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Working for a company that specialises in document and publication scanning, we often
get enquiries from clients who require their more rarer, one-off or delicate books to be
scanned and often this comes with some concern. It's understandable, they are older or
more delicate books so it's fair to be worried about putting them into someone else's
hands to be scanned and reproduced digitally.

It's obviously important to check out the company that will scan the books for you by
checking their credentials (an ISO 9001:2000 is a good sign of a top quality scanning
company, as their work is checked by a third party, and they have proven that they
provide excellent results), but there may be a little more than that which concerns you,
such as the handling and delicacy of the books.

Most professional book scanning companies will have what is known as an overhead
scanner. This is basically a scanner that allows the book to be laid down flat face up,
while a state-of-the-art camera photographs and reads each page individually to gather
the contents for OCR purposes. OCR, if you're not sure, is the most modern way to scan a
physical document and extract the text data onto hard drive so the file is computer
readable and text-searchable. Because this overhead scanner is, for all intents and
purposes, a top of the range, technologically superior digital camera, this means that the
pages will not be exposed to close scanning machinery, a concern for many of our clients
due to a fear of the pages becoming damaged or faded because of the process. Although
we have never experienced this problem, it is still a concern for a lot of people so it is
most certainly better to be safe than sorry.

Once the overhead scanning is completed, the digital documents are then converted to the
format of choice, which is usually PDF or TIFF. Once this is done any cleaning up or
changes in contrast will be performed and is checked by a quality control team before
distribution to yourself whether for online reading or on your computer via a CD, DVD
or Memory Stick. This is the general procedure for rare book scanning, but keep in mind
that this may change from company to company.

Although we understand your concerns on the subject and you are justified within that,
the process is very safe and is the least harmful to the book's delicate pages and features
as it can possibly be. Once you have the book scanned and in a digital format, the book
can be retained forever and seen for generations to come, and what could be better than
that for a true rare masterpiece?

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