          material, prefab steel construction products.)

                                                                                                              Industry and entrepreneurs insurance of medium and large risks. Carriers and shippers
                                                                                                              insurance, insurance of financial risks insurance of mail, insurance of machinery ans
14   Česká pojišťovna a.s.                     Iveta Jančová                 equipment with the extension of guarantees, insurance of construction and agricultural
                                                                                                              machinery, construction and installation insurance, liability insurance, liability insurance
                                                                                                              of members of organs caused ba the breach of legal duties on function.

                                                                                                              Specialized in development, design, manufacture and installation of heavy-duty vertical
                                                                                                              lathes (VTL) in both single- and double-column types. Vertical lathes made in ČKD
15   ČKD Blansko-OS, a.s.                      Ing. Peter Trnka
                                                                                                              Blansko-OS are used as multi-professional tooling centres, allowing turning, milling,
                                                                                                              boring, drilling and grinding works.

                                                                                                              Associatin of 18 space technology SME´s from a range disciplines (software, electronics),
     Czech Space Alliance & Iguassu Software                                                                  pricise metal tooling, consultancy, spacecraft wiring and testing, advanced materials…).
16                                             Petr Bareš      
     Systems                                                                                                  Iguassu Software Systems - founding member of CSA. Main focus is on satellite
                                                                                                              positioning (EGNOS, Galileo, etc.) and technologies for faster processint of EO data.

                                                                                                              Development and manufacture of special armoured vehicles inclass ballistic Stanag 1-4,
                                                                                                              Television transmission vehicles - Mobile TV Studio HD Vehicles realizations of chemical,
                                                                                                              biological and radio Exploration, Satelit and Land Navigation Systems for mobile bogies
17   Ing. Vít Škrobánek CARGO design Opava     Ing. Vít Škrobánek           European manufacturers of commercial vehicles, special trailers, VIP construction
                                                                                                              extensible hips, hydraulic systems, cars for automobile racing and other.... Vehicle lifts,
                                                                                                              satellite navigation car, staff and command cars, mobile library, decontamination sites
                                                                                                              and filter set, mobile surgery, special police and fire vehicles,......

                                                                                                              Principal activities of the company: - deliveries of municipal and railway transport
                                                                                                              systems, deliveries of trams, locomotives and waggons - renovations and maintenance
18   INEKON POWER, a.s.                        Ing. Miroslav Macháček             of trams, locomotives and waggons in our joint companies. Components and spare parts
                                                                                                              for rail vehicles, rehabilitation of railway lines - power generation - steam power plants,
                                                                                                              hydro power plants, co-generation units, diesel sets - watter treatments plants.













interest in company:

       Litostroj Power d.o.o., Primorje d.d.,
         Termoelektrarna Trbpvlje, d.o.o.

                  IZOP, Ljubljana

   TPV Prikolice, ADRIA MOBIL, Litostroj Power,
  TRIMO, KLS Ljubno, Kovintrade d.d. Celje, CNC
           programiranje Tomaž Cuznar

   TRIMO, Primorje, Termoelektrarna Trbovlje,

Carriers, freight forwardes, mail carriers, machinery
      manufacturers, machinery, construction,
  agricultural machinery, applicants for insurance
                     financial risks.

   Litostroj Power d.o.o., Litostroj Ravne, d.o.o.

  Main interest is to meet the president/another
  representative of government to discuss their
potential interest in space technology development
    and ESA related co-operation. Miska, CNC

IONEX d.o.o., LUKA KOPER d.d., TERMOTOM d.o.o.,
   TPV Prikolice d.o.o., ADRIA MOBIL d.o.o., IZOP
 d.o.o., Pertunina Ptuj Group, GenEplanet, personal
 genetics d.o.o., Kovintrade d.d. Celje, Protect Infra


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