EARLY RELATIOSHIP by graciouspreicous




          The three important part in one’s life: birth, being in a relationship*marriage*
and death. But how can we say that we choose the right one for us? When is the right
time to be in a relationship? How can I handle a relationship? Am I at the right age to be
in a relationship? Do my parents will allow me to that kind of situation?
          What should be the probable cause why most of the youth now were choose to
be in a relationship at an early age? In fact, they haven’t finished their study yet so they
were not able to find a suitable job to earn and to build a family. That’s a big question
for me now. Why was it there are lots of youth choose to be like that even if they still
have a chance to make their lives more useful? They can finished they’re study if they
want to. There are lots of solutions to finished education. Marriage is not an escape for
a problem, but in fact it’s another problem to face. Some says that love is the answer in
my question. But I also believed that there’s always a right time for everything. It’s not
necessary to be in a relationship at an early age. It’s not easy to build a family if you
can’t earn well.
          I will do this term paper to give information to youths, to lighten up their minds.
To know the probable cause why they entered early relationship? I will also give some
solutions and advices to avoid it. And of course to be a model to every youth..

          In regards with this term paper I want to acknowledge my friends. They were
my inspirations in doing this.


Of the household population 10 years old and over, 45.3 percent were married while 44.3 percent were
never married. The rest of the household population was categorized as follows: widowed (4.3 percent),
divorced/separated (1.2 percent), in common law/live-in marital arrangement (4.5 percent), and had
unknown marital status (0.4 percent).

Among never-married persons, a higher proportion of males (53.8 percent) than females (46.2 percent)
was reported in 2007. Meanwhile, the proportion of females was higher than males among married
persons (50.4 percent), widowed (76.0 percent), divorced/separated (62.7 percent), and those in common
law/live-in marital arrangement (50.7 percent).
Across regions, CAR (47.4 percent) had the highest proportion of never-married persons while Region II
(51.9 percent) had the highest proportion of married individuals. Moreover, it is observed that Region I
(5.4 percent) reported the largest proportion of widowed while NCR had the largest proportions of
common law/live-in (7.3 percent) and divorced/separated (1.9 percent) persons.



     1.   AFFECTION – So much affection can be a probable cause of early relationships. Women are
          weak in terms of affection. They can easily give what they have when they really like the boys.
          *I’m not pointing all girls, but most of the girls*
     2.   PROMISES – Guys can promise all even the stars and the moon. But in reality they can’t give it
          to you. Girls will easily believe everything when they really do love a man. But “promises” is
          what you called “nature” of a man. They can promise everything but they can’t give it all.
     3.   LUST – It’s not only for boys, but also for girls. Lust is the opposite of love. We all know that
          there is always a personal need in every human being. Sad to say sometimes we can’t find it just
          by ourselves. We will search for a solution for that need. And that’s all.
     4.   TEMPTATION – A priest once told us that there are three questions you have to answer before
          dealing with the temptation. The first one is: “Is it necessary?” next is: “Is it useful?” and last is:
          “Is it nice?”. Think again!
     5.   LOVE – Every human being can love somebody. But sometimes giving all the love can deliver
          us from being hurt for giving all we have. It will come to a point wherein nothings left. *I’m not
          bitter* I’m telling it base on personal experience. Giving all the love is equivalent to sacrifice. I
          better love and sacrifice than to have nothing.     That’s everyone motto. ;)
     6.   ATTENTION – Maybe they are lack of attention at home. They find someone who will give the
          attention they need. But it’s an immature reason for me. Attention can be found anywhere, and
          it’s not a reason to be in an early relationship.


          1. FOCUS – If you were a student focus on your study than to spend time with
               your bf/gf. Make sure that you’ll give your all in studies for a better future
               that’s waiting for you.
        2. BE OPEN-MINDED – Listen to others opinion. It’s not all time you are
           correct in any decision you will make. Accept if you’re wrong and do what
           is the best thing for you. Being in love makes us selfish.
        3. LIMIT YOURSELF – its right to give all the love you have if you were in a
           relationship. But you also have to know your limitations. Make sure that
           you’re in the right track before doing something serious.
        4. LISTEN – This is the most important thing to do. Listen to your love ones
           *family* not only to yourself. Expressing how you feel is a great feeling, but
           if you don’t listen to elders your life might be miserable.
        5. THINK – Think if you’re in a right journey. Ask yourself “Is he/she is the
           right one to fight for?” if not, better study or do something worthy like:
           study, earn money, or putting up a business.
        6. LOVE – Love yourself more. Because loving someone can’t give you what
           you need. Love can’t give you food to eat, water to drink, and money you
           need to buy something. I’m not man-hater but I have to make sure that I
           will have a bright future before entering a serious relationship.

I hope everything I wrote here will be a lesson learned for every reader. 

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