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									Iso 9000 advantages

Any business venture that aims to become competitive in the 21st century would be better
off having a reliable technology company, like FARO, on its side.

FARO is a world-known NASDAQ-listed company that specializes in the development
of software and computer-aided measurement systems. The FARO headquarters is found
in Lake Mary, Florida in the United States.

But since it markets its products around the world, FARO has offices in every major part
of the globe. Its European headquarters can be found in Korntal-Münchingen near
Stuttgart, Germany while its Asian headquarters can be found in Singapore.

FARO has at least 909 human resources distributed all over its European and Asian
headquarters as well as in its branch offices in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain,
Poland, Korea, India, China, Italy, France, Canada, Spain, Turkey and other countries.

FARO Products

Companies that deal with component assemblies, inventory documentation, inspecting
components and production planning are well aware of the importance of using only
products that have been duly certified. FARO's product lines are reliable when it comes
to the digital scanning of historical sites as well as in reconstructing crime scenes and
investigating accident sites.

Production and assembly processes are made more efficient through the use of FARO's
high-precision 3D measurements. Truly, the industry-specific software solutions of the
company, along with its portable coordinate measuring device, allow companies to
conduct 3D scanning even in hard-to-reach areas.

Amongst the highly in-demand products FARO products are the CAM2® Measure and
CAM2® Q measurement and reporting software which are CAD-based, the TrackArm,
the Laser Tracker ION, the FARO Laser Scanner Photon, the FARO PowerGage, Gage
Plus and Gage Standard as well as the Laser ScanArm, Fusion, Platinum, Quantum
FARO measurement arms.

FARO is ISO Certified

The company has been a trusted corporate partner for modern companies that do not want
to gamble with their business processes. For starters, FARO is not only ISO 9001:2000-
certified, but it has also been certified under ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

ISO 9000 certification is vital for global-operating companies since it means the company
follows a set of standards of quality management systems as provided by the
International Organization for Standardization or ISO. The requirements for the standards
are changed over time depending on the need.

While ISO standardization is commonly applied in manufacturing, it has grown and is
now used in a variety of organization and products including software and services. A
company like FARO can claim to be ISO 9001-certified or 9001-registered if it has been
audited and certified independently to be in conformance with the specified standards.

While an ISO-certification does not guarantee a certain quality of the services and end
products provided by a company, it does however certifies that the formal business
processes are being implemented which includes the keeping of adequate records, the
monitoring of company processes to ensure their effectiveness, checking of defects and
implementation of corrective measures among other.

With all these, FARO customers can expect that the company can provide a solution for
their toughest inspection challenges, no matter if they are accessible in the company
facility or wherever they need FARO's portable measurement solutions.

With FARO, a company can expect to get a free demonstration of its portable systems for
3D measuring as well as a reliable advice to help the company choose the best solutions
for its needs.

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