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									Managing Money in today’s Time
              Managing in today’s time require that we manage our money and time wisely.
    Time management is the process of eliminating areas in our life and increasing our
    capabilities to achieve a specific target. When we lay out a well-constructed time
    management scheme, we are well on our way to success. One of best solutions then to
    manage money in today’s time is to realize that MONEY is spent in many ways.
              Studies have shown that more than ‘25%’ of today’s workers spend a lot of their
    time on the Internet sifting through emails. When we are spending this kind of time on
    emails, we are spending money while we are wasting time. The average individual wastes
    nearly 2 hours per day on email. In two hours you could ask, how much work could I
    have finished, or how much time could I have invested with my family, school, self, et
    cetera. I talk to people everyday in my career and had to stay off AOL simply because all
    my friends want to email me or else IM me, which wastes my valuable time when I am
    working. Not only could I finish my job on time, by ignoring AOL, I am also saving
    money since I cut back on the hours spent, and the payment plan that AOL offers. I am
    saving time and making money. I will be the fist to say that the Internet is addictive, so be
    sure you ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Spending this kind of time on the
    Internet is not a step forward in your time management scheme. The rate of email
    communication is growing rapidly and if you are responding to customer, emails this is
    fine, since it is a part of business. Don’t waste your time on Spam mails, or other types of
    mail that are only slicks to lure you into a web of loss. The fact is we only have so much
    time in a single day to finish our work. Some of us get lucky and get a little longer
    timeframe to turn our productivity in, but for the most part, we all have a list of tasks to
    complete in a short time. Unless all of your customers on the Internet, then you better, get
    that stack of papers on your desk and work to finish the most important task first. The
    sooner you are finished the more time you will have to do whatever it is you have
    planned. I am a workaholic, so I have to sway away from informing others my methods
    of time management. Nevertheless, for the most of us, we have to manage our time in a
    way that suits our character and what we can handle.

               To manage money then we need to evaluate how much time we are spending on
    the Internet. I personally know people that chat while they are working, so if you are one
    of those people you are not only spending company money, you are wasting time. This is
    not a part of time management. Rather it is a plan that may get your fired in the future. If
    you are searching the Internet, browsing through inappropriate sites, or sites that offer
    sales, then you are also wasting time, as well as spending money and your goal is
    stretching further away from your time management scheme term. The fact is the
    inappropriate information abroad the Internet has proven fatal, in the sense, other people
    are hurt as result, and sometimes you are hurt if you develop an addiction. This will take
    a lot of time to repair, and a lot of money to undue the damage caused. Likewise, if you
    are searching for bargains, purchasing products you may or may not need, you are
    sending you goal to the back while you waste valuable time that has no returns. In
    addition, you are spending money that could help you obtain the goal laid out in your
    time management scheme.
               The World Wide Web is not a toy. Rather, the Internet is a source of
    communication that can make or break us. Any time management scheme requires the
    individual (s) to divert a plan to spare time and save money while reaching for goals.

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