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       George Kaiser Family Foundation Early Childhood Education Loan Program
                          (with Loan Forgiveness Incentives)
                                 Spring and Fall 2011

Early Childhood Education is a relatively new program on the OU-Tulsa campus. To support this
program, the George Kaiser Family Foundation has developed a low interest loan program. The program
provides an in-state tuition waiver from the University of Oklahoma for required early childhood
education courses taken at OU-Tulsa. The Loan Forgiveness Program allows a student to borrow low-
interest money from the George Kaiser Family Foundation to pay for fees and books at OU-Tulsa, as well
as tuition, fees and books for courses that may be needed at Tulsa Community College to fulfill general
education requirements or other pre-requisites. The additional money for books will not exceed $50.00
per credit hour. Recipients may continue to take courses at Tulsa Community College, but they must
take at least 6 credit hours per semester at OU-Tulsa during the fall and spring semesters and at least 3
credit hours during the summer semester. Students may skip only one semester during the course of the
degree program to remain a participant in the Loan Forgiveness Program.

The loan forgiveness incentive is structured that for each year of full-time work in early childhood
education in Oklahoma after graduation, the loan is reduced by 25%. Thus, the loan is erased after 4
years of full-time work in any licensed early childhood education setting in Oklahoma. Students may
enroll full-time or half-time at OU-Tulsa. This scholarship has the stipulation that students maintain
successful academic progress to continue receiving the award. For further information, please contact
Roberta Hovis at 918-660-3987.

Applications will be evaluated based on a combination of merit and need. To apply for the program,
complete the following procedures:
   1. Apply and be accepted to the OU-Tulsa Early Childhood Education program.
   2. Complete the FAFSA application and have the results sent to OU (School Code 003184).
   3. Fill out the application information on the form below.
   4. Submit a typewritten statement of 250-300 words explaining the qualities that you bring to this
       program that make you a good candidate for the loan. This is the merit portion of the application.
       In this statement you should address your academic record, experiences with young children,
       goals for working with the youngest of children (birth to age 5), and any other information that
       may help the evaluators make the best decision in this matter.
   5. Complete an interview with the Scholarship Committee.

Name of Applicant_____________________________________OU ID#__________________

Street Address______________________________________City, State, Zip_______________

Home Phone_________________Work Phone_________________Cell Phone______________

Email address____________________________________

Applicant’s Signature_____________________________________________Date___________

 Please submit all materials for the Spring 2011 semester by December 1, 2010 and for the Fall 2011
                                     semester by August 1, 2011 to:
              OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center/Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education
                       4502 East 41st Street Room 4W114, Tulsa, OK 74135
                               Or Fax to Roberta Hovis at 918-660-3988

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