Time Management in Control

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					Time Management in Control
              Being in control of your time is important if you are a hard worker, with a
    family, and have other needs and requirements to meet. When you are not in control of
    your time, you success is at risk. To be a successful individual in life, you should not feel
    frustrated or stress. Nor should you have doubts, fears, or a feeling of no direction or
    motivation. This type of situation often leads to stress, which is proven to be one of the
    direct causes of lack of time management and control. Procrastination is often the leading
    cause that stumps slackers from becoming successful. However, other factors can
    contribute to why someone is not managing their time appropriately. In my last article I
    spoke about goals, but I think it is just as important to inform the audience how being in
    control of their time, makes all the difference in the world, even with individuality. Our
    individuality requires us to feel good, have a good self-esteem, and quality level of self-
    confidence. When we are not in control, we loose control. The fact is, the government
    and law already takes a measure of our control out of our hands, so control is a struggle
    we have to obtain that suits our individuality. Managing time means we need to set goals
    that we can achieve and work hard to achieve those goals. Time management also means
    that we have to cut the procrastination and get our body and minds motivated to clean up
    our act. We can start by organizing our home and office, and then work toward a list that
    will direct us where we are headed each day. The rule of thumb is “Don’t put off, what
    you can do today.”
              After our priorities are in order, the rest will work smoothly. All of us have the
    capacity to achieve and be successful. All of us have the ability to take control of our
    lives, and stop doubting our abilities to be successful. The ability lies within our minds,
    and when we take charge of our brains, (Mind over matter), we have the ability to go to
    any level of achievement we desire. Now before you fire up those barrels, make sure you
    got your priorities in order, since this is a part of the key to managing time and taking
    control of your life. Negative energy is a charge that sends out negative results, so you
    might want to take a few notes on how to think positive if you are a pessimistic. I wanted
    to bring this point out, which we will talk more about later in a different article, but it is
    the root of all evil in its own way. Positive thinkers often look forward to success, while
    negative thinkers are often reluctant to take hold of a good thing, and that includes their
    own control. This is a problem since time management is often difficult for these types of
    thinkers. In conclusion we can see time management includes being in control!