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					Kate Curran


      The body is made up of several systems, and one of the most

important of those in the circulatory system, which is primarily made up of

blood. Blood has many different functions. Importantly, the blood

transports oxygen, nutrients, enzymes and hormones to tissues throughout

the body. It carries Carbon Dioxide and waste products away form tissues.

It plays a large role in the regulation of body temperature and controlling the

amount of body fluid in the body. It also protects the entire body from

disease-causing microorganisms, while also preventing blood loss when

blood vessels are damaged by clotting.

      Blood has several separate cell types, each having their own function.

First, the Erythrocytes are used to transport oxygen and Carbon Dioxides

throughout the system. The Eukocytes and Neutrophil both kill

microorganisms by surrounding and eating them. Basophil cells release

histamines, which promote inflammation and heparin. Thhe Eosinophilos

release chemicals that reduce inflammations, and attacks certain worm
parasites. Lympocytes produce antibodies and other chemicals responsible

for destroying microorganisms. Monocytes leave the circulatory system and

become a macrophage. And lastly, the platelets for platelet plugs and release


Though the blood can be broken down into separate functions, it also

functions as a whole system. From the heart, blood is pumped throughout

the body via veins and arteries. This allows blood to touch nearly every cell

in the body, bringing nourishment, waste removal, hormone signals and

resistance to foreign invaders to all parts of the body.

A tragically common disease pertaining the blood is Leukemia. Leukemia is

a type of cancer. When Leukemia begins to develop, the body produces

large numbers of abnormal blood cells, and in Leukemia it is most

commonly white blood cells these cells look and function differently. There

are many different ways to treat this form of cancer. Chemotherapy is the

use of drugs to kill cancer cells. Sometimes it requires a combination of

drugs. When the drugs are given by IV injection, they enter the bloodstream

and reach most Leukemia cells in the body. Radiation is used partnering,

Chemotherapy. Radiation involves high-energy rays to kill cancer cells and
stunt their growth. A less common treatment is a bone marrow transplant.

The patient’s bone marrow is destroyed and replaced by new healthy

marrow. Other cancer patients, risk clinical trials, helping doctors test new

medications. Unfortunately, cancer treatment has many long-term side


       Though blood can give some people the creeps, it is actually a very

interesting topic. For example, your body contains 8 pints of blood, and 20

trillion red blood cells. Each red blood cell lives for about 120 days and

then dies, but your body replaces its red blood cells at a rate of 1-2 million

cells per second.

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