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Want to formulate a strategy to start an online Internet Business? Before you try to
formulate a strategy, you need to evaluate factors that may affect your decision. SWOT
Analysis can help you to examine these factors. It can be performed in many different
ways. I like to illustrate one example as follows:-

You need to consider the Internal factors: Strengths and Weaknesses as well as External
Factors; Opportunities and Threats.

For the Internal Factor, what are some examples of the Strengths of your capabilities to
start an online Internet Business?

   1.   Advanced user of computer
   2.   Some knowledge in HTML and php language
   3.   Know some knowledge in SEO
   4.   Able to write article

Also, what are some examples of Weaknesses that may hinder you from pursuing your

   1.   Little internet marketing knowledge
   2.   No knowledge in internet research
   3.   Confused between blog and website
   4.   Do not have own product

Similarly, for the External Factors, what are some examples of the Opportunities that
attract your attention to start an internet business?

   1.   Internet market is huge
   2.   More people make purchases on the internet
   3.   Research for knowledge over the internet increases
   4.   Reference to authority websites

Similarly, what are some examples of the Threats that may stop you from pursuing it?

   1. Competition is high
   2. Page ranking is not assured

The above factors are examples of a SWOT Analysis performed for on "Start an Internet
Business". The list can go on an on but the key is that you must evaluate its impact to
your objective. Other examples can be very different for different situation.

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