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					Day 13

       San Francisco here I am! What an exotic city. So many different cultures

all bonded into one city. How very exciting. Today, I am going to the Japanese

Tea Garden, located in the Golden Gate Park. The garden is known as the Wet

Walking garden, although it does have a dry garden, also called a Zen garden. It

was first developed as the Japanese Village, and much of the original garden is

gone, there is still plenty to see. The Japanese Tea Garden is of such importance

to the Japanese population of California because in the Japanese culture a

garden is considered one of the highest forms of art. I can definitely see why

everyone treasures this garden so much. It is so relaxing and such a serene

environment, completely taking you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It

was very enjoyable.

       My second and concluding stop was the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It

took more than four years to build, and cost $35 million. There is also a 4,200

foot long main suspension span, along with two towers of 746 feet tall, making

them 191 feet taller than the Washington Monument. The bridge was designed

with an art decho theme in mind. To facts I did not know were that the Golden

Gate Bridge has always been painted orange, and that it crosses the Golden

Gate strait.

       Now that I have been to the bridge, I am going to tell everyone that is

considering going there, that it is unquestionably a worth-while trip. At this point, I

know why everyone loves the city of San Francisco, because I sure do!