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There are a number of steps required to ensure a successful certification to ISO9001 and
probably the best way is to get some help from someone who has done it before. This
way you are aware of the process and therefore, do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Step one is to purchase a copy of the Standard; this sets out the framework for you to

Step two is to see what you have in place already and check that it compares favourably
with the Standard.

It is likely that you have some systems in place and these may just need some tweaking to
make them fit the quality model.

Step three is to produce a quality manual; the manual is usually in three parts:

      A policy manual, which reflects the ISO9001 standard;
      A procedures section which shows the 6 mandatory procedures
           o Document control
           o Control of Records
           o Internal audit
           o Control of non-conforming product/service
           o Corrective action
           o Preventive action
      A process section which shows all the processes within your organisation having
       an impact on quality. Note finance is normally excluded.

Step four is to make it all happen and adjust the processes as necessary.

Step five is to carry out an internal audit to check that everything is as it should be

Step six is to get an Accredited Certification Body to assess your system.

Step seven is where you can take a bow, as this is the award of your certificate of
compliance to ISO9001.

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