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                     Gardening is such a glorious thing to do.
Seeing your herbs and flowers growing make you feel exhilarated and accomplished.
      But among other things, growing a garden can save you more money.
        When you have rosemary, tomatoes, and thyme ready for picking,
            you really don’t have to spend              at the grocery.
       The same goes if you need fresh flowers for when guests come over.
         If you have fresh blooms in the garden, you don’t have to panic
       looking for easy fast money to order expensive flower arrangements.
Therefore, if you don’t have a garden yet, right now is the best time to cultivate one.
                        Any sunlit space in your home will do.
         Yes, that includes even your rented apartment or high rise condo.
There are many ways you can do to utilize what little space you have for gardening.
      First, you must pick the perfect spot
              to put your garden in.
       The rooftop, terrace, and the sides
          of your house are good spots.
     Just make sure sunlight can penetrate
                well in these areas.
       Facing south is recommended best
                  for your garden
since sunlight is well-distributed at this direction.
         Remove clutter from your chosen garden spot.
If you have trash bins in the area, transfer them in another place.
        The same goes if you have stacks of newspapers,
               old cans, and whatnot lying around.
    The goal is to keep your garden area as clean as possible
                 to keep vermin and pests away.
            Next you will need containers to put soil in.
 Use industrial size plastic pails. You can find these at restaurants.
Just inform the owner you’d like to buy empty containers from him.
        He’d be glad to get rid of junk from his restaurant.
           For herbs, try using old broken bags because
    then you can hang it on the walls of your house or building.

   If pails and other small containers don’t really appeal to you,
             use your kids’ old plastic swimming pool.
             Set it in your garden area, fill it with soil,
   and plant away knowing you have a bigger space than usual.
      To optimize your space even better, build racks for your pots or containers.
Build it in an ascending style and place it against the wall on one corner of your garden.
            Using racks can save you more space giving you more chances
                        to put more plants in your small garden.
        A small space shouldn’t stop you
    from enjoying the benefits of gardening.
         With the possibilities of saving
      extra money from garden harvests,
you must consider starting your own garden now.
       If you find yourself not looking for
                     for your grocery needs,
    you’ll know your gardening has paid off.

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