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									                            Sam Shore       US History       February 11, 2008


        The Montgomery’s were unlucky, the lucky, and then unlucky again. Reconstruction was the
attempted process to give former slave equal rights as every other person in the United States. Sadly it
failed for one reason and one reason only. The over powerful racism of the Americans, not only in the
south were they had just lost the civil war, but also in New York were they were afraid about the blacks
taking their jobs.

        Benjamin Montgomery and his sons were slaves before the war. Once war hit, they fled north,
and then when the war diminished they went back south to work on the plantations, coincidently those
plantations were owned by Joseph Davis, the younger brother of former C.S.A. president Jefferson
Davis. Upon coming back Joseph was increasing in age and unable to run the plantations, and sold them
to Benjamin Montgomery. At this time in America, blacks were not allowed to own land. The
thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments were no in place abolishing slavery, and allowing
blacks to vote. But no one really listened to these. They made a a considerable amount of money for
their stature. But this was all foiled by him being sued by Jefferson Davis in 1875, attacking the ground
that the selling of the property should never have been validated because he was black. This was very
disappointing, to all. The trial went through two courts, a small local which they went in favor of Ben,
and the state’s Supreme Court which went in favor of Jefferson. People in America still had it nailed in
their heads that black were inferior, in every sort of the word.

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