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Everyone loves a bargain, but where do you draw the line between wanting quality
service and paying a low price. In many areas of life the answer to this question is quite
clear, but when it comes to medical equipment repair, at times the distinction is a bit
harder to make. This article will explain how to choose a quality hospital equipment
repair vendor that won't strain your budget.

Keep reading and you will have a clear cut outline against which you can check any
medical equipment repair company.

To begin, it's important to understand why skilled, qualified repair personnel are so
important. Medical devices can be highly complex. Technologies such as digital signal
processing, RFID, laser optics, and x-ray systems are just a few of the high-tech
applications found in today's clinical equipment. Adding to this sophistication is the
increasingly software-driven applications built into modern hospital equipment. Having
1980's electronics knowledge just won't cut it in today's high-tech environment.

Quality is also an important consideration due to the risk involved with equipment used
on a hospital patient. Substandard repair jobs could not only cause injury to patients, but
could lead to costly law suits or worse. With that in mind, you want to partner with a
company that not only has technicians with a high skill set, but also one that is committed
to ongoing service training.

How do you measure quality? There are countless ways, but there is one simple way to
know if a medical repair vendor is truly concerned about quality. If a company has gone
through the rigorous processes required for ISO 9000 certification, it shows that they
have a commitment to quality service and performance improvement. The ISO 9000
series of standards is a family of standards for Quality Management Systems. Many
hospitals are seeking ISO certification and it makes sense for companies that work
closely with hospitals to do the same.

Here are some key factors to look for, with regards to quality, in whoever will be
servicing your facility's medical equipment:

1.) Do the technicians have relevant technical degrees?

2.) Do the technicians have relevant industry certifications?

3.) Does the organization have a continuous education program?

4.) Is the organization ISO certified?
That covers the Quality factor, but what about real value for your money? In this regard,
there is one simple indicator that will show if a repair vendor is a real value. This
indicator can usually be found within the company's policies and procedures.

Does the company offer "No Charge Evaluations"? Often times hospital equipment repair
companies, who are only concerned with making fast cash, will charge an upfront fee to
evaluate your equipment. Offering a "Free Evaluation" shows that a company is more
concerned with doing the job right and making the customer happy, than with lining its

Generally speaking, a company with the aforementioned credentials will already be
competitively priced because of their being in tune with the needs of the customer.
However, if they may be a bit higher on certain items, do not immediately rule them out.
Remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for". Considering the risk involved
with faulty clinical equipment, it may be prudent to work with a company with a proven
track record of quality service, even if the competition is pricing its services lower.

By following these simple guidelines for choosing a medical equipment repair vendor,
you can be assured that your equipment will receive skilled service at a fair price and that
your organization will be able to continue providing quality care to your patients.

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