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					Heart Attacks & Strokes

Heart attacks and strokes are two very serious medical conditions that
can cause permanent damage to the body. They can also result in a person
dying so immediate medical care is necessary. Discovering the cause of
the heart attack or the stroke can help to prevent it from happening
again. A person’s chances of living drop dramatically each time they
suffer from subsequent ones.

Most medical professionals will agree that a stroke is much more serious
than a heart attack. Individuals are known to die more often from a
stroke than a heart attack. They are also more likely to suffer from long
term and severe damage to their body as a result of that medical
condition. In fact, having a stroke is the third highest reason why a
person dies in the United States.

There are some significant warning signs for both heart attacks and
strokes. They will vary in nature though. For example a person will
likely feel pain in their chest or arm when they are suffering from a
heart attack. A person that is having a stroke will experience not being
able to feel a part of their body or tingling sensations. A person who is
having a heart attack will often be short of breath while a person
suffering from a stroke may have problems with their vision, hearing, or

There are some symptoms a person can have that are the same for a heart
attack and a stroke. They include nausea, dizziness, and a sudden
headache. Regardless of which one the person is suffering from both
require immediate attention. If you can’t get them to a location quickly
call 911. Your efforts can help to save their life.

It is very important that you do all you can to prevent becoming one of
the many out there who suffer from a heart attack or a stroke each year.
Get annual check ups from your doctor, follow their advice, eat healthy
foods, get plenty of rest, and exercise daily. Doing your part to protect
against a heart attack or stroke can make a huge difference. You also
need to be aware of the warning signs of such issues. You definitely want
to be able to access medical help for yourself or someone else in the
event of a heart attack or a stroke taking place.