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					                           Extraordinary Wedding Cakes

                                        Perfect Endings

Be it simple and elegant or lavish and grand, no other dessert compares in stature to an exquisite wedding
cake. Creating memorable masterpieces, ones that taste every bit as good as they look, has become our
most cherished trademark.

My favorite wedding cakes are those that reflect a subtle sophistication; where whimsy, artistry or drama is
achieved with precision and restraint. Cakes whose flawless exterior is surpassed only by a superb
interior…those comprised of exquisite American, French and Belgian chocolates, artisanal butter,
hormone-free milk and cream straight from the dairy, and organic fruit at the height of its season. First
and foremost, the ultimate wedding cake must be an extraordinary dessert. This means no mixes, nothing
artificial, absolutely no compromise.

Imagine a moist, intensely chocolate cake alternately layered with house-made fleur de sel caramel and
luscious chocolate truffle cream. Or, perhaps, an old-fashioned layer cake infused with refreshingly tangy
organic lemons and studded with plump berries picked that morning. Imagine your cake is not a replica
from the pages of trendy wedding magazines, but rather a glorious work of edible art designed especially
for your day, reflecting your taste and style.

Whether it is light and fruity, sentimentally vintage, or seriously chocolate (and I mean serious!), we are
committed to designing the wedding cake of your dreams. One that will highlight the reception, be
devoured in its entirety, give 'em something to talk about.

After all, your special day deserves a Perfect Ending!

Congratulations and Bon Appetìt!

Sam Godfrey
Founder, Perfect Endings

      912 Enterprise Way, Suite C • Napa, California 94588 • 707.259.0500 • www.perfectendings.com
                                            A Matter of Taste

To us, your cake should be much more than something beautiful to behold; it must also be an
extraordinary dessert... one that rivals those served in a Michelin Star restaurant. A tasting at Perfect
Endings is comprised of multiple cakes that will vary in flavor and texture, from intensely chocolate to
dense and homey to light and fruity. Because we have a hard time deciding, we change them from time to
time depending on what excites us at on any given day. Some of our favorites are…

Serious Chocolate
For those people who feel it just isn't dessert unless it's chocolate!

Chocolate Candybar Cake
Layers of house-made caramel, toasted pecans and bittersweet chocolate...the cake that put us on the

Devil’s Food Cake
No frills, no fuss...the iconic American chocolate layer cake...get milk!

Tender layers of chocolate cake filled with luscious chocolate hazelnut truffle cream.

Vintage Cakes
Traditional layer cakes like 'mama' used to bake!

Coconut Layer Cake
The Southern classic features layers of butter cake fragrant with coconut and Tahitian vanilla.

Pound Cake
Buttermilk pound cake filled with our own crushed raspberry preserves and luscious vanilla buttercream.

Red Velvet Cake
The legendary Southern favorite features scarlet red cake layers and creamy vanilla frosting.

On the lighter side
Nice and light… and worth a second slice!

Enlightened Chocolate Cake
Multiple layers of glorious chocolate (for those who prefer it slightly less serious).

Lemon Framboise
Delicate sponge cake filled with a refreshingly tangy organic lemon mousse and organic raspberries.

Summer Joy
A mélange of seasonal berries, delicate genoise and ethereal vanilla bean Bavarian cream.

      912 Enterprise Way, Suite C • Napa, California 94588 • 707.259.0500 • www.perfectendings.com
                                      Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding cake cost?
 Our wedding cakes are priced from $8.00 per serving. There is a $250.00 minimum for wedding cakes. The final
price of your cake is determined by the design, the number of servings, and the delivery/set-up requirements. Other
factors that impact the final cost include intricate design details and special equipment. We will provide you with a
written estimate once your cake design is confirmed.

May I sample your work?
Absolutely! We invite you to a complimentary consultation where you will sample a variety of cakes and view our
portfolio. Our goal is to plan your cake entirely when we are with you, so we advise you to bring in any material or
images that will help us understand your vision.

Are there any requirements prior to scheduling a consultation?
Prior to scheduling your consultation we require you to have the event location and licensed caterer secured with
deposits. If you wish to plan your cake before these details are in place, there is a $50 charge for the consultation.
This fee will be applied to the cost of your cake if you place your order within one year of the consultation date. We
must also request that your overall wedding cake budget be determined prior to scheduling a consultation.

May I supply design ideas?
We absolutely love collaborating with our clients, as the cake should absolutely reflect your taste
and style. We have a portfolio of original designs so that you can evaluate our skill and possibly be inspired by
choices other have made. You may select one of these designs or elect to have us create an original cake for your
special day. Out of respect to our colleagues and our desire to be unique, we do not replicate cakes that have been
made by other cake companies, published in magazines, or seen on television. We encourage you to bring in photos
or any visual aids that you feel will assist us in understanding the style of cake you desire. We regret that on rare
occasions there are some design requests that we cannot fulfill.

Do you deliver?
 It has been our privilege to successfully deliver our wedding and special occasion cakes locally and across the
United States, Europe, South America and Asia. The fees for delivery are determined by distance, method of
transport, carrier, handling and set-up requirements.

Do you supply flowers?
Yes, we decorate our cakes in their entirety. We request that you supply us with a list of preferred flowers and we will
incorporate them into the design. We use botanically correct hand sculpted flowers made from sugar and a limited
variety of non-toxic organic fresh flowers to your specifications. Please note that a large percentage of the most
popular flowers used for weddings and special events are toxic and cannot be used on cakes.

When should I place my order?
You may place your order at any time. Our peak season for weddings is April through October. In order to maintain
the uncompromising standards that have become our trademark, we often limit the number of events that we accept
to fewer than ten per weekend during this period. Ordering a minimum of four to six months in advance is highly
recommended. In order to reserve your date, a 50% deposit is required. All deposits and payments are
nonrefundable and nontransferable. Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. If your date is nearly
booked before you have an opportunity to meet with us, or if you want to secure our services and meet later to
finalize details, we suggest that you send a deposit to hold your reservation. In most instances final design details are
not due until one month prior to the event.

      912 Enterprise Way, Suite C • Napa, California 94588 • 707.259.0500 • www.perfectendings.com
                                     About Perfect Endings

Perfect Endings has been described as the first wedding and special occasion cake purveyor of
significance to put as much emphasis on the taste of their cakes as they do on the appearance. An
unwavering commitment to excellence has earned Perfect Endings an international reputation and high
praise from food critics, legendary chefs and the most respected event planners in the country. Perfect
Endings’ celebrated creations are often the centerpiece of society and Hollywood weddings.

Cakes by Perfect Endings have earned recognition from America’s most prestigious food, wedding and
lifestyle publications including…

O, The Oprah Magazine                                    Town & Country
New York Times                                           Victoria
InStyle                                                  Women’s Wear Daily
InStyle Celebrity Weddings                               Elegant Bride
Martha Stewart Weddings                                  Food & Wine
Brides Magazine                                          The San Francisco Chronicle
People Magazine                                          W Magazine
Modern Bride                                             US Weekly

Wedding and Special Occasion Cakes by Perfect Endings have been featured on the following television

The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC                              The Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, MTV
The fabulous life of Oprah Winfrey, Vh1                  Good Morning America, ABC
Entertainment Tonight, ABC                               Million Dollar Weddings, Lifetime
InStyle Celebrity Weddings, ABC                          A Wedding Story, Lifetime
Inside Celebrity Weddings, Vh1                           An American Wedding, A&E
40 Weddings and a Funeral, Vh1                           Extra, CBS
The Today Show, NBC

Perfect Endings’ Extraordinary Wedding Cakes have been the centerpiece of the following celebrity

Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof                       Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz                            Fergie and Josh Duhmel
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline                       Heidi Klum and Seal
Christina Aguilera and Jonathan Bratman                  Jackie Titone and Adam Sandler
Christy Turlington and Ed Burns                          Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
Courtney Cox And David Arquette                          Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker
Dayna Devon and Dr. Brent Moelleken                      Tori Spelling and Charlie Shanian
Eddie Murphy and Tracee Edmonds                          Usher and Temeka Foster

     912 Enterprise Way, Suite C • Napa, California 94588 • 707.259.0500 • www.perfectendings.com
              What People Say About Sam Godfrey & Perfect Endings

"Baker Extraordinaire"- San Francisco Chronicle

"Local caterers and party planners say nobody comes close"-San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
(feature article)

"...another feature of Godfrey's work that is apparently rare in the wedding business: they taste great."-
San Francisco Chronicle Magazine (feature article)

"...the most creative, stunning and delectable wedding cakes to grace the many high-profile weddings in
the San Francisco Bay Area."-San Francisco Bride Magazine (feature article)

"Each guest received an exquisite petite wedding cake from Napa Valley's Perfect Endings. They were
the highlight of the exceptional menu." -Food & Wine Magazine

"The six- tiered wedding cake by Perfect Endings towered. It stunned the crowd. It stole the show."-
Town & Country Magazine's book 'Elegant Weddings' (feature article)

"Sam is an extraordinary talent! Fabulous cakes, great designs, flexible, fun and sheer pleasure to work
with." -Paula LeDuc, Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

""Not only are the cakes extraordinary to look at, they are equally as extraordinary to eat. Perfect
Endings' cakes are -- without hesitation - the finest wedding cakes I have ever tasted."- Laurie Arons,
Laurie Arons Special Events

I don't even consider anybody else in his league. He and Michael have such a dedication to perfection in
every way. Sam is an incredibly gracious person, and this quality comes through not only in his desserts,
but also in his personality. His reputation is undisputed - he's the king!"-Elaine Bell, Elaine Bell

"People who don't ordinarily eat cake inhaled it...people who swore they didn't eat chocolate devoured
it. It wowed the crowd and stole the show. The most gorgeous cake I have ever seen, the best cake I ever
tasted!" -Jan Wahl, KRON TV

Cakes are the only thing we don't produce ourselves here at Meadowood, so we have to be 100% sure of
them. Sam and his products are absolutely without fault. When the bride first sees that cake she just
gasps! To have both exceptional looks and extraordinary taste - that's top notch! Once we had a bride
who didn't follow through with her baker and there was no cake at the wedding. I called Sam and he
actually undressed a cake he was preparing for the next day, redecorated it to fit her wedding, and rushed
it over. He really came through for me. Now that's service!" -Lori Wickersham, Wedding
Coordinator, Meadowood Resort, Napa Valley

"We were shooting a national print ad for Hewlett Packard and we needed a very detailed and specific
kind of cake. We saw the portfolios of the top 15 specialty cake makers in the Bay Area and it was clear that
Perfect Endings was the most creative and accomplished." -Suzanne Rubin, Suzanne Rubin Styling

      912 Enterprise Way, Suite C • Napa, California 94588 • 707.259.0500 • www.perfectendings.com