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There are many people who run international businesses that are under the impression
that using English as the only language available to view their site on is alright. These
people could not be more wrong. Today, the world is much smaller than it used to be and
everybody can easily connect to the Internet and reach just about any place in the world
through the World Wide Web. International companies with websites that do not cater to
another country's language stand to lose a significant amount of potential customers. This
is the biggest reason for the conception of a multilingual SEO Company.

Those of us who specialize in e-commerce have a good grasp of this certain fact. It is
known that majority of the worlds Internet surfers do not surf the web in English. This is
a very shocking fact that most people are not ready accept but its true; majority of people
on the Internet are not surfing it in English. Nowadays, shopping begins with someone
typing down some keywords within a search engine and begins to look for their product.
So for those of you who have set up their website in English thinking it is enough, you
are wrong. Most people who would be interested in any product would be using their own
language when looking for something. Common languages on the Internet would be
Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and the many different languages
spoken in India. If they cannot really find any information about something written in
their mother tongue, then convincing them to buy something would be a great challenge.

It would also be wrong to assume that getting your website translated to different
languages using machine translations is enough to make sure that people around the
world will begin visiting your site. Doing exactly this will cause much more damage to
your website's reputation. A machine translation is never enough as these things cannot
be trusted with translating something to a different language precisely. You will need a
person who can speak the language fluently in order to get the message across. There are
some aspects to Multilingual SEO company that you need to give special attention to
while getting a website translated into different languages. The following will be a few
things to take note of concerning a Multilingual SEO company.

Go past Google

While it is a fact that majority of Internet users prefer to use Google above all other
search engines, being able to establish your company throughout the world will depend
heavily on your ability to cater to the needs of everybody including those that do not use
Google. You will have to submit your website to other popular search engines in use
throughout the world in order to be successful in other countries as well.

Take note of cultural diversity of people online

The behaviour of people online will always differ per country. It is very important to do
more research and plan out accordingly. The difference exists everywhere including
spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, syntax, and slang along with other different aspects.
This is even the case with countries that use the same language. Take for example the
English used within Northern America and compare that with English used by
Englishmen, there will be differences with the keywords that they use and the people in
both countries may be looking for the same things but will be typing it differently. Take
for example the word football. Only Northern Americans call it Soccer and the rest of the
world, seeing as it is the most popular sport in the world, know it as football.

Have country specific domains

Whenever the localized versions of a website will have localized domains that end in that
particular country code, then the rankings of that website would see a dramatic
improvement in traffic. Being able to create and maintain such a website would require
much more effort, of course, but the potential gains are quite big and will be worth it in
the long run.

Take time to know your competition

In a multilingual SEO company and with other sorts of companies as well it is very
important to know the completion. Knowing who you are competing with in another
country will lead to more useful information on what you have to do. Take the time to
find out the complaints of their customers and their limitations as well as what kind of
services they offer.

Build local links

Companies offering Multilingual SEO company know the importance of building links.
Links will always boost your ranking and will lead to an increase in visitors. It will also
make sure you have a good spot in the ranking within local search engines as well as
other versions of Google such as the one used in Japan or in England.

Never translate directly

As previously mentioned, the biggest mistake a multilingual SEO company can make is
using a translation tool. This will lead to confusing the Googlebot as well as those who
speak the language. Look for somebody who can speak the language fluently instead.

The success of a multilingual SEO company depends heavily on the amount of research
done on the topic as well as good knowledge about the people in your target countries. It
may seem difficult but the potential gains are worth all of the trouble and effort that you
will have to go through.

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