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									Iso 9001 2000 quality

When our company intend to implement Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000),
we should prepare quality management system documentation that includes documented
statement of quality policy and quality objectives, a quality manual, quality procedures
and workplace references or work instructions to ensure the effective planning, operation,
and control of company processes.

In regard with quality procedure, it should be established, documented, implemented and
maintained. The documented ISO 9001:2000 procedure may be different from one
company to another because of the size of company and type of activities, the complexity
of processes and their interactions and the competence of their personnel.

In practice, format of ISO 9001:2000 quality procedures may also differ from one
company to another. For a company that is trying to make their own ISO 9001: 2000
quality procedures for the first time, using ISO 9001:2000 procedure examples can be
very helpful. It does not mean duplicating the ISO 9001:2000 procedure example for the
company own use.

An ISO 9001:2000 quality procedure may consist of cover sheet, flow diagram, and
procedure in detail. The cover sheet contains Company name, title of ISO 9001:2000
procedure, sheet number, document number and revision record (revision number,
description of revision, date of revision and signature of the person in charge.

The flow diagram explains step by step from the beginning how the ISO 9001:2000
procedure flows. And the procedure its self should at least have an objective, scope,
general explanation, definitions used in the procedure, content of the procedure, records
used, related documents and important attachments. The contents of ISO 9001:2000
procedure is a text description of the work flow or instructions based on its flow diagram.
The description is started with the persons in charge and followed by explanation of their
tasks or jobs as specified in the flow diagram.

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