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									Security Cameras Checking Luggage Before Placed on Airplanes

Security cameras have checked people's luggage before they got onto an
airplane for a long time but in the past decade, this process has been
literally upgraded. Stronger security cameras with better technology are
used now. Security cameras are in airline terminals as well. The security
cameras are carefully monitored at all times.

The security cameras used on luggage can see through all types of
material. And they are in the process of designing security cameras
capable of actually being able to view objects through metal. This as of
now, is the hardest material for security cameras to see through.
Security cameras that check the luggage are designed to detect anything
that might be a threat to the passengers on the airplane. Some people
think this is a violation of their privacy, while others believe it just
takes time out of their lives, if they have to wait for their luggage.

It is important that all luggage goes through these security cameras
however, for the protection of the passengers as well as those who argue
about the use of the security cameras, these people obviously don't see
this point. I know it is something that is done as a precaution, but by
the use of security cameras the airlines are just showing people, you can
never be too cautious in today's violent and uncertain society.

Some people agree with the security camera idea while others say airline
associates should come up with other means of protecting their
passengers, however airline sales have declined. This only shows that
passengers are in fear of taking an airplane to alternate destinations,
and airline officials don't understand why the use of security cameras on
airplanes would concern them, unless they have something to hide.

The airlines are only trying to avoid any further tragedies that could
result in flying, as well as being able to help the proper authorities
apprehend those who had initial plans to cause mayhem on airplanes. Since
the tragedy of 9-11 security has definitely stepped up, and with the use
of security cameras it could step up even more. For the airlines, as well
as for the passengers going from one destination to another. I believe
security cameras should check all luggage that will go onto the airplanes
before they take off. This can actually prevent potential tragedy from
happening. If security cameras were not used items that would cause a lot
of damage or perhaps even the loss of life would unfortunately take

The security cameras need to stay in airline terminals, and continue
checking luggage as a form of security. For the safety of everyone.
Security cameras are also in the walk ways entering the airplanes. People
don't complain about these security cameras. Believe me, when I say I
don't think using security cameras to check luggage before it is
transferred onto an airplane is not a bad thing. And, for those who
believe it is a waste of time or an invasion of privacy. You should step
back and look at the statistics and every thing about the real reason
security cameras are used to check your luggage.

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