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									                                 Advantages of Using PostScript

PostScript was introduced in the year 1985 and Adobe almost brought about a revolution by
altering the way communication took place via printing. 75% of commercial publications get
printed on Adobe Postscript gadgets, which comprise classic black and white printers,
imagesetters, colored printers and direct digital setting systems. On a periodical basis the maker
has launched some revolutionary solutions for each printing market and this time it is the new
Adobe PostScript 3 that is sweeping the world off its feet with its novel and innovative approach
that is needed to offer almost flawless printing. Let us count the advantages that you can reap if
you use this.

   o Quality- The design belonged to a fraction that was programmed to work seamlessly
     with almost every well-known operating system and also color management system.
     Also, to print anything, taking care of everyday business correspondence to the most
     complex of works, color brochures and much more. The printed edition generally looks a
     replica of the on-screen version without losing the integrity of the original, or rather the
     formatting is well-maintained mechanically.

   o Performance- Optimization of Adobe PostScript system is done on a continual basis in
     order to enhance its performance. The flexibility that it offers is of a lot of benefit to
     manufacturers since they get the freedom to optimize printing environment with various
     technologies like memory reduction, coprocessors and compression.

   o Compatibility quotient- Whether a person is making use of Windows 3.1. 95, Macintosh
     or any other network combination, it is yet capable at delivering at a consistent level with
     the best of the qualities that could be available.

   o Networking ability- With a major support on almost every known computer platform,
     devices by Adobe could be said to be ideal for network no matter large or the smaller
     ones. Printers by the firm work capably and independently too of any network
     configurations so as to ensure flawless operation in any setting.

Probably it is quite clear that that there is no end to the benefits that you get and the best part is
that you get to make the best use of it since almost every needed aspect is covered up by this
version or the product by the company. People feel at ease when they send files to others over the
Net created in this format or one may convert to pdf file using pdf converter. No one can tamper
with the data that is stored in such files, which means all of the confidential information could be
easily saved from a third party which otherwise could take advantage of using data to its own

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