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Dear Applicant_


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									Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Bookkeeper position with Surface Enhancement
Technologies, LLC, part of the Lambda Technologies Group.

To begin the application process, we ask that all applicants respond to the following questions.
Your answers provide a method of highlighting your talents to the Human Resources

Simply type your response after each question below:

    1. What accounting programs are you experienced with?

    2. Have you ever created, improved, or revised specific accounting applications?

    3. What accounting reports are you comfortable preparing, comparing, and analyzing?

    4. What is your experience in handling accounting discrepancies?

    5. Have you designed, installed, improved, or managed sophisticated internal control

    6. Have you implemented cost containment plans and how successful were they?

    7. Describe your experience in dealing with Government contracts, overhead rates, and

    8. Describe your experience with federal, state, and local income taxes.

    9. Do you have experience preparing corporate/partnership federal tax returns?

    10. Describe your experience and capabilities with Peachtree Software. What versions of
        Peachtree do you have experience working with?

    11. Describe your experience with Crystal Reports.

    12. How do you feel your experience and qualifications will benefit this position?

Please include your responses as well as your résumé via email, fax, or mail. Preferred method
is email.

Email: employment@lambdatechs.com

Fax: 513.322.7186

Mail to:

Human Resources
3929 Virginia Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45227

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