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Essar Group Profile
           Group Mission
    The ESSAR group mission is to create
      enduring values for customers &
  stakeholders in core manufacturing and
   service businesses, through world-class
    operating standards, state-of-the-art
technology and the ‘positive attitude’ of our
   Totally integrated global carbon steel producer
   Footprint covering India, Canada, USA and Indonesia
   10 MTPA Steel Plant at Hazira - largest in Western India
   5.5 MTPA HBI plant – the world’s largest gas-based sponge iron plant
   Nearing 20 MTPA palletisation capacity
   2 MTPA cold rolling capacity
   1 MTPA galvanizing capacity
   0.4 MTPA colour coating facility
   A 1.5 MTPA extra wide plate mill
   A 0.6 MTPA pipe mill
   4 MTPA integrated steel plant at Ontario, Canada
   0.4 MTPA cold rolling mill and 0.15 MTPA galvanising line in Indonesia
   Essar Steel Minnesota in the US has iron ore
   reserves of over 1.4 billion tonnes
   Strategic tie-up with Kobe Steel, Japan
   Iron Ore Beneficiation Plants
   Visakhapatnam Pelletisation Plant
   Hazira Steel Complex
   Cold Rolling Complex, Hazira
   PT Essar Indonesia
   Pune Facility
   Plate Mill & Pipe Mill
   Essar Steel Algoma & Essar Steel Minnesota
   The retail thrust
                Oil & Gas (Fuelling the future)
   World-class US$ 2.14 billion (Rs 100 billion), 12.5 MTPA
   Ratna and R-series fields, with reserves of 500 million
    barrels of oil
   Rights in exploration blocks in Gujarat, West Bengal,
   and Assam
   Rights in oil blocks in Australia, Madagascar, Nigeria and
   An all-India retail network
   Marketing tie-ups and infrastructure sharing agreements
    with public sector oil companies
   Set up India’s first independent power plant and first multi-fuel plant, in
    Hazira, Gujarat, India
   World-class plant design and construction; equipment from General Electric,
    Siemens and Honeywell
   Highly automated, with India’s lowest manpower to megawatt ratio
   One of the few companies to receive the ‘Sword of Honour’ from the British
    Safety Council
   One of India’s best technical teams, capable of setting up varied power
    plants in operations and maintenance
   Executing projects to enhance our generating capacity to 6,000 MW
   Vodafone Essar - one of India’s most valuable telecom
   Serving over 85 million satisfied customers
   Aegis, an integral part of India’s business process
    outsourcing revolution.
   Aegis has 38 delivery centres across India, Sri Lanka,
    Philippines, USA, UK, Costa Rica, Australia, Kenya and South
   The Mobile Store - Retail telecom venture for one-stop
    mobile solutions
   Building telecom tower infrastructure
   A leading integrated logistics company
   Experts in transportation solutions for the global energy business
   Several safety and quality awards
   First Indian Shipping Company to be certified at ISO 14001
   Bulk and oil terminals
   Contract drilling services for the oil industry
   A leading EPC contractor with 40 years of experience
   Pipeline SBU certified at ISO 9001:2000
   Wide range of capabilities including industrial, civil and infrastructure construction
   Special skills in marine construction
   Strategic links with over 20 companies including large
   Multinationals Skilled, experienced team
   One of the largest banks of construction equipment
   Centralised global sourcing enables timely completion of projects and economies of scale
   Forty years of Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) capabilities
   Built 300,000 bpd of refining capacity
   Developed over 10 million tonnes of steel capacity
   Laid more than 3,500 km of pipelines
   Developed 1,220 MW of power projects, and is developing another 10,250 MW
   Offshore EPCI capabilities; currently executing a USD 220 million project
    for ONGC
   Owns over 3,000 nos. construction equipment worth over USD 250 million
   12,000 TPA (tonnes per annum) of fabrication facility with waterfront load-
    out facility
   Dedicated Engineering Centre specializing in Engineering and Design for
    the Process and Industrial sectors, with over 1,200 engineers
   Over USD 3 billion procurement capability. Global procurement support in
    Middle East and China
   Global workforce of over 5,000
Blast Furnace is a classic example of “Adversity converted to
 opportunity “by ESSAR team at Hazira. When CFMCC, the
Chinese company left the project in Sept09, for VISA problem
  in a critical stage. It was really an acute adverse situation.
But the Team Blast Furnace took the challenge. Majority of the
 remaining job was awarded to EPIL with necessary support
   And close monitoring and within a very short period The
Project area is humming with never before activities with 2600
                 workers working on 24X 7 basis.
 Meanwhile some of the utilities like power and Instrument air
System are commissioned and the team is rushing towards the
           target of Hot Metal tapping on daily basis.
 Blast Furnace: Works on counter-current
  principle to reduce iron ore to molten iron
 Raw materials: Lump ore, coke, sinter,
  pellets, limestone, dolomite, quartzite, Mn-
 Output: Molten iron, slag, gases, flue dust
                      MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS
       All Stave coolers (1200 MT) Erection complete
       All Throat Armor ( 200 MT) Erection complete
       Gas sampler Erection Complete
       Tuyer Stock – 75% complete – Balance in progress
       Bustle to Stove Connection complete
       Bell less Top Erection in Progress
       Erection of Mud Gun completed
       Drilling Machine Erection in Progress
       Erection of Material Bucket and receiving hopper under progress
   STOVE:
       All equipment Erection, Piping and Structural Erection Complete
       Hydraulic and punch List Job under progress All Refractory job complete
       Leak test preparation under progress
       90% Structure and equipment Erection complete, balance by 31st March
       Chimney ( 70 meterx2 No’s) Erection started (out of 15 pieces 3 pieces are erected) balance will be complete
        by 10th April
       90% Erection Complete (444659 IM out of 504275 IM)
       6.2 Balance Erection, Supporting, Hook Up will be completed by 20th April
        90 % equipment and Structure Erection complete balance by 15th April.
        Belt Laying work in BF-OSBL started
       Electrical Instrumentation in progress
        Hydraulic work in progress
       All structures, Pumps, Motors, Equipment’s erected aligned.
       18 Motors no-load running complete.
        Final Piping in progress likely to be completed by 31st March.
       Water Flashing (Cooling water circuit b/w Hot stove to Main pump house)
        completed on 19/3/2010
       7.1 out of 100 Mt, 50 MT Equipment Received from china on
       7.2 Erection of the same is in progress
       286 MT of Ground Level Erection Complete
       Preparation in progress for Air Jacking
       Blower and Chinese Expat waited
       60% Equipment erection completed
        Condenser, Turbine and blower lower casing and all filter
        erection completed.
        Balance Erection will be completed by 20th April
BF general arrangement
   Technical specifications

   PARTICULARS                          UNIT
   Effective volume     2200m3

     Production         4400t/d

      coke rate         380kg/thm

 Coal dust injection    150kg/thm

      Slag rate         380kg/thm

Hot blast temperature   1150°C

   Blast humidity       60g/Nm3

Oxygen enrichment       3%

    Top pressure        0.176 to 0.196 MPa
Hot Blast stoves
 Purpose: To preheat blast before introducing it in
  blast furnace.
 KSS – Top combustion type,Works on regenerative
 Stages of operation:
 On blast

 On gas

 Isolation

 Black draught
Inter plant piping
Stock house
Main pump house
Gas cleaning plant
Gas holder
Blower station
Cast house chimney
Boiler house
De - dusting
Water purifier
            Blast furnace Reports
    Blast Furnace Structural Manpower Report (Skilled or
 Blast Furnace Piping Manpower Report (Skilled or Unskilled)

   Blast Furnace Daily Progress Report Structural Erection

    Blast Furnace Daily Progress Report Piping Erection &
   Blast Furnace Daily Progress Report Equipment Erection

   Blast Furnace Daily Progress Report Sheeting Erection

  Blast Furnace GAS HOLDER structural, Piping, Equipment,
                       Sheeting Erection
                    Crane Status Reports
  Reach my office where all the contractors will give me
                  manpower reports .
  These came by three medium i.e. by paper, on phone
                      and emails.

                                   Now my job was to edit
         9.00 a.m.                  them and forward it to
I was to visit all the sites &    concerned. (Bibekananda
verify with the supervisors       Mishra Vice president EP(I
      about the DMR.                  )L , Rajendra mehra.

Around 10.00 a.m. reach back
my office with DPR’s given by
                                        Reports to be send by
 site supervisors . Edit them &
                                        evening & then attend
 send them to concerned. No
                                          6.30 p.m. meeting
  cross-verifications of DPR’s
         Formula on MY
           For a particular area in blast furnace e.g. Stock house
scope        : enter the scope of work like 50, now these values
                                  could be in
                     MT – Structural & Equipment Erection
                 INM or IND – Piping Erection & Fabrication
                           SQM – Sheeting erection
                         With diagram no. WJ-1567

                   Get the time line to complete the work in
                   the respected areas with the contractors
                  (along with their ratings) and then fill up a
                   GS-13 form for any amendment in work
                Actual learning
   What is the importance of handling manpower,
    reporting the progress of work & to complete the
    project in given time line(i.e. commissioning).
   Importance of working in team, time management.
   The importance of HSE policy in these types of
   How to arrange resources at cheapest and fastest
   Etc…
   My training at essar was a continuous learning
    experience from F knot to Fushun carrier, things I
    learned and responsibilities designed for me were
    great. I am thankful to my project guide Mr.
    BIBEKANANDA MISHRA Vice – President, Essar
    Projects (I) Ltd for his selfless support and
    Encouragement during my entire training program. My
    sincere thanks to Dr. Sudhir S. Fulzele (Director- Dr.
    Ambedkar Business School, Nagpur) for giving me the
    privilege to be associated with such an esteemed
    organization and carry the institute name forward.
              THANK YOU

Questions, suggestions and comments are
                         always welcome