african_slavery by truth4reviews


African slaves are the most well known of all slaves due to the sheer
volumes of them. These men, women, and children lived horrible lives with
very little to look forward to. They were treated like animals and
expected to be able to work around the clock. They also were beaten and
often didn’t have adequate food, shelter, or clothing.
These African slaves were sold and traded all over the world very
rapidly. They were deemed to be lower forms of life due to their heritage
and their color. Many of the stronger men and women from Africa were used
to breed healthy children in order to keep up a supply of them for
service. It was also discovered that the African slaved didn’t seem to be
as susceptible to disease.
For the white people, having people of color to care for them and to take
care of their business wasn’t demeaning. They were giving these people a
place to live even if they were working all the time. They were put to
work on farms and in the cotton fields. Business owners made much more
money because they didn’t have to pay for wages.
Since Africa has always been a very poor economic country the government
has too eager to allow them to be taken and sold for a fee. They were
making money from it and at the same time the issue of overpopulation
around African was becoming less of a problem. They also sold those that
had been in trouble with the law and even those that were mentally unable
to care for themselves. They wanted to clear such individuals out of
their country.
In order to prevent them from being able to run away and to return home
they were immediately shipped out on crowded boats. Even those that
wanted to had no place they could go. This is how the African American’s
made it to the United States and even to other countries around the
world. Yet they weren’t allowed to have their freedom for decades after
the slave trade began. Many people with heritage from Africa still hold a
grudge towards their government for allowing them to be taken.


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