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Ties are pieces of material that a person wears for business or for a
special occasion. More men than women wear ties due to the typical
business suit look for them that includes having a tie to complete it.
Ties in the work place are a symbol of professionalism and many
businesses are very strict when it comes to that image. Pant suits are
commonly worn by women for work as well. Some of them have a tie as well
but you don’t see it as often for females.
There are plenty of special occasions when people dress up nice and wear
ties. Some restaurants require men to wear them or they won’t be given a
table. As a courteousy though some have extras that a man can borrow
should they not be aware of the dress code when they show up for dinner.
Prom is a time for young people to dress up and the boys were ties. They
are the bow tie style and they don’t hang down like a business tie does.
They are in different colors and it is traditional for a boy to wear a
tie and cumber bun that match the colors of the dress of his date.
Weddings are another common time when a man wears a tie as part of their
There are many different types of materials that ties are made out of.
Some are cotton while more expensive ones are made from silk or satin.
There are colorful ties as well as those that are more low key. Some are
fun too with colorful characters on them or images of golf or other
hobbies that the person enjoys.
For many people it can be uncomfortable at first to wear a tie. They may
feel like they are chocking. It is also hard for a person to get used to
putting on a tie correctly. Practice in front of a mirror though and it
will get easier. For an occasional use of a tie a person may decide to
get one that clips onto their shirt collar. This way they don’t feel like
they are chocking and they don’t have to figure out how to tie it.

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